DA Confusion for the 30th of September, 2016

I’ll be confused — I’ll be in Malaysia — how about you?

Sort out your confusions here.

80 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 30th of September, 2016

  1. Wow – what a corker. First in was 18D.
    Then got first themed at 11A by construction (and what a construction!!! – “Neighbour’s” – really!!).
    Then 22A and 26A – and then it all clicked.

  2. First in for me was the themed 25A so knew what I was looking for after that. Still finishing off the NE.

  3. Oh bliss! I solved one! Not too good at this time, but battling on. Thought I had found four anagrams, but Wordfinder said ‘No words found’ for each one. Sad. Is 25A one?

  4. Can only see one anagram in the themed clues Arthur.
    Am all out.
    6D I have an answer from the crossers but can’t parse.
    Nice mix of clue types and some good surfaces today I thought.

  5. Ta Gayle, I thought it might have been an anagram of saigon. Have only solved two so far, still looking.

  6. Howls of derisive laughter, Bruce! Never knew that memorising a song from Monty Python would one day help me solve a DA puzzle!

    Finding today’s a lot of fun. Fave clue so far 5D.

    Arthur C. How are you travelling today? Email me!

  7. Late start today (last day of holidays) I have 11a and am I correct in thinking all the other across clues are the same types?

  8. Had to give up my Melbourne bias when casting about for a theme! 17A my first in but the rest is slow going.
    Can anyone explain why 22D is ‘perhaps’?

  9. Lucy re 22D “for example”

    Andyw Wow you must know that song too if you got 11A first up. Mostly, yes, though unsure about 25 & 26.

  10. Ah, okay. Thanks Celia. Was thinking it indicated “possibly”, as in a dodgy clue.

  11. Lucy – 11A (a doozy IMHO) – “Neighbour’s” = 1,5,6. “That’s true” = 2,3,4. “revolutionary” = 7,8,9.

  12. Actually, Celia, the song wasn’t all that helpful. It only has four of the answers. DA has included some deep cuts in this selection.

  13. Thanks for all the above hints. Didn’t enjoy today’s puzzle as much as recent weeks. Knew about half the “acrossers” had to use Google for others. First in were 11a and 18d. Liked 22a, 16d, 3d and 19d.

  14. Ian Four is more than none; got three early, but for the fourth discovered I was trying to squeeze the wrong lemon with the wrong help!

    Now only have three acrosses in the central west to solve, and the first word of 13D. Any hint for the latter would be appreciated.

  15. Thanks, Ray, the penny dropped and I got that, helping me get two of the three outstanding acrosses; only 12A remaining!

  16. Andyw Got it, just need assist with 12A,/b>
    I always celebrate September 19 btw in some way or other!

  17. Two I solved by myself, three gleaned from other clues, but altogether a waste of paper. Will look again next week if well enough. Aloha, ciao, sayonara, auf wiedersehen.

  18. 12A a proposer of marriage may 1-3 the question. A box of juice popular for children’s lunchboxes

  19. Eventually found them all after 22A gave me the theme. Thanks, Celia, for explaining why 6D worked.

  20. Never heard of 14A, has to guess from the anagram … the rest came with some work. I enjoyed this one!

  21. Ben for 3D think of the chemical symbol for tin.
    4D letters 1-2 are 11A way of saying yes. Drift indicates anagram of puzzles with no end of turmoil. .

  22. Aww, spit, Bruce! The lack of definitions reminds me of Rule Six of the faculty rules of the University of Woolloomooloo. :-)

    All very enjoyable today. 12A had me laughing once the lightbulb came on. 25A was a clever clue but the answer was the odd (ahem) man out in more ways than one.

    Happy solving, everyone, and have a good weekend.

  23. After an hour I have one answer (22D). Never a fan of themed puzzles and have no idea of this one. Will persevere a while longer but not optimistic.

  24. I enjoyed this one too. All out except 2D; but don’t get the wordplay for 8A (lemon?), or 15A (bottom before being?), or 3D. Favourite clue this week was 11A

  25. Took me a while to get the theme. Now have all bar 21D, for which hints would be appreciated.

    Not sure that 25A belongs to the theme. I hadn’t heard of 14A. Otherwise, a real cracker. Loved 15A and 23A.

  26. sb, for 8A think motor cars. For 15A, replace the three-letter word for ‘before’ with two letters. 3D requires a substitution of the first letter.

  27. sb – 2D – 5 letter word for “late”, with last letter removed (“quite”), reversed (“get up”). Defn = “Bugger”.

  28. sb – 8A – “lemon” as in a poor car is a “xxxxx” = letters 3,4,5,6,7.

  29. sb – 15A – “bottom” gives a 8 letter (French?) word. “before” gives a 3 letter word which are same letters as 6,7,8 of the French word – which are “then covered by me” (letters 6,7) to give answer.

  30. Hi all, first time in a few weeks I have posted. By the time I get here, all the puzzles seem to be sorted. 26a gave me the theme. But I am still struggling with a few in the lower half: 23a, 24a, 21d and 19d. I also don’t get the ‘desire to demolish whisky’ in 10a. Any help?

  31. sb – 3D – “Pothead” gives a 6 letter word, with first letter removed (“lost face”) – and then “supporting a” for letter 1. Defn = “sorry soul”.

  32. Dave R – 21D – defn = “Checked out”. “organ covering” gives letters 1,2. “recording” is homophone indicator for a word meaning “single”.

  33. Sandy – 10a Grand=letter 1, desire is 4 letter word with whisky demolished.

  34. Sandy – 23A – “Spoils” gives letters 1,2,3,4,5. “retro outfit” gives letters 9,8,7,6

  35. FHF – Did some googling and discovered that 25a is also known as the theme.

  36. Thanks, Ray. I would never have thought of the answer to 21D as fitting the definition, but then I hardly ever set foot in the appropriate institution.

  37. I have mostly down words (only a few). I am having such trouble working out the theme, and therefore, the across answers. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Thanks

  38. @ Helen Davies. Regarding the theme: Monty Python did a skit set in the University of Woollomooloo and sang a song about the theme. Beware 14A. The answer is an anagram, and even though I majored in the subject, I never heard of this one.

  39. Helen Davies – as indicated in DA’s clue, all acrosses are related ie: they are all known as “xxxxxxxxxxxx”.
    Maybe a simpler one to start with is 25A? “Drain” gives letters 1,2,3. “Saigon broth” 4,5,6.
    Or maybe 8A – “Help” gives 1,2,8 and “lemon?” 3,4,5,6,7 (as described above). This one in particular my give u the theme?

  40. Thank you Rob B and Ray….a great help. Feel as though I know where I am going now!

  41. Bill @3:27 Am interested to know what source(s) give(s) 25 as theme. My sources are silent.

  42. Finally all done. Have the answer for 26A although struggling to see how it is parsed. Any clues?

  43. if you Google “[20A “as” theme]” – after appropriate insertions for 20A and “theme” – you will find articles to affirm relevancy.

  44. Timbo
    WorKman’s content letter 1
    Regular pAyRoLl letters 2-4
    “invoice” homophone indicator for the “old money” he probably used, letters 5-8

  45. Alice – for 20a, “spring” = letters 1-4, “song” = letters 5-8; “invoice” = sound indicator

  46. I have a few “down” answers and 26A, but that alone doesn’t suggest a theme My memories of Monty Python are sketchy so no help there. Any other places I might start?

  47. GeoffD for a spoiler, Google “Bruce’s Song” … or follow the wordplay for the Acrosses, 25A is simple, as is 22A ( my 1st out) & 24D (oops! beans spilt). 10A cant be faulted.

  48. @Sandy. whisky as in the international phonetic alphabet. It’s the first letter of the 4 letter word for desire and it has to be deleted.

  49. Thanks for the spoiler Gil. At least I now know the theme. However my knowledge of this topic is particularly scant, so I don’t expect to get many answers. I think I’ll follow Arthur’s lead.

  50. All out and quite pleased with ourselves (boyfriend and I). Only need 24a and 4d. Any help?

  51. Kashoot, 4D speak aloud the chemical symbol for tin. Add usual abbreviation for church.

    24A I think the ho comes from the middle (essence) of “alt ho ugh. Fine gives OK.

  52. Others do this from time to time, so may I?….
    I call dodgy homophone for 4D 1,2,3,4,5. It IS ‘written’ like that (1,2,3 – 4,5, with equal emphasis) but it’s hardly ‘heard’ in the answer (more like 1,2,3,u,5, with emphasis on 1,2,3)

    Elsewhere, interesting discussion on 25A (like many, my first, and which set me looking for p***s, not p**********s, for some time!) The above-recommended googling does credit 25A with being one of the latter; it seems on the basis of very recent discoveries and reassessment, which is maybe why the VERY big Wikilist doesn’t (yet!) include h**. And as to being the odd man out, I think there was company to be had in 9A?
    Congratulations to anyone who didn’t need to resort to google for at least one A answer. The Bruces helped only a little (where were 10As boozy mates?!) and so for me it was several. Fair enough this week, I reckon!

  53. I retract dodgy homophone. I realise it is correct in clueing 1,2,3,4,5 and the clue doesn’t require it to sound the same in the answer.
    My high horse just galloped away…

  54. liked the puzzle this week,but a little disappointed my town wasn`t referenced in the A clues. Only town in Australia named after a 19thC English example.

  55. Did anyone notice that 10A has a valid alternative, as in John Stuart MILL, which starts with ‘M’ (grand) and adds ‘ILL’ by removing whisky from ‘WILL’, for ‘desire’. Drove me mad for ages, thinking it had to be right!

  56. Wally, that’s a nasty coincidence. I didn’t notice the valid alternative, and I wouldn’t be surprised if DA hasn’t either (unless he’s reading this!).

  57. Still at it Tuesday. Unlike anyone else, my first was 9A, and I got the theme straightaway from that. pretty unusual for me to get it so quickly. Finally finished after help from here and word finder and google. Pathetic I know, but the only way.

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