DA Confusion for the 10th of March, 2017

Just get your confusions sorted out. Go on.

48 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 10th of March, 2017

  1. Done and dusted, but I found “typical” DA tough today on some constructs ie: I had to get answer and then work out wordplay eg: 1D, 9A, 11A, 6D etc, etc.
    Thought 12A was clever. Never heard of it and did get from wordplay.

  2. Got held up on the crossing sport and car, mainly because I stupidly found alternative spellings for 13 on google, instead of looking carefully at the clue, and also was determined that the parking had to be p and the vehicle had to be a ute in reverse. Should have got that. I have one! (not a ute).

    Lked 25A, 19A and 6D , although that one might not come to mind so readily to non Sydney siders.

    Wondering what others think about the misdirection of the indicator in 1A, the execution of 4D (a step too far, or not sufficiently precise ?) and the grammar in 16A.

  3. A fairly pedestrian effort today. Not quite finished, six in SE to get. Re 12A, my recollection, from around 70+ years back, had an E as letter four.

  4. And now only 25A. I could adhere to second word, but first word? Can’t find anytghing, maaybe have something wrong, though all my downs look OK. Any clue,please.

  5. All out, all understood … except 22A, can anyone give me a hint on the wordplay?: mostly understood, but does “Liverpool player?” somehow clue letter 7 only?

    Note DA up to his split-word trick in 23D.

  6. Arthur C re 12A
    Yes, that’s right, has an “E” at letter 4 here too!

  7. All done but can’t parse 20D
    Liked 17D & the use of “doctor” in 10A.
    Celia, 22A refers to a team nickname.

  8. 25A barely a cryptic, in my opinion. Unless I’ve got it completely wrong…

    Was hoping “Liverpool player” was going to be a Beatle!

    Ray, 12A is a word I have only ever seen in crosswords.

  9. Black Pen

    22A: Is the team’s nickname one letter or three, or something else?

    20D “progressively” examine following clue words!

  10. I agree with most that it felt like a relatively easy one this week. My knowledge of Sydney let me down on 6D for a while, but a quick bit of google-fu turned up the answer no worries. I didn’t love 25A, but on the other hand I did really enjoy 17D (my last out) which works in largely the same way.

    Gayle, I have no problem with 1A or 16A, and while I share your concern about the vagueness of 4D’s execution, it made me chuckle when I got it so I’m happy to let it slide.

  11. I’m pretty sure I’ve got 10A, but I don’t understand how one arrives at the first word. Any hints?

  12. Yes, I just didn’t see how one went from ‘doctor’ to that. Perhaps some popular culture reference I’m not up with.

    I also have 21A, but not the faintest clue about the working. (Last two words are the def, right?)

  13. I had 17D as ADOPTION which seemed perfect. That stuffed me up for quite a while.

  14. Carol re 10A & 21A
    Treated as VERBS, both can mean “tampered with”.
    Have you never heard of a drink being 1234D, or otherwise “doctored”?

    21A is tricky. Start with a 9-letter adjective meaning “full of life”, then swap its “first threesome” for … “ultimately fun” …

  15. > Thought 12A was clever. Never heard of it and did get from wordplay.

    I think it only exists in English due to extensive use in one famous book, King Solomon’s Mines.

    > I’m pretty sure I’ve got 10A, but I don’t understand how one arrives at the first word. Any hints?

    To doctor a drink is to ____ it with something.

  16. 12A pops up regularly in crosswords, can’t believe all the declarations of lack of prior knowledge … must be newbies?

    I think its existence in English predates anything H.R.H. may have written, AndrewT. Thanks though for reminding me of where I most probably first encountered it!

  17. Ben re 23D
    You have made a wrong turn somewhere, because …
    “defending” letter 1
    “wine cocktail” letters 3-5
    letter 2 from clue
    Defn is 1st two words.

  18. AndrewT,

    I should have remembered that. It was one of my favourite books for a while when I was a kid.

    Re the ‘doctor’, now I get it. I had the wrong word entirely.

    Thank you to you and Celia

  19. Still haven’t sorted 25A. Modern device? Wordfinder doesn’t suggest anything meaningful for first word. Will just leave it.
    Carol (0805), I first saw that word around 70-75 years ago, in some books about a character called ‘Sanders of the river’. He wouldn’t exist nowadays, definitely not PC. i think t was probably set in Nigeria, 19th century.

  20. > Still haven’t sorted 25A. Modern device? Wordfinder doesn’t suggest anything meaningful for first word. Will just leave it.

    It is a modern device, yes, too new to be in word-finders. It is used to take photos of oneself from a greater distance than your arm can managed.

    The first word must have been in the newspaper virtually every day for the last few years.

  21. Not sure about 28a, 26d or 19a. Got to go to shops now. Maybe when I get back.

  22. Arthur C – Yes, AndrewT reminded me of its presence in King Solomon’s Mines – another book that wouldn’t pass the PC test these days.

  23. Sandy partials …
    28A “a day” is at 1+2-4, defn last word;
    26D a synonym of 9a but in a different sense. “zips” are at 2 & 3
    19A defn “pedestrian” is an adjective cf. “prosaic”

  24. Finished. With your collective help and encouragement.

    Not sure how 18a works. Assume riot is 2,3,4,6. But please explain.

    Haven’t solved a progressive clue like 20d before, so that’ll be my pick for the day. For a short word, 26d packed in a pretty solid “aha” moment. And without being too uncouth for a Friday arvo – helped that I was in a suitably inspiring situation…

    Have a good weekend all.


  25. Done except for 19a even with Celia’s suggestion…
    Liked 17D – very current
    (No probs with 12a!)

  26. Ok got 19a. Yeah, now I can enjoy the weekend. Have a good one y’all….

  27. Thank you Andrew T (1322). the penny drops, i am familiar with the name . So, all finished. today Margaret and i celebrated 61 years, probably not too many here have topped that.

  28. Erica, that’s a great example of once you stop bashing your head against the wall over a tricky clue and turn your mind to something else (like posting something here), the answer pops into your head. I find purposely coughing once or twice has the similar effect!

  29. @Celia very true! And when you see it, it’s so easy..
    @Arthur, congratulations to you and Margaret. We can only claim 48! ?

  30. The assegai was the short stabbing spear employed by Shaka when he united the Zulus and later to massacre the English at Islandwana. Bit of colonial history helps.

  31. AJ, 16A is a make of car, from Japan, all models have all wheels powered. Their ‘logo’ is the Pleiades star cluster.
    Can’t give much more away really…

  32. Re 16A … “game” is letters 5,6, vehicle in reverse 1-3 (or 3 2 1 if you like)

  33. A bit ashamed of myself this week. Finally gave up today with some answers still missing. 17D had me stumped, as did 25A. Was right about the second word but just couldn’t think of a word that matched the existing letters in the first, and am kicking myself now. I should have googled for info on 6D and 1D.

  34. Viv if you are still looking.
    17d has no wordplay, this is an expression for favouring relatives.
    25a no real wordplay. A modern device for recording images at arms length. An annoying device in my opinion, used by narcissists.

  35. No “March 17” DA forum yet. Anyway, done and dusted. Pretty quick to get theme when solved 21D.
    Happy solving all.

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