DA Confusion for the 24th of March, 2017

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  1. Morning Mycool. And congrats.
    Yes, pretty gettable, but some of the parsing came after the ‘solve’, eg 20,A. Haven’t fully parsed 25 yet. Some cryptic defs with references to days of yore, and and an odd indicator, which do make for some interesting misdirections.
    Liked 6D, 11D, 15A and the Spoonerism.

  2. Yes I got that queen Celia, but I had the middle bit wrong.. the suppressed revolution .. all good now.

  3. Certainly my fastest effort ever. Thought maybe i was getting smarter, but i see above it was really easy.

  4. I know this might be like the little boy who puts the stick in the bee-hive, but I think this year DA has been easier. Is that because we are getting better at spotting his little tricks or something else?

  5. An itinerant lot here, Andyw, many newbies above declaring ease would suggest the former proposition.

  6. Could someone please explain why 3D from last week was ‘fares’? Yes, anagram of safer but what has that got to do with ‘go in grates’ ?
    (I kept it so I could ask – so annoying…)

  7. Erica re clue from last week: “go in grates” – delete one space in keeping with theme but shift the other space – becomes “going rates”, a punny definition for “fares”.

  8. All done. Agree this one was pretty easy to get out. However, I thought 20a was a bit convoluted. I guessed the answer but it was harder to derive. Last section out was middle bottom. Enjoy people.

  9. I am stuck on 20 across and 16 down. Any help would be very much appreciated.

  10. Agreed was easy, but I still cant get two: 6A and 7D although I am sure of its second word.

  11. Brett re 16D & 20A
    16D “a diarist” occupies 1,2, 8,9. Note “diarist” also acceptable to clue these 4 letters; “bird” 3-5; “bovine” 6-7.
    20A smuggle is an inclusion indicator for synonym of “hash” at 3-6; “cunning” is at 10-12

  12. billyboyOZ
    7D What do you use to “hitch”?
    6A “Are you two an …?”
    double definition (of course!)

  13. 20A: def is last two words of clue. ‘Organise a jet’ gives letters 1,2,7,8. ‘hash’ gives letters 3-6. ‘with’ gives letter 9. ‘cunning’ letters 10-12.

    16D: def is last word of clue. ‘A’ is letter 1, ‘bird’ gives letters 3-5, ‘bovine’ 6,7. ‘diarist’ is letters 2, 8,9 , describing (outside) the rest.

  14. Many thanks, Celia. As a neo-Luddite I was unaware of that definition of USB.
    Might have got it had I not been so obtuse with 6A

  15. Thank you Celia! I’ve been looking at that all week and couldn’t see it ?

  16. I always find that the ones where Trippers say it is easy are the most difficult for me! (Though I’m not sure I can say vice-versa).

    Only about half in so far!

  17. Despite the discussion above, I still have trouble parsing 25A.

    Never heard of that particular diarist before.

    Great to see the inclusion of 20A, the most enjoyable actor of all time.

  18. Yeah, done, can’t understand 25A either. A couple of your hints helped so thanks folks. Have a good weekend ?

  19. Jack, in 25ac defn is ‘Dear’, letters 1,2 give ‘old’ in the sense of ‘former’ (think former partner), 2,3,4,5,6 give ‘revolution’ (e.g of a planet), 8,9,10 give ‘queen, perhaps’ referring to important member of a colony

  20. Mary-jane 13D defn is last three words, for 14D defn is first three words- think cooking.

  21. I differ from above on 16d. As I see it (or hear it, as described is a homophobe indicator), diarist is 1-2, bird 3-5, and bovine 6-9.

  22. Thanx black pen. Worked out 13d with the help of Google as I don’t know much about rugby and your hint for 14d helped me get off the red wine track and to the solution!

  23. Oops, auto correct above changed homophone to something I definitely didn’t mean.

  24. Sandy, 1a dean is last 2 words, first 3 words give you letters 1-3. Fiddle as in musical instrument.
    RE 15a first 2 words are definition and nothing to do with vertigo

  25. Sandy for 15A defn is first two words, not related to drinking but finance.

  26. Why do I always end up with ones that nobody else has mentioned? 9a and 24a, anyone?

  27. Sandy re 16D

    “a diarist” in 16D is indeed 1-2,8-9, a famous Parisian associate of Henry Miller! Famous for diaries and erotica!

    “described” is a container indicator: your alternative answer involves no containment!

    If your penultimate letter (letter 8) is “e” your answer is incorrect.

  28. Thanks, Black Pen. Had thought of adding, but not drinking. I’m clearly not Australian enough!

  29. Mary, re 24A. Definition is last word, in sense of alcohol. Rest of clue is 5 letter synonym for play, prematurely exhausted.

  30. After lunch, they all clicked into place. All out, all understood.

    9A, 14D and 11D my favourites, 5D also clever.

  31. Erica @ 8.41: if it’s any consolation I don’t think Fares was an entirely fair clue. The theme was to omit wastes of space; there was no indication that a space should on one occasion be reinserted.

  32. All out with your kind help. And a bit from Dr Google. Also like the syncopation on 9a. And how I really needed my glasses to see 5d.

    Beautiful picture of a 27a here: http://tinyurl.com/kwf6uw8

    Looks like he had no need for a hairdresser – or a shrink.

    Have a great weekend all.


  33. Celia. Unless I misunderstood the clue, you had to take out two spaces and put one back in. From ‘Go in grates’ to ‘Goingrates’ to ‘Going rates’. That doesn’t seem quite the same as applying one waste of space? Maybe I’ve missed something?

  34. Celia, re 16d, my penultimate letter is not an e, because I see described as a homophone not a container indicator. Letters 1&2 is a homophone of a very famous diarist, to be frank ;) and 6-9 are a homophone of bovine, which is a class, not an individual animal.
    That’s my take anyway.

  35. Yes, Ian F, it’s still a waste of space, not a waste of spaces. 2-2+1=1. There was no instruction how the singular space was to be wasted, was there?

    Are you aware DA counted the “B-1” clue among his 18? While everybody was arguing over what the 18th was, that particular clue was overlooked.

  36. Sandy re 16D
    Show me the homophone indicators in the clue! There are none, because there are no homophones in the answer.

    BIG SPOILER the diarist referred to is Anaïs Nin, Google her, you might learn something!

  37. Finally done but didn’t find it easy like others. All understood except 18A, an explanation from someone would be appreciated.

  38. We may have to mildly disagree on that one, Celia, as I don’t think they are quite the same. Am clear on the B-1 clue.

  39. Peter Smiggins re 18A
    “head on collision” letter 1
    “rise?” 2-5
    defn “Take it easy”

  40. Peter re 18A: Take it easy = definition. Head-on collision = 1. Rise = 2-5.

  41. I think Sandy’s reading is an interesting alternative take, but not quite justifiable. Described as a homophone indicator is being asked to go backwards and forward two spaces, which is too much. There is s more regular cryptic favourite diarist that Celia has identified that is the solution.

  42. Interesting, Celia. I’ve seen A Nin before, cryptically. Regularly was probably overstating it though.

  43. Interesting discussion. And yes I am Sandy, not Sandra (i.e. male). I may have got to the same place by a route not intended by DA (no need for the ‘told you so’ 5witter link). But for me ‘described’ looks more like a homophone indicator than a container indicator. That’s what led me astray.

  44. Sandy, a homophone indicator will indicate hearing in some way, with words or phrases like “on air”, “to listener”, “broadcast” (also used as anagram indicator), etc. “Described” is a not-infrequent container indicator.

    Apologies again for the “Sandra” faux pas; it’s the name of my closest female friend! Mea culpa!

  45. I don’t see why ‘described’ couldn’t be a homophone indicator. It does indicate ‘hearing in some way’.

  46. This is mad. I found this one very difficult. Still lots to do. What is wrong with me?

  47. CLT if you need assistance, be more specific. Use to trigger a find box to search for hints on this page to specific clues. And the diarist in 16D isn’t Anne Frank.

  48. Please keep it nice – no more trolling AND controlling. No one is THE oracle.

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