DA Confusion for the 23rd of September, 2016

Have your confusions sorted out right here.

60 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 23rd of September, 2016

  1. Morning, fellow trippers. Plugging on with ~¼ done so far. Favourites so far 6D (DA being cheeky again, I suspect), 22D & 27A. Have an answer, but absolutely no idea what wordplay for 25A is on about.

    Happy solving!

  2. For me the East filled first. Lots of anagrams and homophones and elastic defs today.
    Learnt 5D only last week in a Guardian crossword. Should have known before that given my recently departed 90 year old father’s occupation. Interesting etymology.
    Ralph has appeared in DA before.
    9A also a chuckle.
    Me neither Celia for 25A.

  3. Under way, slowly, only three in so far. How far back in time is the kid’s author (26A)?

  4. Late answer slow start today, only have 10 so far, nothing is clucking today.

  5. Late and slow start today, only have 10 so far, nothing is clicking today.

  6. Only five solved, looking like bin material, I’m afraid. What does Ralph mean, in 16D? No idea. Who is the retired rocker in 2D? No idea. Superhero in 18D? No idea. Bin, I think.

  7. Arthur C. re 26A “direct” gives letters 1-4; but 5 & 6 from clue should tweak your memory. Also with 2D you may have the incorrect answer for 10A – it does not end in “T”.

    Can I cry “foul” on 10A? Would have preferred a clue about a dead Texan folkie named Phil!

    20A is a horrible and clumsy derivation!

    Can anyone at all explain wordplay for 25A?

    Will nominate as favourites 1D, 2D (I’m a fan! who isn’t?), 3D, 6D, 21D, 22A, 24D, 27A

  8. <Arthur C. re 14D It’s slang and/or a euphemism for “vomit”, and synonymous thus with letters 1-4.

  9. Celia re 25a: apply the numbers in the date to the definition word. The rest of it is just a comment on the history to the word

  10. Re: 25a Yep – position markers and then an etymology comment :-). My favourite one so far today.

  11. Thanks folks for 1589.
    Celia @ 8:01 I had the same thought about the folkie in 10A.
    Got the crossie out bar the parsing of that 25A clue. Sorry Bill. IMHO.
    Panic attack here … last day on holidays when I can come out and play, then lost internet connection, Kind lady in the Philippines to the rescue, like 18D.
    My cultural knowledge fell short of 23A and 26A, but worked out from wordplay and google to confirm. Did have the cultural knowledge required for 21D. DA has done that before .

  12. Early on I thought that 6D and 20A might be linked. The smallest room and brothel habitué. Did anyone else wander down that path strewn with red herrings?

  13. Gayle, hope your cultural knowledge good for 27A also! Did you know there’s a live recording of Phil 10A singing song 27A?

  14. No I didn’t Celia, but thanks for the pointer. It led to an interesting diversion on this last Friday playday for me for a while (too windy to go outside – that’s my excuse anyway). Also found out why he changed to that style of music. Sad story. But good tributes. No good when you’re dead though.

  15. ArthurC, great to see you back here. I’ll miss you when you do decide to say goodbye to this forum

  16. Struggling today, with about 1/4 done. At this stage, just interested in gentle pointer for 13A. I have a word that fits (with last word of clue as def) but don’t understand wordplay

  17. Thanks Celia (0811), at least i got that one (14D), but not understanding your clue for 26A at all. Will look a bit further, but no light showing at the moment.

  18. sb: 1 – 3 from ‘one stuffed’ then 4 – 8 sounds like ‘box’.
    I’m stuck on 2D even after the hints above gave me 10A. Not sure about 12A either.

  19. 12a – Airbase=Letter 3, in trouble=letter 1,2,4, Computing=letter 5,6. Definition =expert.

  20. Ann, at least 20 million sellers for 2D. The fourth letter is NOT “t”. In a twisted way, he inspired Chubby Checker!

  21. Thanks, Celia. I had read the hint about 10A, but I was trying to find some-one called ‘Hans’ (made sense to me!).

  22. sb (1206), thank you for kind though. I never want to leave here, but my ancient body (87) is increasingly troublesome.
    I have filled in 15 answers, but have several questions: In 18D, is that a synonym for a collision? In 9A, a tiny (airdriven) projectile? In 12A a part of a sea or ocean?
    A clue to help with 11A would be very helpful, also 2D, who is probably someone i’ve never heard of.

  23. AHA! Just found 2D, I did know the name. So that corrected my 12A. Every little helps.

  24. Sorry, Celia, haven’t even looked at Inbox, Med appt, visit to daughter, get some lunch, eat it. Will look later. At the moment, have top 2/3 completed, only seven to get. 23A now vital to getting remainder. But happy to have got so far.

  25. And down to last four in SW corner. A good fight, overall. Hopefully, back next week.

  26. Alice, I had never heard of the author but he wrote a famous work for children which I do know of. It was about the location of feral items ! wtwta
    direct = 1,2,3,4
    attack untimately = 6
    snares a = 5

    Hope this isn’t too obvious

  27. Yes 23a is an anagram. 5D isnt. I had 5D as ‘a bat’= 1,2,3,4, scream about=8,7,6,5

  28. All my references have 25A deriving from the mid-1200s, but it’s quaint anyway.

    Today’s favourite for me is 21D. I was happy to get this puzzle Done.

    It was also good to see 2D acknowledged. I really found my thrill with that one.

  29. And thanks Bill (at 3.33). Your word for 5D fits the wordplay but I don’t see the connection with the def.

  30. Ralph! Found it very difficult today, especially SW corner, but all out. I can parse 15A except for the first letter. Any hints? Thanks.

  31. Rob B Try a four letter word for station (think public transport XXXX), remove its last letter (“briefly”), and reverse it (“on return”). This will give you letters 7, 6, 1.

  32. Hi all. I know its not the right forum, but does anyone know the answer to 26A, 1D in todays quick crossword?!

  33. @ Celia. Yes, I see it now. Not a contraction of station, which was the path I kept running down. Great explanation from you, as always. Many thanks. Have a good weekend.

  34. Hi Ben. Re the Quick. The answer is ‘enfant terrible’ , which being French, and with that word order, is probably why it doesn’t jump off the page, n’est ce pas?

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