DA Confusion for the 16th of September, 2016

Have your confusions sorted out. Go on.

55 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 16th of September, 2016

  1. Started well but having trouble with NE and SW corners hints for 10a, 24d and 24a would help.

  2. Only NW corner out, so far, except 1A – does it have a definition? My answer from wordplay is synonymous with “lea”.

  3. Ditto Andyw. I’m getting close to conceding defeat, or crying ‘foul’ on this one. Cannot crack those clues you mentioned or a couple of others in the NE and SW. Tried all sorts of tools as well. Think I’ll have to give it away.

  4. Not going well (in any sense) in what may be my final DA, only four solved as yet (the easy ones). Not encouraged by comments above. Will continue looking for a while.

  5. Hi Celia,
    I decided to walk to work today, so just saw your post. I have the same for 1A but also can’t parse it.

  6. Also can’t solve or parse 1A. Along with Andyw’s and Celia’s thoughts, also tried endings in ‘now’ for exigent, and ‘cot’ for litter but no luck. Meatus for a body opening could have worked, except for the 5th letter.

  7. Looked through 240 words that could fit my letters 1 & 7 of 19D. Nothing seems related to clue. So, what does ‘dogs race a lot’ mean? I’m lost.

  8. The key to the puzzle is 2d, and the key to that is what Tardis and GIF are examples of. hope that helps without giving too much away, LOL.

  9. For those struggling with a definition for 1A look at the first letter of each word in the clue. This trick is repeated in a few other clues including 11D.

  10. Finished now. There is a trick involved in all the hard clues (same trick).

  11. Arthur C, My guess is that ‘dogs’ is an anagram indicator, although I can’t explain why. ‘race a’ is the fodder.

  12. Thanks Gayle, but doesn’t help me. Have solved only six, not looking hopeful at all. Will keep looking.

  13. Thanks Ian, Adroit and Andyw!
    What a sneaky trick …. with no indication!! Or is there one and I’ve missed it? Does anyone have any indicators in any of the print or online versions? Better go back and check mine first.

  14. Yep. Bingo . Andyw. Just got it. We had another crossword recently where that was the only clue.

  15. I tweeted @dontattempt (DA’s handle) with 1A & he just favourited it but no reply to my query if a headnote was missing.

  16. No, I retract my last comment. I thought Andyw was referring to the ? as well as the answer for 2D. The ? is not the indicator in all cases, and is there in others, so my last comment could be confusing, as it’s dead wrong.
    Funny how I got some of the answers right without knowing why. No wonder I had so many questions about definitions to ask once I’d got it solved!

  17. From @dontattempt
    Crossword Alert – missing instructions for today’s DA puzzle: Treat 12 clues as 2-down to help you reach the 21-downs.

  18. Must be my weird mindset today, was reading the 2D of 24A as 3,3 rather than 2,6. Thought was variation with T instead of D!
    First out, 1A & 20D but not written in at time as theme unrevealed.

    Last out, 27A. Fooled by definition into overthinking! (actually I’d overlooked 7D’s three missing letters, but they were trivial)

    Favourite clue 25A, very clever! No, it’s not SHERPA!

    Well, I’m off to the Italian Film Festival, today La Macchinazione, The Ploy, a biopic about the murder of the great Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini. As Julie Rigg used to say, “see you in the front stalls, and don’t rustle the chips.”

  19. Celia ,your Dropbox is giving me a 404 -no entry .Have you been hacked or do I have to do something different to get a puzzle copy

  20. My six solved became twelve, thanks to Ian’s clue on 2D. I’d no idea what Tardis was. Time for after-dinner nap, visit to family, then another look at puzzle.

  21. EE The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age publish DA’s crossword every Friday, not Celia Fate. I cannot act as an agent for distribution of the crossword. You need to buy it on Friday, or subscribe for home delivery or online, ore go to the nearest library and copy it from a hard copy of the paper or the online replica. I had meant to change the link, to my folder of answer grids; I’ll do that now, but today’s solution has to wait.

  22. Arthur C re 2D
    Dr Who’s time-travelling blue police phone box, Time And Relative Dimension In Space.

  23. The Canberra Times runs the same crossword and I believe you can download it for free. Personally I prefer my front-grass hard copy daily at 5am!

  24. All done! Thanks to those who who mentioned the ‘first letter’ ploy. That explained some I already had and helped me finish the rest. Perhaps DA feels he has to get more devious because of all the apps that are available! Either way I get a real kick out of this Friday fix.

  25. So glad to hear there was a missing instruction this time – I was starting to feel particularly thick.

    But I’m glad to learn about initializations – never heard of them before.

  26. Back from visiting family (No 2 daughter just migrated to Ballarat from Brisbane), plus some shopping. Added a couple more, so down to last 14. NE corner, lower half, many blanks. A clue for 10A would be handy.

  27. No. I surrender. No progress seems possible, will try again next week if I am well enough. Farewell.

  28. The Age owes me 3 months subscription for that missing instruction (seen 30 mins ago) – but I forgive them for their sanity (I don’t mean the letter writers – and their editor) and investigative journalism.

    However I am still struggling to understand 7D where the clue is one of the 2Ds. I thought had the notable duet for letters 1,4,5,6 but 2,3 still eluded me.

  29. Arthur, if you’ve come back. I’m a great admirer and yes 10A is one I didn’t like. It’s one of the 2Ds and ‘cactus’ has a slang meaning for letters 5-8. Come to thing of it letters 1-4 are also slang and I usually thing of “I’ rather than “A” for letter 3.

  30. This crossword gave us a very bad day for a while. My husband felt sick. I felt the onset of dementia and we both felt very cranky with DA. We look forward to Friday’s crossword and this was actually unpleasant. Glad there was some misunderstanding.

  31. Mike – i think it’s a generic term for a “notable duet”. It could equally be a notable solo, instrumental or rap song. the genre or number of performers is immaterial.

  32. Mr X ; “rap song” sounds a bit like “rap music”. Neither make a lot of sense unless “is not” is inserted between the words.

  33. Can anyone parse the last two letters of 19D for me? Not sure how I get them from “standing up, say”

  34. Kashbot, re 19D
    A d’oh moment forthcoming, I suspect …
    Definition is “a lot”
    “standing up” is a reversal indicator, for “say” (“for example”) & & gives letters 5-6.
    “dogs” anagrind to anagrist “race” giving letters 1-4.

  35. I’m no expert – far from it – but this week’s DA seems to have plenty clues without any actual clue, and I thought there should at least be part of the written clue that has the actual clue in it. e.g. 20d, 7d, 11d, 18d, 21d, 13d .. utterly frustrating for me at least not seeing anything these answers that relates to the clue. oh well

  36. RodB See Gayle’s comment 9:05 am for the instructions accidentally omitted from published version.

  37. Rod, it seems that there was an instruction missing . The clues that lack a definition are acronyms. For example 1A is F…I…E… L… D…

  38. Thanks for that Gil & Adroit. Yes that makes (some) more sense now. I spent the weekend offline with a printed puzzle and didn’t read the above comments very carefully this evening (obviously!). cheers

  39. Could it be Aussie vernacular to leave you “no clue”. Each odd clue works cryptically but has no definition. The instruction should be as in 2-acronyms. 1 is field, 24 -towering would be so tall. 18 is cds-records. 10 is pic- snapshot etc

  40. Hi @Graham, Read up the thread to see solution to your quandary. There was a missing instruction.

  41. Long after everyone else has gone, I too am annoyed with Herald. Got 2d, so if had sintructions would have been away. As it was, much head scratching!

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