DA Confusion for the 28th of October, 2016

Undo the confusion. Sort it out here.

68 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 28th of October, 2016

  1. All done. The key clue 30a is not too difficult to get. Need to work out a few wordplays though.
    Can’t be too hard today, if I have managed to solve it without any help.
    Good luck to all

  2. W.Jack, that would be the one clue where I still haven’t finished working out all the wordplay. My take on this is the definition is key. The device DA uses often is ‘lift and separate’. I can see a captive and ring first but I don’t get the ‘carer’ bit.

  3. NO ! Wrong, sorry. Definition is NOT key. Just punched in the letters in solving tool and have an entirely different answer. Key is letters 2,3,4.

  4. 11A. Definition is ’30 across’s carer’, but I only got that by googling the answer and 30A. Not a member of the 2 subthemes. Need to be familar with famous actors and the silly names they call their children.

  5. It took me some time to work out 30A. 5D/8D got me started. From there I found it relatively easy going.

  6. Got 24a, does one need to know the names of 30a pioneers? Because if so, I am up a creek.

  7. All solved & understood. Only knew 27A from Tom Lehrer’s Lobachevsky.

    Kennett They had the same first name. Michael Fassbender played the one you haven’t got in a fairly recent film.

  8. Made a late start, could find 13 answers, but nothing more, seriously discouraged, not sure I ever want to start a DA again. The theme in this one seems clear, but that didn’t give me even one more answer.

  9. All out except 26D, although the word play for 19D eludes me. Any hints would be gratefully received.

  10. Same comment as many others have made. Easy to complete, but much of the wordplay eludes me. I don’t get 30A. It’s easy to get from the definition, but how does that fit the wordplay?

  11. Dave R re 19D & 26D
    26D The neighbour is 3-4, the squeezer 1-2,3
    19D You need to find a 6-letter word for “setting” and a 4-letter word for “comic” and remove the first or last letter respectively then insert the latter “within” the former, for “he [who] depicted 30-across”

  12. Dave R re 30A “I” is DA. Find a six-letter word for spot (verb) then remove “I” (DA) from “A spot”

  13. Celia, Dave R,
    I read 30A as ‘I’m’ removed from ‘a spot’, the spot being of a type that kid’s often squeeze !!

  14. Thanks Celia. I didn’t have a problem with 30A. I read it with the word ‘a’ appearing in both clue and answer. Still grappling with 26D.

  15. Still finding 30a very hard to figure out. I’m sure everyone has finished by now. Help?

  16. No, disregard that. The ‘a’ in the clue has to be taken into account; that’s what I meant to say.

  17. AQ re 30A Definition is “Tell target”
    Reminds me of the old chestnut, “where does the Lone Ranger take his garbage?” “To the dump, to the dump, to the dump dump dump!”

  18. AQ, the first word in the clue just might not be a verb in the imperative mood.

  19. Thanks, Dom, I’m so used to finding DA being part of the clue or its solution. Interesting alternatives, though! May tweet him!

  20. Good one today, clues with varying levels of difficulty/obscurity.
    Fave clues either 10A or 18A.

  21. Got all but 4 clues this morning before abandoning. I got 30a (which made the rest a whole lot easier) but had no idea of either the definition or the wordplay. I get it now. Interesting that the clue works perfectly whether you use the D* spot or the P* spot. Wonder if DA was aware of this.

  22. Arthur – please don’t despair. I think there are 12 clues that refer to 30A. One just uses 30A as a word in a clue. Of the answers, 3 have computer connections, 2 are types of 30A, 3 incorporate 30As, 2 are artists, and 12A (the first I found) is a 30A farm.

    Maybe you remember Basil Fawlty, in response to a food request from an American saying
    “X – sorry we don’t have any Xs here”

  23. All out. Enjoyed the various twists on the theme.

    Having trouble parsing 2d and 4d (letters 4-8). Any hints? Thanks.

    21d. I guessed the answer but took a long time to parse it. My mind went down some interesting paths before the lightbulb came on. Just one of those days, I suppose. :-)

  24. Rob B: 2D: answer could be described as a word-2 on a word-1; alternatively a dish using 30A.

    4D: just an anagram of words 1,2

  25. Rob B re 2D & 4D 2D is DD, sort of! 4D “excited” is anagrind for preceding letters; defn is “Cygnus above”

    But 4D only has 7 letters????

  26. Rob B. 2D: ‘last’ doesn;t have to be an adjective. 4D “excited” is an anagrind.

  27. Dave R: 26D has a very elliptical reference to 30A in letters 1,2,5. Letters 3,4 is a neighbour of ours.

  28. Silly me. I meant 4a. It is one of those days.

    Thanks to all who replied earlier.

  29. Rob B re 4A “hemp” is 1-3; “hit front to back” is a synonym of “hit”, with its first letter demoted to last moved

  30. Thanks Celia. I get it now. I am having a day. I got stuck on “hit back to front” being letters 8, 3-1. Now that I look at it, I see that I was using the spelling for a word meaning study assiduously rather that it’s homophone meaning to hit. Reverse dyslexia?

    As for letters 1-3, I was not aware of this term. Thank you for enlightening me. Now, if I can work it into conversation seven times in one day, it will be mine forever. :-)

  31. Celia, I don’t have it with me. I think 26d was one, and the across clue below 30’s carer. Oh and I think, was it the down answer C_B_L_ _, passing through the NE corner. And one more I don’t recall now.

    Mike, it’s thanks to my knowledge of Fawlty Towers that I landed that answer! I figured there can’t be too many dishes ending in RF, and it confirmed my suspicion about what 30a could be.

  32. Thanks AndrewT. Despite living on the eponymous island I hadn’t heard of that variety.

  33. Got there (after 3 hours!) but couldn’t justify 11AC and didn’t check that person on Google. Couldn’t work it out from the wordplay, so thanks for the explanation which came very early on the thread.
    It always fascinates me that while I am snoring away some souls are up before dawn and have the puzzle solved: What do they do for the rest of the day?

  34. Thanks, mike (1114). I came back to it, found a few more, still 14-15 short. Cannot even solve 23A for sure. For 1D, have tried every possible combination of ‘POLISHAIDE’ with a letter missing. NO WORDS FOUND, my Wordfinder says. If I could find 1D, I’d maybe keep going, but it seems really impossible. I’m sure I have the correct 30A, goes with12A, but are we looking for varieties of 30A, or word combinations including 30A? But 1D is the key for me, and I haven’t a clue.

  35. I found this very challenging today, but just about have it all out now. However, despite the clues above I still have no idea what 26D is, even though I believe I have letters 1,3 and 5 correct. I am also unsure of 21 A and D – I have something for each of them but cannot see the wordplays.

    Thank you Celia for 11A – I wasn’t even close! Otherwise not too bad once I had worked out the theme.

  36. Sorry Gayle – it was your clue at 6:20am (really???) that helped me with 11A, but not until 2:30pm!!

  37. June (2.00 pm), 26D is one of the limited number I found easy. The ‘squeezer’ is a creature that Squeezes, the neighbour is geographic. The whole is a variety of 30A.

  38. Arthur C., the first two words of 1D are the definition, 4th and 5th words are partial anagrist.

  39. Thank you Arthur C – I have never heard of that type of 30A. I’m sure it’s “you beaut” though, as in “she’s 30-acrosses”!

    I still need help with the wordplay for 21A to be sure I’ve got it right, even though it fits everything else.

  40. I hope that American bloke who ordered the 5,8 in Fawlty Towers appreciates that we in Oz are not as ignorant as Basil regarding such fare.

  41. Arthur C You are right about 1D being an anagram but the fodder is after “tweaked” with the definition preceding it.

    June. Re 26D as Celia wrote, the squeezer is letters 1,2,5.. Think of an animal. The neighbour is a neighbour of all Aussies. I don’t think I had ever heard of this sort of 30A before.

    In 21A “cold” is a single letter and the definition is a non-believer. If DA had substituted “tank” for pussy I would not have had to learn the indelicate name of a group. 21D “Scarfacae” is letter 1 with the rest being a homonym of “dreads”.

  42. Mike Homonyms are words that are spelt the same but have different meanings e.g. “pussy”; in 21D letters 2-7 are an [artificial] homophone of a synonym for “dreads”!

  43. I think, Celia, that you and I have been up too long – or too long in front of computers. Surely you were right to correct me, mi dispiace.

  44. Mike – I couldn’t agree more that “tank” in 21A would have made sense. I get that “caught cold” is a single letter, but I still have no idea where “pussy” comes in to it. I can think of a few definitions for “pussy” – one more indelicate than the others – but I still don’t get it! A group? What group? In fact this is one of the first answers I pencilled in without understanding the wordplay, and I still don’t! Very frustrating!

  45. June. Re 21A, just google for the answer with the single letter removed and “pussy”.

  46. 21A: pussy is an adjective relating to what the squeezer in 26D might get from the spot in 30A !!!

  47. 10A European flapper is definition.
    Wordplay is a 3 letter word with the last letter dropped (veteran briefly) at letters 1 and 5 containing(secured) a 3 letter word for function as a noun.

  48. Nice one Dom :-)
    Re the tank versus the pussy …. but that wouldn’t be as much fun. 21 A was my favourite clue for the misdirection.
    Jack, You’ve piqued my appetite. I’m going to have to look up what Basil thought 5,8 was. The mind boggles. Crushed nuts? expensive ones.

  49. Looked it up Jack. Just imagining Basil serving up the screwdrivers to go with the Waldorf salad.

  50. Fare thee well, for I must leave thee,
    Do not let the parting grieve thee,
    And remember that the best of friends must part, must part
    Adieu, adieu, kind friends adieu, adieu, adieu,
    I can no longer stay with you, stay with you,
    I’ll hang my harp on a weeping willow tree,
    And may the world go well with thee.
    It has become just too difficult, my brain won’t cope anymore. Sad, but true. Have to content myself with the somewhat easier puzzle in the Hun. But as today’s puzzle was rated easy by the enlightened, I found it too difficult. May try again somewhere in the distant future, if I’m still around.

  51. Hello Arthur , hang in there. You’re 84 ish? And I’m 64 ish.
    As the lama said, remember to remember to remember. But I find that increasingly difficult. Vertigo making my head spin. Would be glad to have your mind at your age.

    So until another meeting
    When we’ll wave a friendly greeting ….

    not adieu, but a bientot (sorry no graves …… or circumflexes .. or cedillas, en ce moment)
    Bonne nuit, monsieur.

  52. OMG!! Finally got the “pussy” reference. But Mike – I really wish I hadn’t Googled “pussy” – I’m afraid that every time I access the internet from now on I am going to get some very embarrassing pop-ups! Thanks anyway – all solved now.

  53. Arthur , every week you say this will be your last, and then you come back. I’m sure you are dong as well as many of us – most people I know don’t even attempt DA. And I rarely get it completely out without help from here. So why not just stay?

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