DA Confusion for the 16th of December, 2016

Get all your confusion sorted out right about here.

72 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 16th of December, 2016

  1. I found it tough today. All out. Understood except for 21D.
    Happy solving all.

  2. RHS in first. Still going. Yes, enjoyed 26A.

    Ray at 5.13. homophone. sack, a verb, as in pillage and plunder.

  3. Good morning all. Found six easy ones so far. 14D? ”Drink to me only ….’ Not into wines at all.

  4. All out, Needed google for 15A and not familiar with 2/3. DA’S got a thing about 3D. Has mentioned it on air and other places.

    I think what caused some difficulties in today’s crossword was the grammar and position of the indicators. Good misdirection, but there may be some grizzles.

    Kicked myself for taking so long to see the hiddens. The homophones were good.

  5. alice @ 6.oo
    Have you got the device? substitution of one letter in a word for ‘urge’

  6. alice re 18D . As you’ve got 26A, that intersecting letter is the one you have to change

  7. Good monring Arthur, not only wines but some modern ‘kulcha’ that I didn’t know today.
    14 D, the time is musical. split and suffering are in the middle in that order.

  8. All done.
    Ray I took the E to mean something that would pick you up (first word). And the G 3rd letter of 3rd word.

  9. Six has become sixteen, must leave and go shopping. Top half complete, must come back later.

  10. I thought there was a typo in 8D. Should be fiancée but on looking it up, it seems the feminine form is dropping out of use. Anyway, the clue wouldn’t work if it was fiancée.

  11. All out now, but not all understood …
    “overlooked” in 12A;
    19A wordplay for 4-8;
    27D “hound”????

    Any hints?

  12. Celia,
    12A – pronunciation of first syllable of answer – synonym of “overlooked”.
    19A – simply hidden.
    27D – as in “he’s a hound”.

  13. All out, but not sure about 19A. Your hint hasn’t helped, Ray. The definition is ‘ex’ isn’t it?

  14. Sorry – 19A – Defn = “Ex”. “inferior” gives letters 5,6,7,8. “supports” = positioner. “congregation” gives 4 letter word with first letter moved to last (“leader demoted”) for letters 1,2,3,4.

  15. Celia what do you mean by charade? I see an anagram. It’s a good clue, I liked 9D as well today.

  16. Sadly, my sixteen I had much earlier looks like all I’ll get. Bottom half is a wasteland., except 19D. Is there something ‘flash’ in 29A? If so, how does it fit clue?

  17. Black Pen
    Sorry, picked up yesterday’s paper (which I hadn’t found time to complete). Ignore previous comment. Mea culpa!

    11A is an anagram, anagrind is “suspect”.

  18. Yes, Arthur, 29A does have an element of flash. The answer is also a term for a late trip.

  19. AHA! of course! Ta to Back Pen & Celia. I also have 23A, so down to last dozen. Time to get lunch ready, back later.

  20. No one’s mentioned 23A or 16D but I’m still puzzling them out. Must be missing something obvious but would love a gentle hint.

  21. No sign of any way forward, 12 1/2 to go. First word of 16D? Seems to have only two possibilities, I cannot fit either to clue. No idea on 15A, whicyh would solve the 16D problem. 14D I couldn’t sort out, despite a helpful clue given above. Cricket at two, so I think that will do for the day.

  22. Lucy,
    23A – Defn = “trapped”.
    16D – Anagram – “did nothing – early”

  23. Arthur C. – 15A – Defn = “Wicked character” – where “Wicked” does not mean evil.

  24. 11A: Top marks to DA for use of the word “suspect” in this context. Carl Linnaeus would be proud.

    15A: I can’t parse the first letter for this one. Bottles?

    Otherwise, very enjoyable. Have a good weekend, everyone.

  25. Rob B re 15A
    Bottles is an inclusion indicator.
    Litre is letter 2
    Booze is 1,3,4
    and we know who “l” is!

  26. @Celia. Thanks. I was using booze as an anagram indicator, so could not derive first letter. Cheers.

  27. Arthur C:

    16d: ‘Roughly’ is anagrind. Next three words clue the grist to it!

    14D: ‘Split’ clues letters 5-7, ‘suffering’ clues 8-10, in ‘time’ which clues 1-4,11. Last word of clue is the meaning.

  28. Well, at last I have 15A, had no idea it rerred to a stage show I have never seen. Hasn’t helped with 16D, despite clues above. I had thought first word might have been baby, or even food. ‘Did nothing’ exactly describes the clue to me. Will; search further.

  29. Andrew & Ray, re 16D, I have letters 1, 5, 9. Sadly, it is still absolutely meaningless to me. I know there is a character in ancient times ‘x’ and aenaes? that fits your hint for first word. Down to last eight or nine, but time to close down, arvo tea then cricket. So, farewell to this failed attempt. I did eventually find the Spanish wine. Farewell.

  30. Arthur C. 16D is nothing to do with ancient times or aenaes. ‘Early’ is part of the anagram fodder, it’s not related to ‘welfare record’ at all.

  31. I thought initially DA was making it easy in the lead up to Consumer Day but ended up failing with the wordplay for 14D and 21D. Thanks Gayle and Andrew for the decoding, but I’ve never thought of letters 5-7 of 14D as related to ‘split’, or seen the homophone in 21D as anything than far more mild than “pillage and plunder”.

    Maybe he will wish us well next week with “Disarmed flatfish” (3), “Also sketched resonated” (6), “Shut up I hear you” (5), or “Windy climb after Parisian man and chateau, then fed I hear” (5), or “Circular table overlord” (6).

  32. This is the first time I have used this site. What a fantastic find! I am stuck on quite a few. 26A is eluding me. Any extra hints?

  33. Cryptic tragic
    Defn: “did pervert”
    “insulate” inclusion indicator
    “rooted” letters 1-3, 10-11
    “fanciful mode of transport” 4-9 (Who knows what this could be?)

  34. CT, 27A definition is first two words. Insert a fanciful mode of transport into a word meaning “rooted”.

  35. Came back for a look in cricket dinner break, but despite many hints, no further answers forthcoming. Sad to end that way, but I must. Try again next week.

  36. Thanks! Now I get it. The mode of transport is the one dr who uses!

  37. Cryptic tragic, the fanciful mode of transport is letters 4-9, if that helps. Definition is first two words.
    And yes, a fantastic find. I was struggling weekly with Friday’s crossword, until it occurred to me, “There has to be an online support group”. Hey presto!

  38. Thanks Celia…I will avoid the spoilers!
    And yes Carol, a fantastic group..

  39. I believe I have the answer to 2/3D but cannot relate word play to first word of answer. Can anyone give a non-spoiler hint?

  40. Thanks everyone. I completely failed to see the drug connection to the first word. I’ve obviously lead a sheltered life!!!

  41. @ Mike on 16 Dec at 2.46.
    Came back to your clues. I was looking for a Christmas message but I found some familiar names here. :-)
    Disarmed flatfish (3) RAY (I like it).
    Also sketched resonated (6) ANDREW
    Shut up I hear you (5) CELIA
    Windy climb after Parisian man and chateau, then fed I hear (5) ??
    Circular table overlord (6) ARTHUR

  42. Celia, are you at ease now with 27D. Google helped me. It’s a double def, I would say.
    I still don’t get the homophone for ‘overlooked’ in 12A; otherwise all clear.

  43. SB

    Will accept, but just don’t like 27D.

    For homophone in 12A take the first five letters, remove the fourth letter, look up what you get in a good dictionary, and all will be revealed!

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