DA Confusion for the 17th of March, 2017

Get your confusions sorted out. Like what is the word for crossword in Czech.

63 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 17th of March, 2017

  1. My immediate reaction: Horrors, not again. No idea what the intro may mean, have only three answers so far, but in light of the instruction, they may well be wrong anyway. Will keep trying.

  2. Morning, all. Antonios must be enjoying the waning Prague winter & burgeoning Spring! 8 pm, fine, clear, and 9° C. Brrrrr.

  3. Looking much better with only ten to go. 29A? Cannot reconcile obvious answer with clue, Railroad? Maybe i have wrong answer.

  4. As often happens, got the key clue 9d after solving a couple of the 18 affected clues. 12a first one in. Still have a few to go on the west side, and 24d. Like 23, 25 and 29 .. so far ..

  5. Arthur C, I think you might be right with the obvious answer for 29A, Only reason I’m not 100% sure is cos I haven’t solved 24D yet. The way I see it is you have to play with subject/verb grammar stuff, who does what to whom, to get the double def.

  6. Ohhh! Got 24 D, sneaky! But is the grammar right? No doubt there’s an element I’m still not getting.

  7. AHA. Yes, Gayle (0658), I just saw connection between 8D and 24D, very clever. Only need 2D, 10A and I’m finished.

  8. I can only get 29ac to work as a double definition if an ‘s’ is added to ‘railroad’ in the clue.

  9. 24A: yes Gayle, a shift in tense there. Repent at leisure!

    10A: First two words of clue are def. Last word means a reversal of what words 3-6 resolve to, if that helps!

    2D: First word of clue is def. ‘check’ gives us letters 1-5 of answer (a bit dodgy in meaning equivalence, but gettable). ‘One’ gives letter 6 of answer, then ‘spout’ gives letters 7-11.

  10. All out, all understood, except that pesky 29A railroad.

    18A very convoluted!

  11. That’s the definition for 18A, HandM (H and M?). Spell it out.

    “Almost plunder” gives letters 1-3
    “jewelry from rumbling” letters 4-6
    n b. “from” indicates deletion.

  12. Got the paper late today and as often happens when I start the DA at work not on the train, cannot find a chink that lets me in today.

  13. Black Pen: 21D is easy, will give you the theme technique, as will 12A.
    1A & 25A are straightforward unthemed.

  14. … and, Black Pen, the 9D centrepiece is an anagram (you have to work out what of)!

  15. All out, but I can’t parse 27A.

    I also only count 16 themes clues: 7 acrosses and 9 downs. Can someone clarify?

  16. Andrew T/Celia 29A is fine. The answer has two meanings. One is stoic, The other is an imposition.

  17. 29ac works fine if ‘railroadS’ (not railroad) is the second definition – in the sense of ‘coerces’ someone to take on a task.

  18. Indigo, I too have only found 16 themed clues (including 3D which I don’t have the answer for, despite all the cross letters. Could 1A be regarded as themed? Maybe? Even though it’s routine DA.

  19. I cannot parse 3D, assuming it is themed.

    Even counting 10A (which does not need to be themed), I only get 17 themed clues.

  20. Me too on 17 themed, Jack, 1A isn’t because the definition element is “building”.

    Re 3D “go in grates”.

  21. Thanks Celia, but I still can’t see it. If you are implying that 3D is not themed, then I’m down to 16 themed clues.

  22. Celia at 1.25 – re 1A – yes of course.
    And Erica at 1.26 – yes of course!
    So I still only have 16 (+3D?) and still need help with 3D

  23. I think he probably counted 1a even though it’s the answer that’s 9d not the clue…

  24. I’ve found 18:
    5, 10, 12, 22, 23, 25, 28, 29 [total 8]
    3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 14, 16, 19, 21, 24 [total 10]

    10A’s qualification to be one of the 18 is ambiguous!

  25. Jack re 3D is themed, it’s two 5-letter words, take out one space and move the other!

  26. I didn’t get 10a, don’t understand 3D, and think he counted 1a in…
    That’s all folks ?

  27. Lots of discussion of 3D, but I still don’t get it. If it’s themed, I now can find 18 themed clues.

  28. Ah, so I didn’t count 10A. And still mulling over 3D. I was thinking anagram but that doesn’t work.

  29. Eureka! I now see 3D. However, it was a bit much to have to theme it twice and then have to un-theme it in a new spot. How devious of DA!

  30. Ah – got it! (I overlooked last 3 posts). Thanks Celia. All done and dusted.

  31. Very clever Celia!
    Oh, and by the way, I’ve no doubt about the answer to 26D but don’t understand the wordplay. English building?

  32. SB re 26D, “building” is a reversal indicator! Or inversion, as in “building up”.

  33. Alice re 19D & 22A
    They’re themed, 19D in sense of age, and 22A in sense of length of time.

  34. 21D last out – and understood only by stooping to Googling “2228”.
    I hope DA will soon give a free kick to Victorians as compensation.

  35. Anyone still out there to help with 8d and 24d ?? And yes , I’ve seen the earlier hints .

  36. Julie W.
    8D defn blow (as in strike etc.)
    themed clue

    8D +idly gives the themed defn to 24D, “contracts” is in sense of ownership, or “got” a disease perhaps. Letters 1-3

  37. 18A – Re HandM, 17th, 9.53 am – I think the “B” in “B-1” is a mistake; it should be a different letter. By way of analogy, “L-1” refers to the first lumbar vertebra.

  38. OK after a break (work, train to Geelong on Friday, sleep, 145km bike ride through the Otways & Great Ocean Road on Saturday, trip home today) I am plugging away again…guessed the theme and then got a few cross letter to confirm.
    Now just brain work. Phew.

  39. 18 themed clues:

    A 5 12 18* 22 23 25 28 29
    D 3 4 6 7 8 14 16 19 21 24

    * 18A has “B-1” but DA has owned to me that he counted this among his 18 themed clues. 10A is not a themed clue.

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