DA Confusion for the 17th of February, 2017

Get your confusions sorted out before White Night blows your mind.

77 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 17th of February, 2017

  1. Bottom half finished quickly, but have slowed up with the top half. Any hints for 1a?

  2. Morning, fellow trippers. Quiet early again?

    Most of bottom half out, except 17A, and parse for 24A (not yet, please).

    Happy solving!

  3. Morning Trippers. I missed a good one last week but today’s has some gems too and some gimmes which helped expose DA’s trickery in other clues. Liked 23, 4, 3, and 11.
    Didn’t know the composer, but that’s not unusual for me, I like the way DA throws in the odd one from time to time. Either he knows an awful lot of stuff, or he’s got a fantastic compiling program to fill in difficult spots on the grid.
    A couple still to fully parse, eg 1A. I have an answer from one half of the wordplay. The other half seems superfluous (but just because I don’t get it, no doubt). Good misdirection with the def.. Similarly 25A,

  4. Have the full working out of 1A now. Forget my earlier comment. How to give a clue without giving it away…… thinking ….

  5. Gail re 25A
    Double definition. You have heard the guitarist. You’ve probably also heard the (14D) composer’s music (suggest you investigate some of composer’s works for solo piano).

  6. Andyw a hint for 1A, there is an actor but googling the cast of Cheers won’t help (as I found out). The last 6 words tell you what to do and where to put 2 letters.

  7. I knew you’d know the composer Celia! Sounded (ie looked) interesting, and not only a composer. Can’t play anything right now. My household tolerates my early morning crosswording . . but with surround sound, I don’t think I’d be very popular.

  8. Re 25A, yes I know the guitarist. But the classic outfit? Is that the band, or a style of clothing?

  9. Just noticed AS’s intro to the thread above. Looks like a great party in Melbourne this weekend.

  10. Gayle re 25A
    To answer your question (I hope) the hyphen separates the definitions. Much of 14D’s music is ethereal, gentle, relaxing, but some can be boisterous! Go investigate!

  11. All out. Loved the verb disguised as a noun in 2D.

    Don’t understand “consumer debt” in 18A, seems superfluous …
    … nor “kids playing hooky” in 24A, can’t make the leap to letters 1-4.

    OK with others. Happy solving!

  12. I will, I will go investigate, I promise Celia. But even ethereal in this tiny little thin-walled house will wake the other residents. Don’t want to jeopardize my early morning peace. Look forward to that this evening.
    Re; 25A I suppose you could call the band a classic outfit, in the vernacular. Possibly just a filler for the surface reading. I might be trying to read too much into it.

  13. Thanks AndyW re 18A. I saw “worry” as 2-6 and “writing reviewed” as occupying 1,7-10.

    Think I’ve sorted 24A … “kids playing hooky in constant” gives 1-4, right?

  14. Yes, that’s how I read 24A Celia. That was difficult to parse. I had all sorts of variations of truant, and n as a constant number. But the kids were just never there in the beginning.

  15. I’m ‘all shook up’ after 17.6 km trek on scooter yesterday! After two hours of intermittent looking, can find only seven answers. How does one find ‘clip-on camera’, for 23D? Or music sty;le for 18A? Not feeling very sharp this morning.

  16. No, just found the music style, clue makes sense. Had never heard of that.

  17. Not a bad start, 10 done in as many minutes. 5D was very good I thought – hard to beat a good &lit.

  18. Arthur, 23D is a popular brand of first-two-words for extreme sports people and outdoorsy types. Should perhaps be enumerated (2-3) instead of (5).

    “Filming behind” = letter 1.

  19. Thanks, Indigo, I had letters 1, 3, 5, the rest remains a mystery. What i need most now is 1A, must have a read of all above. Do letters 2-6 identify an actor?

  20. Check your email, Arthur C., you will find something there concerning just those two!

  21. Arthur C. re 1A
    Yes, 2-6, for the actor, who seems to be getting heaps of work of late!

  22. I had thought the actor (first name only) was letters 2 – 5 and letters 6 – 9 were ‘too, bearing out’, with ‘bearing out’ as anagrind. But I see the other reading now. Almost there, but not understanding word play for 26A. Assuming last word of clue is def. but don’t get what the three discarded letters have to do with ‘trout heading’. Enjoyed 12A; reminded me of the old joke about infants enjoying infancy.

  23. Dave R, 26A: there’s only one discarded letter, indicated by ‘trout heading out’, not three. Not sure what measure you are thinking of but the one DA is referring to is only 5 letters long!

  24. Not sure if I’m on the right track for 6D… Do the first two words refer to the thing the fourth word drinks out of?

  25. Thanks Celia. In that case I’m kind of stumped for 13A. Not looking for help yet though – I want to see if I can gnaw through it myself.

  26. Thanks, AndrewT. I was looking at the word ‘measure’, not a measure. It’s clear now.

  27. 2D & 3D are my problems today. I’m pretty sure of my answer for 9A but it gives an odd cross letter for 2D.

  28. Black Pen re 2D
    Definition “winter” is a verb, not a noun; the cross-letter with 9A is the 2nd of two clued by “live.

  29. Alice re 5D and 12A
    Hard to explain either of these without spoilers, but for 12A, consider that “infantry” is not a “Christian failing”, and for 5D consider the easy pickings in an orchard.

  30. Carol re 9A
    The “?” suggests “potatoes” is an example. Find the “type” of vegetable a potato is, pluralise then peel them!

  31. Ah! Thanks again Celia. I was thinking chats, King Edwards etc..

    (Incidentally, my favourite definition from Douglas Adams’ Meaning of Liff was “dubbo: the most deformed potato in any given quantity of potatoes”)

  32. I have that book somewhere, Carol, but the only one I vaguely remember is “hathersage: the residue left in the sink [or bowl?] after shaving”.

  33. 3D. I can’t parse it. Any hints?

    I found the n.w. corner particularly hard today. It consumed about 90% of my time.

    Had a good laugh at 12A when the word play dawned on me. Very clever.

  34. Rob B re 3D
    cf. “closes in” to “opens up”; definition is “square”.

  35. Celia. A million thanks. I see it now. It was there right behind me all the time. :-D

  36. There’s an alternative answer which is legitimate to 26A. I can see what it’s meant to be, but a ‘stere’ is a measure and there’s a Lake Sere in Minnesota.

  37. Ian F
    Astill can be devious, at times, but never that devious!
    And given the two possible solutions thus, applying Occam’s razor would eliminate this one, surely?

  38. Julie W
    18D double definition:
    sailor’s eye/young surfie

    24A Definition “as good as”; “kids playing hooky in constant” 1-4; “number” 5-10.

  39. Thanks Celia – got them ! But can’t see the wp for the first 4 letters :(

  40. LJ – I had trouble with that for a while, thrown by assuming ‘race leader = R’, which it isn’t.

    ‘Square’ = definition. ‘Closes in’ refers to the last letters of the remaining words, although what’s confusing is that ‘in’ seems redundant and gets in the way. To me, anyway.

  41. Still wrestling with the top half. Could someone give me a hint for 1a and 7a

  42. Jenny T, see above comments for 1a. 7a is two letter word for bloke the. A three letter word for obese without the middle (midriff)

  43. It’s Monday Night. Still two to get. I feel bit nerdy. 4D and 11A driving me nuts!

  44. And just got 11A … if it could also refer to a quaint Scottish sock!

  45. So I’ve puzzled out the rest of the crossword, but I still cannot fathom how to parse 11A. I can see what the answer is, but I can’t understand how DA gets that from the first part of the clue. Could someone please help me unpack it?

  46. B. Wyldred re 11A
    Defn. “with diamonds”
    “A” letter 1
    “jeweller’s ultimate” letter 2
    “declaration of” homophone indicator for a word for “trickery” it’s a 5-letter word but a homophone for letters 4-6.

  47. Thanks Celia. I’d never have worked out the ‘trickery’ part of that without your help!

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