Deconfusify Your Yuletide DA on the 23rd of December, 2016

Here it is: the Yuletide DA. Make it a happy one and sort out your confusions right here.

67 thoughts on “Deconfusify Your Yuletide DA on the 23rd of December, 2016

  1. I really struggled today. Done, but still do not get 23D.
    A lot of truncations – possibly too many.
    Did like 3D and 6D.

  2. Yes, I had to peck away all over the grid.
    I think wordplay for 23D is a homophone of a synonym for pretend.
    Is there a typo in 10A cop/copper? Or what am I missing?

  3. Thanks Gayle for 23D.
    And as for 10A, I just accepted “cop” as the abbreviation for “copper”.

  4. Re 10a: cop is an abbreviation for the police officer, but not the element. I think this is DA being naughty

  5. Good morning, and Christmas greetings to all. Very late start, was waiting on Aldi doorstep for them to open. Shop before it gets too hot.

  6. And any help with 21 across. Must have one of the letters wrong .e.u.i.w. Eeow

  7. Alice, 5a and 5d were my last in. 5a: Definition is 1st word. ‘Hack’ wheeled = 1-3; ‘in’ = 4-7. 5d: Double def, my opinion: pretty daft & panel going over your head, though I am probably wrong here, because it should perhaps be “panels”. I’m much more likely to be wrong than DA. DR, re 21a, you have made the same mistake with your last letter that I did, which means your 18a may need revisiting. Mine did.

  8. 21A- answer is first word, 22D is something you find often combined with 18A these days.
    A pretty tough one today, liked 3D & 12D

  9. @ 1012. Attica, only one overhead panel. Pretty indicates that the word for daft is incomplete, ie a 5 letter word for daft with the last letter deleted.

  10. After long and careful consideration, wit just one answer I’m sure of (13A), I’ve declared a Christmas holiday from DA. CU next week.

  11. I found it a difficult one today.
    Liked 24 A. 18D was a new one for me (thanks Google!)
    I wouldn’t have thought that a bear was the best example of a 15D.

  12. Thanks Attica. Dumbo here was trying to match something with 14a and not 18a. Must be Christmas. Best wishes to all

  13. Nearly completed. Although I am stuck on 9A, which I need for 4D. Any guidance would be appreciated.

  14. Brett. 9A. Last two words are definition. Shiraz 17D gives 1-3. Poor is anagram indicator. Intuition was a gives remaining letters.

  15. Arthur, if you’re still there, I’d welcome a gentle hint for 13A – I have 1st and last letters, and a word that fits the wordplay but don’t get how it relates to ‘woman’.
    Also, I’m struggling with NW and wondering if I have incorrect answer for 3D, which I’ve parsed as 5, 2.

  16. SB, first two words clue first two letters, next two words letters 345, giving a woman’s name.

  17. SB
    3D is 5,2 if you’re referring to films. For me clue should read matching outfit or some such.

    Re 13A, In Merkel’s language, approval is letters 1-2, and “gain” the remaining letters (whether positive or negative)

  18. All out, all understood.

    Loved 1D, 6D, 15D, 9A & its ensuing 4D/26A.

    n.b. 15D employs a typical DA trick that I have noticed other compilers are now also using!

    Merry Christmas, everybody! Ho ho ho!

  19. Thanks Steve and Celia. Duh! So I’m on track with 3D, and 13A. I’ll plod on and come back later if I’m still stuck.
    Christmas greetings in the meantime.

  20. I forgot to mention, I’m avoiding the 18D broadcast over Christmas but will get thoroughly 5A on Boxing Day! Chin chin!

  21. OK. So I still need help with 1A and 1D; 11A, 25A, 7D and 23D. Gentle hints welcome.

  22. SB, 1A usually has “rip” in front of it.

    I am still struggling with 23D.

  23. SB
    1D an adjective meaning “cut” (past tense) that’s a homophone of a noun that’s a “cutter.”

    1A think of sounds a hog makes

  24. SB
    25A is a word for “sidestepped” but one letter replaced to give a word meaning “on one’s toes”.

  25. SB
    Famous story inflicted on primary school children down the ages, the “dictator” 3-5 “the most amazing man that will ever be!”

  26. SB & Jack
    re 23D see Gayle’s comment @ 5:23 on today 23/12. Defn is *pirate” (name of a famous one).

  27. Anyone having trouble with 23D, you may have an incorrect answer for 25A, the definition of which is “on one’s toes” .

  28. Thanks Celia. I should have remembered Abbott & Costello meeting him in the 50s. Charles Laughton, I think.

  29. Thanks Celia, and Jack. All out now except 1A & D – still eluding me. Might just have to wait for tomorrow.

  30. SB
    1D – think samurai and his main form of offence/defense
    1A – hog sound is a rip……

  31. SB
    If you’ve got the correct cross-letters, you should have no problems. 9A has the same letter at 1 & 4, if your 9A doesn’t then that’s problem number one. The cutter creating the “cut” of 1D occupies its letters at 1-3. What has 3 letters & cuts & has its 3rd letter the 1st of 9A? The answer is the homophone of another “cutter” – but don’t lose your head trying to work it out.

  32. Woohoo! Thanks again Dom and Celia. Dom, the samurai reference gave me 1D – so obvious, and yet sometimes even saying it aloud just doesn’t get you there! And I’d never heard of 1A.
    All done.
    Till next week …

  33. Did anyone else pencil in “red hot favourite” for 9 ac and waste an hour trying to work out the word play.

  34. Aye, Capn Ken. I thought red-hot something was on the money for a while. And I don’t gamble, except with crosswords. : -)

  35. Me too Captain Ken!! Hence my name… DA often makes me feel it.
    All done for another week.Having quite a good run lately,even if I do hit the finish line a long way after most.

  36. A very late start and finding it tough going. Any hints for 12D, 13D and 25A? Like others I also tried to make 9A ‘red-hot’ something, but finally worked it out.

  37. Well I finally came back for a further look, ended up with around six or seven. An inglorious defeat, not even helped much by the many clues above. Happy Christmas, all.

  38. Geoff D:

    12D “blast” 1-3, folds 4-19
    13D “pickle” (as in tight spot) 1-3; “ably shredded with a” 4-8, “a third of brandy” 9
    25A see my comment at 2:46 pm start with a word meaning sidestepped (or avoided or prevented) – getting an idea what the ending might be? Then replace BulLdog centre with Victory! Definition of “on your toes” is in the sense of “we’re aware of” or “we’ve been told about”!

  39. Re 25 across: sorry, I’ve got that substitution the wrong way round. Definition is “on your toes” substitution is, in a word meaning sidestepped, replace Victory with bulLdog centre.

  40. Thanks Celia and thanks also to those others who’ve pointed me in the right direction over the year.
    Happy Christmas to all.

  41. Discovered this site on the train home yesterday. And completed – and understood – my first DA ever. Thanks to all your help, and a bit of google.

    What a great community of cruciverbalists. Wishing all a happy and restful xmas and new year.

  42. Attica @ 10:12 re 5D
    Have just checked answer grid, answer is singular, defn is “panel going over your head” thus “pretty” is a truncation indicator for a 5-letter word for “daft”.

  43. This is annoying. All out except 12D which, as per usual, hardly anyone else had problems with. I get letters 4-10 meaning folds, but would appreciate help for either defn or 3 letter word for blast, thank you. And Merry Christmas to you all.

  44. Blast as in criticise. The organs are in the body, although we only have one each.

  45. Oh, and thanks Celia. Gayle sorted me out yesterday and I felt pretty dumb (or dum). Seasons greetings to all. I come to this site most weeks but rarely get to post because my timing is not good as Fridays at work are normally too busy. A good week for me is when I get the puzzle out before I come here, as I did yesterday (well apart from 5d as it turns out). Very grateful to you all for all the help during the year.

  46. Thanks Attica and Gayle, all clear now. And look forward to the site going from strength to strength next year.

  47. Came back again, sorted out a few, but still more than half unsolved. If anyone still there sees this, and could email completed grid to, I’d be very grateful. I have only 15 answers after hours of pondering.

  48. Yes Captain Ken, I was sure that must have been it for 9 across, and mulled over the word play until I realised that ‘hot’ could not be correct. Found this one difficult, and only finished it an hour ago today!

  49. Have been totally unable to post any comments on this site using my new computer so tried on an old one and it worked. Anyone IT savvy out ther who has had that issue?

  50. Viv, I should be able to help you out. Just sent an email to the address you put in when commenting.

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