DA Confusion for the 10th of February, 2017

Don’t let DA get the better of you: get your confusions sorted out right here.

66 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 10th of February, 2017

  1. All out, couple of wordplays to tie up, but no major problem clues, just the odd red herring!
    Faves 1D (first out), 17D, 19D, 22A, 26A.

    Happy solving!

  2. Liked 17d.
    Found the bottom half easier than the top.
    Took a while to get 1d.
    Have a good day all.

  3. Very tired this morning, very slow, only 8.5 solved thus far. If I’m seeking a US band (12A), where do I look? I don’t know anything of modern music groups.

  4. Much progress, thought 24A very clever. Do they still exist? 18 done, but must leave and go shopping. CU later.

  5. Re 14d: if I’m reading the wordplay right, I don’t think DA knows how to pronounce the name of the renowned chemist. The last three letters are two syllables, and the consonant is unvoiced.

  6. Ian re 14D
    Presented with only the last three letters, I sincerely doubt there would be many people who wouldn’t pronounce them as “initial partner, say”. I imagine any alternative would leave most of us quite confused!

  7. Except if you’ve done science and have heard of the guy. Personally, I can’t get my head around pronouncing it as the clue suggests. Is this part of the great humanities / science divide?

  8. Forgot to get paper on way to work. Wont know what to do at lunch!
    Is there a possibility that someone has a copy of today’s cryptic?

  9. Nice medium-hard effort today, liked 9A and the use of “mate” in 28A.
    I have never heard 14D pronounced, only written, so the clue made sense to me.

  10. All done, liked 22a . Top left was last. I find it interesting how sometimes you just “know” an answer and then spend a bit of time working out why. Enjoy people.

  11. Thanks for the recommendation Celia. Sadly, I’m quite old school. Don’t even have a facebook account!!

  12. Still baffled, ten to go. A clue for 1A, 12A or 22A would be appreciated, all my blanks are on LHS. Time for after-dinner nap, I think, will check back later.

  13. Arthur 22a. Do you like jazz 1a First word is clue. Large absorbing beethoven’s fifth is letters 2 to 5.

  14. Got 22a. But can’t see the wordplay.

    Need lots of help. Perhaps 12a is a start… 1d too?

  15. Dan. 12A. Definition is “US band”. “Combo” is anagram indicator. The rest is anagram fodder.

  16. Dan. 1D. Definition is “recognition”. “Stops” is inclusion indicator. “Fair” gives last five letters. The rest gives letters 1-2,4, and letter 3.

  17. Grateful for help with 4A 1st word. That should help with 5D.
    Also, don’t get the wordplay for 9A (assuming I’ve got it right).

  18. Thanks, Alice (1038). I had first letter and 7 & 9. I remember him. I found 1D, which seemed to leave only one possibility for the composer, certainly absorbs Beethoven’s fifth, but I cannot find any connection to large. Only five to go, must find the elusive scientist.

  19. > I found 1D, which seemed to leave only one possibility for the composer, certainly absorbs Beethoven’s fifth, but I cannot find any connection to large.

    ‘Large’ just clues letter 1 of 1A. Letters 2,4,5 are clued by ‘audience”.

  20. And now all complete, though bothered by 1A. Was familiar with the chemist, as it happens. Nice meaty puzzle, i thought.

  21. Andrew T. 1A. Audience. Think Mark Anthony’s speech in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

  22. I agree with Ian – if DA is going to use ‘say’ as a homophone indicator, he really ought to get the pronunciation right. You don’t even have to be a scientist, either, just able to recognise a Russian name-ending.

  23. Thanks, Rob B (1217), the penny finally dropped, so no further query on it.

  24. Thanks Alice. I thought as much, but still don’t get it. It must be an obscure one, or else I’ve got the wrong word. And yet no-one else seems to have any difficulty with it.

  25. With just two answers I’ve stalled. Can anyone suggest a relatively easy (second) starting point?
    Would the US band (12A) be familiar to a 66 year-old?

  26. I finished the NE corner first, then SE, SW, NW.

    > Would the US band (12A) be familiar to a 66 year-old?

    Absolutely, quite famous. ‘Combo’ is the anagrind, the meat is the 9 letters before that.

  27. Hi GeoffD – I found it hard to get started too. The US band was certainly not familiar to me. But 22A was! Def is 1st word; words 5-7 clue letters 2-4. There are a few anagrams too. Have fun!

  28. SB re 12A
    Hint: At some stage they changed the design ’cause people were using them for record-keeping.

  29. Thanks Celia. Well then, I have the right word, but don’t know the snake. Or else it’s jumping out at me and I still don’t see it – easily happens!

  30. All finished! I had to consult dear old Professor Google for a couple,but I usually need help from some Trippers also.I am a very chuffed thing indeed.Favourite was 17d – an action which may well be undertaken later in celebration of my achievement :-)

  31. Any help with parsing first 3 letters of 9A welcome! I have all the rest of the puzzle – a good exercise – but just can’t work out the reference to ‘siphon’. The Mac software is surely too great a stretch…. Like others I loved 17D – so good DA’s bound to use it again some day.

  32. Thanks everyone. I did work out the band (and I did know them!) . Also have 22A so will push on.

  33. Hopeless today. Usually finished by now but less than halfway through. Tried every combination of the anagram fodder in 12A, but no band I have heard of emerges. Don’t know too many chemists, either. Have less than an hour available, so probably won’t get this one all out. Congratulations to those of you who have had success.

  34. Thanks alice and Erica. I was stuck in memories of my father teaching me 60+ years ago to use vacuums to siphon water over a “hill” and assumed letter 4 was part of pronouncing the snake.

    That use of what for letters 2-3 in 16A, along with the truncated teacher, was another good example of DA’s work.

  35. Got it all out. Finally got the American band. Thx. Only my second DA.

    If anyone has time would love to properly understand wordplay for 4a, 13a, 26a, and 5d.

    Thx for your help and encouragement. Dan

  36. Dan:

    4a: defn “tradie”. 1-3 is “super” (60s slang), 4-9 is “in better shape”.
    13a: defn “Bonanzas”, 1-2 is “advance”, 4-5 is “case of despotism”, “breaking”is insertion indicator, 3 and 6-9 is “rules”.
    26a: 1-3 is “mean”, 4-5-6-8-9 is “characters”, 7 is “iodine”, defn “meaty snacks”.
    5d: defn “mock”, Richard di Natale’s party reversed (“comeback”) minus G(rand).

  37. Dan. 4A . Super = letters 1-3 (think petrol). Better shape = rest.

    13A. Bonanza is definition. Advance = 1-2. Case signifies first and last letters – in this case – of despotism (4-5). Breaking is an inclusion indicator. In this case, the modified despotism breaks into a word meaning rules.

    26A. Meaty snacks is definition. Mean is 1-3. Supplanted is an inclusion indicator. In this case, the chemical symbol for iodine is inserted into a word meaning characters.

    5D. Mock is definition. Blowing means delete. Grand means “g”. Comeback is a reversal indicator. Answer is a certain political party’s name written backwards minus the g.

  38. I’m worried – my old Da thinks DA is too twisted for him and after failing miserably for years I’ve completed about three DAs in last couple of months. Maybe my mind is heading in the same twisted direction as DA!

  39. Damianmc66 – don’t worry, all too soon DA will come out with another one that will have you tearing your hair out. I just think he throws us a few bones, every now and again, to string us along. :)

  40. Re 9a, when visiting the famous little boat named for this snake, I was told the correct pronunciation is ‘crite’, despite popular misconception.

  41. I did it pretty well last night.
    Didn’t know 1A I have the answer (I’m sure) for 16A but don’t know how it is made from the clue.

  42. Phil

    16A “What ” “Eh” as in what’d you say. Jewish teacher = rabbi; mostly = rab.

  43. Busy weekend so only really got to look at it last few days, all out now!
    Probably too late, but I can’t see what clues the first two letters of 6D?

    Concerning=RE, portion=SERVE, where does IN come from?

  44. Mine has gone to recycling. Is it available on-line?
    Adroit, thanks for your answer to my question. Make sense

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