DA Confusion for the 25th of November, 2016

Get your confusions sorted out for the DA.

46 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 25th of November, 2016

  1. Slow to get going. SE went in first. A couple still left to parse though.
    Did like the Spoonerism, tangles, corrupt NSW body, catalogue extra, and Footloose character (which had me googling unnecessarily!) 28 is good, my last one in. DA has clued that word before.

  2. I thought Arthur would be here today, especially 18a, btw it was my first clue in. Overall not a bad puzzle today. Cheers.

  3. andyw, just arrived, have solved about five so far, must have a look at that one. But a busy day ahead, taking delivery of two mobility scooters. Watch out pedestrians.

  4. Easy peasy today, though Vic solvers at an advantage with 19D and, when used as a verb, 28A I associate more with St George than with St David!

    Faves were 12A, 13A, 17D, 20A, 22A, & 27A/20D.

    Happy solving!

  5. Thanks Celia for the parsing of 19D. Groan. A triple whammy .. punctuation, sports and local knowledge needed.

  6. Melanie
    Judged against some of his real stinkers, DA’s puzzles of late have been relatively easy, and today’s is the gentlest I’ve seen for some time!

    Try these for starters: 5D 10A 14A 16D.


  7. Yes not too harsh today. I liked the triple layered 12A, did not think much of 19D as an answer.

  8. Thanks celia
    Just got 18a – lovely memories….
    On the way I hope while nursing 6 week grandson?

  9. New to DA Friday (newly retired). I greatly appreciate the hints and especially the suggestions on which ones to start with (for building confidence).

  10. Black Pen
    19D is listed in the “[letters 1-3]” entry in my concise Oz Oxford. Checked there after solving wordplay: I was uneasy about it, too!

  11. All done. I thought it was a bit hard today.

    I liked 18A, both the clue and the answer.

    Unable to parse 11A, 12A (2-7), 22A (4-9). Any hints?

    Have a good weekend, everyone.

  12. @Alice. 10A. First two words is definition. Damaged is an anagram indicator. Last two letters relate to something you see on taps.

  13. Rob B Hints only
    10A “Barely bear” gives 2-5
    12A 3-7 is 6-letter “hot” after “model” has fallen, “new” gives 2
    22A 4-7,9 is “obscure” – this is probed by computer terminal

  14. I’m glad this was an easy one, almost totally beyond me. But I have solved 16 or seventeen, so I suppose that’s a pass, I wonder if someone could give me a clue to 16D. Reference work> No idea, have only letters 3 and 5, nothing in Wordfinder, so I presume its a name?

  15. Thanks, Dom, I have that now, and after patiently chipping away btwen balls in the cricket, down to just two in SW corner. 19D, 25A .

  16. Anyway, enough for the day. Didn’t have any idea on 28A also, but finished for today. Bon soir!

  17. Arthur C. re 25A
    Hints replace the hyphen with a space; “from way back” gives a 2-word pattern (2,3), occupying 3-7

  18. Arthur C. re 25A
    Hints: replace the hyphen with a space; “from way back” gives a 2-word pattern (2,3), occupying 3-7

  19. Well, I’m finding it hard. About a third solved, with help from Celia and Dom. If anyone’s still here, gentile hints for 15D (I can think of only one word that fits but can’t see wordplay at all), 17D, and 27A/27D might give me another kick-start. Also 19D (above hints haven’t helped so far).

  20. SB 15D definition is “trying”. Answer is anagram of “devious” with its “leader dumped” and a levy upside down.

    17D first word is a French city. Second word means “attracted”. Definition is an amateur sleuth, a fictional one.

    19D man in the centre = letter 1.
    The cats is a reference to a team that plays a type of “football” with a funny shaped ball, minus “energy”. Definition is an old-fashioned t r m for “traditional”.

    I assume that you mean 27A/20D.
    Don’t drink and drive – you may spill some: instead get one of these. Alternatively re-sort the first three words.

  21. T r m ? Damn you Microsoft, that should have been “term”. Bill Gates does not deserve to be rich.

  22. SB. 15D’s parsing I only got after solving. Levy hike is a reversal (or raise in a down clue) of TAX inside (packages) an anagram (reform) of DEVIOUS with D (leader, first letter of devious) dumped (deleted).
    Eeek! An algebraic formula would be better. 3 indicators in a row, dumped, reform, packages.

  23. No Gayle, it’s just that you’ve been up since before the crack of dawn. I’m surprised that you’re still awake


  24. Thanks Adroit and Gayle! I’m now well on the way. And what about 8D/2D (which should get me moving on the northside) and still mystified by 28A

  25. SB 8D/2D is a “mining hub”. It’s an anagram of “new body” and “picked up (sounds like) “minerals”.

    28A is an old-fashioned word for “loads”. Someone from Swansea (in the UK) is xxxxx – sent back with the last letter missing (mainly).
    St George did this to a dragon.

  26. Aha. Thanks Adroit. Ok. Bedtime. Not much more to go. I’ll come back to it tomorrow.
    Good night.

  27. Forgot to buy the paper yesterday. Can anyone send me a link or email me the puzzle please?
    aj at alternateroute dot com dot au Thanks.

  28. All complete and able to understand. Got the 28a word but the Swansea reference went over my head, but Geography was never my strong suit. Helps for the hint. Relatively straight forward this week.

  29. Well I am surprised at the comments here because I found this one VERY hard. Only got three in Before coming here and now have 12. Will have another look now I have more cross letters, but what is wrong with me?

  30. You’re not alone CLT. I also found this quite difficult and only solved about half before looking at the answers. Even after looking at the answers I’m baffled by quite a few, including 11A, 12A and 6D. I’d be grateful for an explanation of these.

  31. Geoff, 6D quickly = apace, add H for hearts and S for “back to basicS

    11A barely bear = panda missing last letter. Male = sex.

    12A new = n. Hot = stolen missing model T. Surround with crystal method = ice.

  32. Thanks Adroit. They look obvious when I see them set out, but I doubt if I’d ever have got them, especially 12A. And I thought of every kind of bear except ‘panda’.

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