DA Confusion for the 24th of February, 2017

Have your confusions sorted out right here.

72 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 24th of February, 2017

  1. Uh-oh … (cue Jaws motif) … across clues themed and undefined. Deep breaths, everybody …

  2. Phew, this is tough! Only four downs so far (3D, 5D, 12D, 20D), and I think one themed (8A) but not enough to work theme out. And I just heard Jaws motif introducing a program titled The Money!

  3. I have the theme and most done. 13a 16a and 21a were the clues that got me started.

  4. Eureka! Just got the theme, even filled in 10A without referring back to clue. NE corner ticked off!

  5. I just downloaded the digital version and all I got was the answer grid! No point to doing DA today, I’m afraid.

  6. Only five/six so far. Is there a reference to a laxative liquid in 13A?

  7. 1D: Naughty DA! Naughty, naughty, naughty! Laughed out loud at this, clue of the week!

  8. Yep 12A & 21A have given me the theme. Lots of options in there though.

  9. All out, all understood, though distinct bias displayed by 2A, 8A, 9A/22A, 11A/24A, & 14A.

    In themed clues, loved 23A most of all; without understanding it, answer would otherwise have been a dog!

    As mentioned earlier, fave down was 1D!

    Now I’m off for my weekly [spoiler deleted], because you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning!

    Happy solving!

  10. Found eight of themed items, but nothing more forthcoming, I’ve made a mistake into 8A, but have i made a mistake? Will have to give it away till later, can’t see any way ahead.

  11. All done; 25a last in, wasn’t thinking of that kind of themed answer.

  12. Greg: me too, the iPad version just errorred and gave me all the answers! Very disappointing.

  13. Bloody hell. I must have misplaced my brain this morning – I can’t get one.

  14. All in except for 19A. Cross letters give me only 1 possible word but it doesn’t fit the theme. Any hints ?

  15. Yesterday’s Millionaire Hot Seat had a question regarding the thing in 8A. This got me started on the theme. I can’t say I’ve heard of the 21A answer before. 23A is a beauty!

  16. Carol

    In the Downs, try 5D (there’s a laugh in that), 12D, and 20D, all anagrams, maybe with addition or subtraction.

    21A is easy double definition wordplay, to give you a themed answer.

    16A is also an anagram, which if solved would alert you to the theme.

    13A seems to be easy for most. She’ll make your eyes pop!

  17. Dom re 19A

    Are you thinking about something related to a woman with fair hair? This has nothing to do with that, it’s much more recent. Clue component split is 4+4, not 3+5. n.b there are 1st 2 and last 3 letters in common with the answer I suspect you were thinking of.

    Or the one word that fits may not be the answer needed here.

  18. Jack & Celia,
    Thanks. My problem was letters 2, 3 in 15D were reversed. The Scandinavian spelling perhaps ?

  19. Dom, I deliberately left letters 2 and 3 in 15D blank until I got 19A. I never know which combination is correct in such names.

  20. Thank you Celia, that’s given me a start.
    The answer to 13A had occurred to me (off Arthur C’s post) but I couldn’t make the clue fit the answer. This often happens to me with DA.

  21. Celia, Thanks for 11a and 24a.
    Jack your clue was too cryptic for me. Thanks anyway

  22. Hah! Of course wolf is a verb! I didn’t see that, because it turns out that it’s a relevant noun as well, which put me on the right track!
    Still struggling with 3D and 4D, and would welcome a gentle hint.

  23. alice, you’ve obviously never seen the opening/closing credits of 11, 24. It was a classic.

  24. SB, homophonically (is that a word?), you may 3D your bicycle. Clark Kent may remember4D.

  25. SB re 3D & 4D

    3D soccer legend @ letters 1-2, 5-6.
    “pitch” is a verb!

    4D the most famous imaginary planet in the universe of the puzzle’s theme! “oddly not” gives last 3 letters; “kosher possibly in outer limits” the other 4.

  26. I haven’t got 1D yet- assuming first words are clue?
    for anyone trying to solve 25A- its nothing to do with pussies, its another type of cat

  27. Finished about a dozen short, which is disappointing. But then Celia’s clue (1157) as to most famous planet gives me 4D, but nothing more. So, enough. Try again next week.

  28. mary-jane As Celia said “Naughty, DA”. The first two words are the definition and the answer ends, as you would therefore expect, with “est”. Not many word fit!

  29. just got 7A which helped with 1D. don’t understand the wordplay for 1D but what the hey, I’m all out!!!

  30. Only four out so far. I think I have the theme, but if so then I’m likely to make little progress with the acrosses. I think I get 21A from the double def, but can’t see how that fits the theme.

  31. Dave B
    It fits the theme. Use Wikipedia, search for “[21A] disambiguation”, it’s the first entry in the list!

  32. That was awful! I have no idea why many of them are right, but I got there…Mr Google had to help with the across ones, not an area of great interest to me.

  33. Has anyone mentioned it before but 19 should be 4-4 according to Mr Google.

  34. And not one answer featuring the most famous (or at least the longest running) example of the theme!

  35. Thanks Celia. Had never heard of him/it. Looks like a long Google-led slog for the rest. At least 13A rose from the depths of my long-ago childhood.

  36. 5D. That means I was a young man in days of yore. It has come as a bit of a shock.

    Enjoyed the theme. Haven’t thought about 10A since, well, the days of yore. 6D and 7A: the word plays tickled my funny bone.

    Have a good weekend, everyone.

  37. Any pointers for 17d; and 2 & 23d. Also yet to get 23a (though looking forward given the kudos).

    Thx for the help guys and have a great weekend.

  38. This may be a record for me. After three hours just one answer (5D)!! I also have an inkling as to what 21A might be, but if I’m right I can’t imagine what the theme could be.

  39. Dan, for 17D, I don’t fully get the wordplay, but if my answer’s correct, I’ve just this week seen an opera by the composer. For 2/23, snake is a verb; def is last word.

  40. Bit hard to explain this one. A 5-letter word for “overflow”, say it out loud, then from that word remove the letter that is the only “upright” in “Clancy” (this will give you a 4-letter word for something you eat, but ignore that). Keeping the word’s original phonetic sense (its rhyme, if you like), but omitting the upright (from the word, as spoken), you will have a homophone for the themed answer. But if it Bugs you any more you’re on your own. Ain’t I a wascally wabbit!? Clear as mudd?

  41. Came to this late. Not familiar with the theme,…. television-deprived childhood. 16A gave me the in. Favourite was 23A. Spoonerism in 7A last to parse, but I don’t know much about that either.

    Dan, 17D wordplay. Letters 1, 6,7,8 = a kind of gentle word for twit, as in you silly _ _ _ _ _ deleting the first letter (unmasked) . The middle 4 letters (enshrining) is a 5 letter opera composer, as SB said, with the last letter deleted (virtually or almost). The definition is ‘excess’ , rather than to excess which muddled me up for a while.
    I got hoodwinked by the composer virtually , thinking it might have something to do with CGI.

  42. Either 25A is obscure, or we’ve got it wrong based on the wordplay. Any help?

  43. Ben and Lynne, re 25 A.
    Another Ben yesterday at 4.59 gave a hint as to 25A’s meaning when it came to him., Word play is a 5 letter word for stealing, as a noun, shortened, ie minus its last letter. And a 4 letter word for cat, but not the feline kind. One that often has 9 tails. Picture a red mask.

  44. Thx all. Can’t say I cleared it this week. But at least I understand how it all works looking at the answers on this rainy Sydney Saturday.

  45. Me too! I looked at the puzzle today for the first time and completed it in under 2h – PB for me!

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