DA Confusion for the 9th of December, 2016

Get any confusion out of your system. Here.

74 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 9th of December, 2016

  1. Done but have some doubts about SW corner. I can find 5 of the 8.
    Someone explain 18d please.

  2. Have completed most of East, have worked out what’s needed from 3D but not 3D itself.

    18D is themed, & Lawrence is not DH

  3. I’m stuck on 17A too. Otherwise all out. I like the concept and the device in today’s crossie, although it did make some easy , and some clunky.

  4. 17A is a lot harder than 18D, AndyW, and at this point it’s one of many I haven’t cracked yet!

  5. Well, google tells me as of Oct 24 this year there were roughly 760000 people on Newstart, but that’s not helping. Am thinking that reception is a homophone indicator. And fill the gaps gadgets have drawn a blank too. There is a question mark.

  6. Believe I have 17A. Have the English chairs and the homophone. Surely that’s not what I think it is?

  7. There is an English city with roughly 760000 population.
    So Gayle’s reception idea is correct.

  8. Oh, thanks Andyw. I didn’t parse it correctly. Not English chairs at all. (but did like the pictures)
    Why would anyone even think of the population of an English city?
    I learned a lot of things about 760 000 … defensive gun uses in the US, children who die from diarrhoea, minke whales killed, and the number of people on Newstart as said.

  9. After an hour of careful consideration, three (and two halves) solved. If I have 8D and 19A correct, I can’t fit my first words to clues. Lucky I found three easy ones.

  10. Celia looks at 2-4 & 5-6 in 25A
    Also I count 10 themed clues, not eight?

  11. Thanks, Black Pen

    The way I see it is, there are eight themed clues, and two additional clues 10A & 25A encompassing the theme but the wordplay of which is adequate without theme to be considered.

    Don’t fully understand themed 6D wordplay, any hints?

  12. Melanie, re 3D
    Hints only:
    “audit” is a homophone indicator for letters 1-3+4-5; “fiddle” is anagrind.

  13. and now ten. If I’d been a barbecue person I’d have had no doubts about 8D. Haven’t ever watched any soaps, but remember that name for 22, 21..

  14. re 6D- 2-4 are a synonym for “head”, I think it comes from naval slang.
    Then the rest is them and anagram.

  15. Melanie: 3D is a fairly recent word and concept in brain science. First 5 letters are the theme.

    Celia: 6D: Butchery of “into a French”, into which we place head (a naval term for a certain facility) giving letters 2-4, and the theme gives letters 5-9.

  16. Hmm
    I have a word for 3D but not sure how it applies to the 8 clues..
    This could be a long and enjoyable day
    Snowing on mt Wellington so a good day for indoor pursuits

  17. Thanks, Black Pen & Andrew
    Was the head was wot was confused it was.

    But now my confusions are sorted!

    But first, Melanie, I think you should thank Andrew, also!

    Byeee, happy solving!

  18. Thanks Andrew
    Your message just came up then….it’s a bit slower to get to Hobart as it has to cross Bass Strait lol

  19. Everyone, if you tick the boxes below, you get mail when anyone posts. Helps avoid duplication of information, as you can view new posts whilst composing your own, & can abandon same if someone already posted similar!

  20. All done. I get 25a if it follows the theme, not so sure if it doesn’t. Some of these were a tad tortuous, e.g 6d. Reasonably straight forward for a themed one. I did like the theme today. Happy solving.

  21. Margaret: 25A does include the theme letters but is not one of the eight themed clues. “opposites” clues letters 2-6, inside (stuffing) “about” which clues letters 1 and 7.

  22. Is it vital for me to work out 3D to be able to do the puzzle. Am really struggling with the theme, as I always do. My heart always sinks when I open the paper and see DA’s little italic sentence at the top. Can someone suggest a start for me please.

  23. Helen, hard to do without giving it away- 2/3rds of it is an anagram.

  24. 3D the last one in. This is incredibly galling since it is a common word in my field of work. Just about the cleverest theme ever.

  25. Helen, work from the definitions: I couldn’t work out 3D until ¾ finished.
    10A & 25A contain the theme letters but are unthemed, as wordplay is for whole answer.

    Puzzle not in front of me but Batman once & soap clues are unthemed. You may care to have a stab at Batman’s home, the wordplay is for the 1st four letters, the theme letters would come instantly to mind. Victorians would be more savvy for that one!

  26. Helen. As often happens with a key word it’s not always the easiest or the first to be solved. It wasn’t for me this time either. You could start with 14D which is pretty straightforward, not themed, and gives a few cross letters. 27A , 23D and 20D similarly.
    I think the crossing 6D and 19 A gave me an idea about what was going on in 3D.

  27. Thank you, kind folk. You have given me some motivation to persist at least. My ancient dad would roll over in his grave at my leaving out two question marks in my previous posts.

  28. Thank you David Astle for such an enjoyable hour!
    I started with 8D, was fortunate to have seen the musical in 13A and guessed the answer, with 18A then giving the theme (though it took me ages to sort it out).
    Liked 15D especially because 26,12A put me on the wrong track.

  29. Thanks Black Pen. Should have seen that one. Slaps forehead.

    I got a few letters so I got 3D relatively quickly, as I have heard of the word, but it took a few clues for me to spot the significance. 18D is a pretty good indicator. It was the one that clicked for me as it made no sense otherwise.

    17a was last and, I think, it is a tad cheeky.

  30. Down to last five, couldn’t find a word that fitted across letters for 3 D in my Wordfinder, but think I may have the right word anyway. So, getting closer. Must have a read above.

  31. I’m pleased that I wasn’t the only one who found 17A challenging. I certainly hadn’t thought of population as a thing to check!
    Not sure I have 13A. My answer has the first word of the clue as definition and is not a themed answer (but close). Am I on the right track?
    Almost the last answer I got was 3D.
    Enjoyed today’s challenge.

  32. Ann
    re 13A if you have “D” as the 1st letter your answer is incorrect. Theme is 1-5.
    musical based in Dublin is 4-letters, but you need to remove one letter to make it loveless. Result is 6-8.

  33. @Ann. 13A is a themed clue. It helps to Google “musicals set in Dublin”.

  34. All out.

    3D was 2nd last clue to be solved, followed by 17A. I can see others were challenged by 17A, so I am in good company.

    I enjoyed the theme (having worked it out after guessing at several other clues) and was delighted at the word play of both clue and answer for 3D.

    How serendipitous it contained just enough letters to fit the standard 15 x 15 grid. I wonder if DA has ever thought of some marvellous clues for 16+ letter words and cursed the limitation of the grid size.

  35. All finished, had the right number of themed items, had lunch, after-dinner nap, waiting for cricket (and next Friday).

  36. Got 3D early, 17A was a stinker, can anyone give me a heads up on the cryptic for 1A?

  37. Arthur, you should not have mentioned the cricket. Australia lost 2 wickets while I was reading the above posts.

    17A was not a problem for me, as it is a very famous place for cricket.

  38. John S
    The discussion re number of themed clues occurred earlier in these posts. I will recap, but first, 13A is themed, and does not start with D.

    There are ten answers containing the theme letters, however the wordplay is complete for 10A and for 25A. There are eight clues that need addition of the theme letters to complete the wordplay.

    10A is a DD (double definition) “part of a basketball tally” / “rally”

    25A defn. “expected”
    “stuffing” inclusion indicator
    “about” 1,7
    “opposites” 2-4 + 5-6

  39. Loved the theme and the crossword this week. Excellent all over!

  40. All out but 9D, but no one else here appears to have had trouble with it.

  41. Carol@6.48. I had to look up the Cleveland basketballers. It’s an abbreviation of their familiar name at 1,2,3 and 9 , with the ‘theme’ in the middle.

  42. Carol 9d is one of the themed clues. The basketball team’s nickname abbreviated might help.

  43. Carol re 9D
    Themed clue. Defn is “yawning”. Team abbrev at 1-3, 9. Theme elsewhere.
    When I was little, the family’s holiday shack had a framed print on the wall of a famous painting, “The Laughing …”.
    I think most solvers would have googled “Cleveland basketball” … I did!

  44. Celia, because it is a whole week before another DA, I know how she feels. BTW I have the IPad app. The advantage is it tells you if you get the crossword all out correctly. I will take it off mute next time and see if it gives me a fanfare.

  45. Margaret, leave it on mute until you’re satisfied you’re 100% correct. Where’s the fun in a computer checking your work until then?
    Does it do that with the competition Saturday’s?

  46. Jubilation, yes. With DA, the jubilation comes each time I get out a clue.

  47. Not sure if anyone’s still awake back home, but I’m a little confused about the wordplay for 15A (despite solving the puzzle while drinking in a French cafe, which I’d have thought would be an advantage) and 20D so would appreciate some illumination.

    Otherwise I thought it was a really satisfying puzzle! Luckily I got 3D as my first in, and the rest flowed from there.

  48. Luke re 15A
    A charade with definition “bling”:
    “drink” is colloquial. First stab for me was “mer” but this “drink” not exclusively French, letters 1-3.
    “everything” 4-6
    “trendy” 7,9
    “wearing” container indicator for contained …
    “disco’s ultimate” 8

    Fairly conventional “bling” I thought.

  49. Celia, the iPad does it automatically with the last letter, but not as you are filling them in. I usually leave a square on a word I know is correct before I am finished and double check before I put it in. My understanding is the competition crossword lags by a week to give a level playing field. I will check against my delivered paper. I get the paper delivered 4 times a week which gives me access to the electronic version 7 days a week at a cheaper price – I am on a special deal. My main reason for subscribing is to do the crossword. This means as long as I have internet access I get my crossword anywhere in the world. Also, As long as you select it each day it stores it for ompletion later on so I have a buffer.

  50. Margaret. There’s no equivalent feature for Microsoft or Android devices. At least I can now access SMH on my phone though.
    On Tuesday I struggled for half an hour with my dinky Microsoft tablet, attempting to book 3 SMH movie freebies. Kept getting Ubuntu “bad gateway” message.
    Had another non-free preview to go to (La La Land), sat in my seat there an hour after the SMH bookings had opened, and whizzed through booking 2 of the 3 on my phone, in minutes, during the pre-show. The third – Lion – was fully subscribed!

  51. The iPad mini is definitely the device I use most. I use wifi, where available, and I hotspot off my phone if not. For the crosswords the layout gives me the whole grid and the clues do scroll, but tapping the square brings up the clue. Just more convenient and less messy. I don’t get ink stains. Using the phone gives limited views for most things and I have an iPhone 6plus. I decided to try out an Android phone this year and, yup, I waited for the Note 7 to come out. The Apple Gods didn’t want me to stray.

  52. [Celia, Gayle/’Hayley’, et AL (to paraphrase Spike ‘Milligna’, not the well known autocorrect of AS) – Just saw your follow-ups to the 2/12 DAC: Thanks for the continued entertaining read! And everyone’s ‘reveals’ last week make me feel a considerable life under-achiever!]
    16D was my theme-bulb.
    As often happens with me, I go to bed with the unresolved clues rote-learnt and today, again, the figurative dawning for my final few – 26/12A, consequently 24D, and 17D – came at about the same time as the literal dawning! That left 20D (see ff) and, after this visit here, the wordplay for my already solved 6D (thanks, all!)
    Just a bit of pickiness – or more ‘D’oh!’ moments for me:
    20D – I presume the wordplay clues 1,2,3,4 and 5,6,7. If the wordplay clueing 1,2,3,4 is supposed to be synonymic, the words don’t seem quite do be a synonym?
    3D – Ditto: the homophonic synonym clueing 4,5 doesn’t seem to be quite a synonym?

  53. D’oh!
    And back at you; I hope you
    rate myrrh Miss C

  54. I got everything except 17a, including 3D, without working out what the theme was! looked at unerotic and suddenly saw it. Then came here to get 27a and frankly I think it is a pretty poor clue. If DA didn’t want to say ‘English city’ because that isn’t cryptic enough, surely he could have thought of something not so dependent on Google?

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