DA Confusion for the 7th of October, 2016

Confused? Don’t be, at least not for long.

45 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 7th of October, 2016

  1. Easiest DA ever. All out, all understood – except how “come to” gives first 4 letters of 25D/29A combo, and wordplay for first 5 letters of 12A.

    First out 3D; last 16D. Wild stab 1A (love the use of “use”) proved correct, on checking, though I don’t recall name from my encounters with its adapted source.

    Favourites were 2D, 7D/6A, 8D, and the pair of Aussie artists in 14D/5D.

    Happy solving everybody, bye!

  2. Re 25D: in a shop, “how much does that come to” may help.

    12A first five letters are from “cue to go”

  3. Thanks, Adroit, unusual DA minimalism for 25D, but big d’oh moment for me now for 12A. Surprised at this time of morning I could do the thing at all. Cheers!

  4. Flew through this as well, although that didn’t detract from the enjoyment.
    Liked the cluing of the 3 and 4 letter words, except for 27D which is missing something. Never heard of 28D but gettable from wordplay and confirming.
    DA’s put himself in the naughty chair again.
    Liked 13A, 26A, 24A, 8D. I’d be happy to never again have a reference to the source of 1A.

  5. Gayle Do you mean 28A for “never heard of”? Superb film from a few years back, treat yourself to the DVD!

  6. Yep, Meant 28A. Not a fan of sci fi, even if it is a chick flick. : -)

  7. Yes Ian. Only had a quick look at that, figured out which of letters 2 and 7 to use in the container and which for the hat, and missed the incorrect spelling. Unless ‘the wrong way’ doesn’t indicate reversal but anagram. No, that would be indirect. You’re right.

  8. Gayle, not a chick flick, more an absurdist philosophical treatise. Absolutely no special effects, but great script with lots of twists, and great acting from the principals & supports! You will love.

    Ian, yes, maybe misspelled the hat, but with “the wrong way” possibly an anagrind, who’s to know?

  9. As with others here, fastest one ever I think – 25 minutes and done.

    > 27D which is missing something

    Gayle, the clue is complete, if that’s what you mean. He’s used this technique (“progressive”) a few times before . Really it came with the first word of the clue and the length of the answer, then just search the cryptic part for confirmation.

  10. Yes, I did look it up and some good reasons to watch it, as well as your recommendation Celia. The chick flick comment was a joke.

  11. All out, but don’t understand how 7D/6A works (assuming the definition is the last 2 words). I liked 1A.

  12. Ann: first word of 7D/6A clue is anagrind plus the grist for the anagrinder! Providing letters 1,2 and 7.

    “Secured” means it contains a word meaning “a great deal” (a lot) in retirement (reverse), which provides letters 3-6.

  13. All out.

    Couldn’t parse 13A until I started writing this, and then I saw it. Ahem!

    My favourite was 1A.

    Thanks Andrew T for the heads up on the use of progressive. I spent some time trying to derive the answer from a five-letter sleeveless piece of women’s clothing. Silly me. Progressive. Got it.

    Have a good weekend, everyone.

  14. Complete except for 1A despite having all the cross letters; hint please.
    13A – definition in 2 last words, but ??? parsing

  15. @Alaric. “Four fellows” gives 3-4 and 9-10. “Heard to use” gives 2 and 8. Anagram of “help” gives the rest. The fantastic house is the answer, which comes from a modern pop-culture phenomenon.

  16. @ Alaric. 13A. The most famous UK network clipped gives 2 and 5. Think sweet Football Association for 3 and 4. :-)

  17. Have solved the crossword, but could anyone offer some guidance on how 19D is solved?

  18. Thanks Rob B
    Amy, re 19D definition is 1st word. equal gives 1-4 & 7, sport indoors gives 5,6

  19. Amy – 19D: Equal is letters 1,2,3,4,7. Sport is letters 5,6.

    25D could equally have been “Come to me fleeing continent for the country”. Different continent!

    I certainly don’t get the hat reference in 11A and I hadn’t heard of either of the artists in 14D/5D, not that it was really necessary to have done.

  20. Thanks, Julian, that seems so obvious now!!
    The hat is the wrong way, and is not your everyday hat, being worn only by specific people. I believe there may be some confusion over spelling, given earlier posts.

  21. Oh I have only now even seen in 11A that letters 2-6 backwards are a (misspelt) hat! Thanks. Yes that is surely an error.

  22. Better late than never,, I suppose. Computer crashed around 0800, just back from computer doctor, haven’t read any of above. Have completed two thirds of puzzle, but puzzled about a couple of my answers. Will have a read above before asking questions.

  23. Think I’m too tired to try and finish it, has been a very busy day, definitely detrimental to my poor old body. Finishing nine 9or maybe ten) short, will look at answers tomorrow.

  24. All out except for 18D, which I seem to have a mental block on. Any hints welcome.

  25. Ian F, 18D. The wordplay is 5,3. The first 5 letters is an author associated with time travel. The second word is A + what a passport provides. The definition is another way of saying ‘hear hear’ or ‘I agree.’

  26. Ian F

    Time travel pioneer is a reference to a famous author from the 19th century. Remove the mercury…

  27. All done – must have been easier – but I need help with the 3 letters inside 7d / 6a . I have F,R,&T to turn into a great deal ?? I need to use help from a fellow (four ,or just one) please.

  28. Julie, re 6D definition is “private colony; “in retirement” is a reversal indicator for a 4-letter word meaning “a great deal” (i.e. numerous, myriad, a large amount) occupying letters 6 5 4 3 of the 7-letter answer. “Newman” occupies 1-2,7. Hope that helps. Also search this page for “7D” you may find more tips.

  29. Thanks Celia – you’re a good fellow! D.A. should have said ‘great deal’ , not ‘a great deal’ , cos I needed a 3 letter word , plus ‘a’. Thanks!

  30. Re 13A, did anyone else get thrown by the ‘but’ in the clue? It seems superfluous to me? Or am I missing something.

  31. Kashbot. @3.05. ‘But’ is a link word to make the surface more plausible, or add to the deception. in this case ‘nothing but’ .

  32. I would be grateful if someone could explain the wordplay for 7D/6A and 25D/29A. I have read all the above but still can’t see how they work. Thanks in anticipation.

  33. Looks like everyone else has gone home, Geoff!
    7D/6A: Read ‘Newman’ as ‘New “man”‘ for 7D 1,2 / 6A 4, securing (= holding i.e. inside it) ‘a great deal’ – in the sense of many – with this ‘great deal’ retiring i.e. going backwards. The ‘many’ word is sometimes used, for example, in ‘I have a **** of options’. I think ‘private’ has the sense of ‘worker’, calling up a 3-letter word for this, loved in crosswords.
    25D/29A puzzled me, too; having the answer but not the explanation. However, it finally twigged:
    F(emale) fleeing the continent that has an ‘F’ in it is 25D 5 / 29A 1,2,3,4, and 25D 1,2,3,4 is as in ‘Waiter, what does that come to?’ (though I personally think they are not truly similes i.e. they get used in different transaction types)

  34. Thanks Johnno.
    I might eventually have got 7D/6A but I’m sure I would never have worked out 25D/29A.

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