DA Confusion for the 18th of November, 2016

Cricket’s confused you enough. Don’t let DA do the same.

64 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 18th of November, 2016

  1. Getting an early night for whatever DA throws at us tomorrow.

    btw when I worked for a local council, “DA” was council 2-way radio code for “Dead Animal!”

  2. Morning all. Once the “key” is cracked, the rest becomes a lot simpler than normal.
    Having said, I still do not get 9A wordplay – my last to understand.
    Happy solving.

  3. I thought 9A might attract comments. Clever but the grammar’s a bit iffy?
    Quite enjoyed this. The 23 clues not hard to get once the device is discovered, as Ray says.
    Learned 4 new words today, 3 of which are in the trick set.
    My last 2 in were 6D and 12A and I’m still trying to convince myself of their wordplay.
    Favourite clues are 17D, 8D, and 26A.

  4. Got the theme quickly and as Ray and Gayle said the rest is straight forward from there. 21d was my first, then 29a which gave me the 10a link.

  5. Andyw, I found a way in through the south too. SE corner went in quickly. As a Sydneysider, 18D was a gimme.

  6. Melanie
    Either subscribe to online ed. or see if your local newsagent gets The Age.
    Can you pls DM me on Twitter, if you have account? Click Celia above to access!

  7. A belted ‘Good Morning’. Yes, the key seems easy, though I can’t fathom the clue, but have found seven of them to date. I really don’t understand 10A at all, but fairly certain I have right answer.

  8. Eek, all done! ‘cept I spent ages trying to get 18D thinking it was themed, which it wasn’t!

    Also, 16D isn’t the spring-to-mind obvious answer: if you’ve solved 24A, it won’t fit!

    Fave clue 7D.

    New words for my vocab: 18A, 28A.

    Happy solving!

  9. Down to last three, Turkish garment? One I thought most likely, sounds like serving plate? But can’t sort out clue giving that. Then I don’t know the ‘record players store’ name. Which leaves only 28A, so haven’t done too badly. Enough for now, have to prepare lunch. Adios.

  10. I got the theme from 1A and 25D. ( I often start crosswords by trying to solve the last clue)
    10A is apparent from the definition but, like Arthur, I can’t see how the wordplay works in spite of Celia’s clue.
    28A was the last in for me and a completely new word. The SW corner was the most challenging for me.

  11. Got the wordplay long before I got 10A. Puzzle solved, but I still I couldn’t justify 10A which I knew was right.
    Came here, and thanks to Celia’s 7.18 response to Arthur found enlightenment.
    Many thanks

  12. All out.

    7D made me laugh, as did the last two letters of 22A once the penny dropped. Very good.

    Oddly enough, 10A eluded me for a long time; but I had spotted the recurring element in the other answers well before that, just didn’t know why.

    Very enjoyable. Have a good weekend, everyone.

  13. Ok
    Thanks for your suggestions
    I just bought the Age so all is well!
    Now to try to solve a few curly ones….

  14. if you’d DM’d me on Twitter, Melanie, I would have sent you a one-off copy to tide you over, just for this week!

  15. For Gayle @ 5:50am : if you’ve still not worked out the wordplay for 12a, it’s a themed clue with its last word indicating the removal of a letter.

  16. I can’t even get 10a
    Distracted by crying 5 wk old grandson…
    Any hints for meaning please?

  17. Melanie
    Think of a synonym for humble. It’s part of the answer. As mentioned above there is also a reversal.

    This one went quite easily. Amazing how much easier it is to find an answer when you have an inkling of some of the letters in it.

  18. Thanks geoff
    I’m pretty sure I’ve got it now
    Not sure what the 3 middle letters mean

  19. Melanie re 10A
    defn is “to be quiet” (in a clandestine sense; you often hear this from TV or film crims). “wheel” is a reversal indicator, “installed” is an inclusion indicator! “arbiter” gives 3 letters, “humble” the remaining letters.

  20. Jack at 12:22 re 9A
    there are two letters from the clue, the 5 letters balance comes from a 6-letter word for “riot” “bar [its] opening”.

  21. Jack at 12:22 re 9A corrected
    there are two letters from the theme, the 5 letters balance comes from a 6-letter word for “riot” “bar [its] opening”.

  22. Erica re 6d
    themed answer combined with “foot in shoe” (1 letter) + “ends in disease” (2 letters).
    “shoe” appears to be doing double duty here, can also be part of the defn.

  23. Oh dear. Another of the loathed (by me) themed puzzles. First sweep has elicited just two answers (18D and 23D). No idea of theme. Will persevere for a while but it doesn’t look promising.

  24. GeoffD re 10A & theme
    Relax Geoff, most of this is easy! & re. the theme, see my post at 12:49 for some explication.

    n.b. themed clues are about 60% of all clues!

  25. I was late to the party today and there were some fiddly ones- as people have noted above, a few have tricky wordplay.
    12A & 16D were favorites.

  26. Ann (0924), I can see a connection re your comment on ‘record player’, but cannot connect to clue at all? Sydney address contains theme but it wouldn’t fit (the address), but I must have both 22A and 26A wrong, Perhaps they are, but I don’t fully understand clues given. Having got so close, have to surrender. 18, 28A, 18D. No idea on any of the three.

  27. Arthur C.
    who spins the records at the record hop, Arthur?
    And remember, “there’s no other store like …”
    and where do dead sailors go?

  28. … 18 & 28A aren’t common everyday words, but can be deduced from the wordplay – they are both themed, but 18D isn’t, & someone above has commented that they are also in Melbourne!

  29. Thanks for explaining 6D Celia. Also, had got 18D but not till I’d spent ages trying to find an anagram when it’s really simple!

  30. Thanks Celia. I now have 10A and a few themed answers so I’m on the right track at last.

  31. Arthur C. Found your latest amongst the increasingly tedious tittle-tattle from the “me” generations, often not even referring to clues, that make it more difficult to search through the comments.

    Anyhow the answer to 18A was new to me but got it from ‘Lover’ dropping ‘over’ amongst a 3-letter word for wear (or a new party leader in the 1970s, and including the two themed letters. 28A (it’s lovely) was another new word for me: an anagram of “lost” without the second letter of rooks + themed letters. 18D for my, and I suspect, your generation would say “Tuxedos outside the US store in Sydney” or “Deep Sea lockers store”….

  32. Easier today . But can someone please tell me the answer to last week’s 11a ?? ‘Cost shrimp nothing ‘ I had E– , -O. (3,2 ) It’s cost me heaps in mental toture ! Thanks!

  33. Julie, for last week’s 11a, I think the definition was ‘cost’. Was it ‘come to’? something like that

  34. Thanks Celia for 10A and 6D, and thanks Ann for 18D.
    I enjoyed this one. Still stuck on 1D, 5D, and 24A which, if I have 16D right starts with R. But if I’m right with 16D I don’t understand all the wordplay – don’t understand where letters 2 and 5 fit the clue.

  35. SB
    in 5D the children are “showing up” & nomenclature-wise they’re the type of children this beast would have.

    in 1D, think of another name for lacquer and take its lapels off, insert the theme, & you should have a pluralised designer, a synecdoche for his designed products!

  36. Mike (1630), I’m truly mortified. I know several people have pointed to Davy Jones Locker, a term I was familiar with 70 years ago. But as i have an E as letter 3, an A for 5, I can’t find any connection. I still have no idea on the Turkish robe, the only thing I could find was SALVAR, can’t connect that to clue. As to the ‘Me Generation’ I can remember when my mother was supplementing our meagre food supply with stewed dock weeds, ca 1935.
    Thanks for trying to help, I guess I’m a bit slow.

  37. THANKYOU CELIA – runt – of COURSE . I can sleep now. ( and of course I had Elecktra). J.

  38. Thanks Geoff @12.03 for 12A. I got the turn-out idea, but couldn’t get the denomination. Probably because I wasn’t looking for a first letter deletion. One to DA.

  39. Thanks again Celia. I carelessly had the wrong last letter for 1D. All sorted, til next week.
    I do look forward to Fridays and they roll around so fast these days!

  40. All solved (with a little help from Google) but two wordplays elude me – 20d and 22a. Can anyone help me out?

    Also, can anyone explain how the last two words of 4d are a synonym for the answer? I’m guessing it might be obvious to an Australian but I’m from NZ?


  41. Jason L re 4D, 20D, & 22A
    4D: refers to one of its nicknames (see Wikipedia entry);
    20D: An “example of” definition, then “boost” gives letters 1-5, “lines” give letters 6-7 (an abbreviation for “railway”);
    22A: defn. “indigenous campaigner”
    “audience” homophone indicator for “turn” letters 1-5 from 4-letter homophone; capitalise 1st letter of “peep” (“Peep”) for letters 8-9, then 6-7 from theme.

  42. Thanks Celia.

    Turns out my theories on the first parts of 20D and 22A were correct but, in both cases, the last two letters had been a complete mystery.

  43. Just heard DA on ABC radio – he thinks that the word ‘bed’ looks like one . Cute.

  44. True, Julie W, when you look at it, Interesting the way DA’s brain works.

  45. I really struggled with 10A. It became obvious from the definition and the other solutions, but I couldn’t understand the “subsidiary indication” (The Listener’s term for DA’s wordplay). I had to come here to work it out. Thanks Celia.
    I also struggled with the definition of 2D, but then I use Chamber’s dictionary.

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