DA Confusion for the 9th of September, 2016

Have your confusions sorted out right here. Go on.

39 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 9th of September, 2016

  1. Fierce winds, torrential rain in Sebastopol at the moment. No puzzle yet, apart from: Will we survive?

  2. All out, all understood, except for the old hat of 22D. Well, its crown at least, I have the other letters!

    Favourite clues 14D (the sheer cheek, DA!), and 17D.

  3. Don’t know what happened there, Celia, as our posts seem to be an hour apart. Must have missed your 6:47.

  4. Down to final six, SW corner plus 13A, where I have a word thhat fits my cross letters, but I cannot connect to clue. No idea on 14D. Is it a novelists name, or name plus?

  5. It’s a novelist’s name. I went down the wrong track completely looking for a Spanish-sounding novelist with enzeda or something similar and a reversal of a word for mug. No!

  6. Thanks, Gayle, I had just entered that, though I have no idea how it connects to NZ. Was he from there? Ah, now I see! That accent! So only 13A left, my Wordfinder says ‘no words found’.

  7. 13A. I’m wondering if you have the right 3 letter word in 1D Arthur to give the first letter of 13A? Should be able to find the word.

  8. Thanks, Celia, got that a while ago when i discovered I had wrong 2D. I was lacking Erdogan. Or was it Bismarck? Anyway, all finished now.

  9. Black Pen re 12A
    There’s an implied inclusion “where the iniquitious setter lives” [in] 3,6-7 – very clever clue!

  10. @Black Pen. For a while there I couldn’t account for one letter in 12 A either. Had to re-read letters 3 to 7 and think about “iniquitous”

  11. All done, except for the justification for 22A where I have a country. Got the opera bit (one of my favourites) but cant see the rest.
    Assistance please.

  12. Never had so many obvious answers without being able to parse the whole thing.
    16A – Where does the first letter come from?
    17D – Presume letters 4-9 derive from the homophone, but letters 1 -3? And I thought it had to do with being drunk, therefore ? connection to “kiss”
    14D – Are letters 1-3 not derived from “mug returned”? As Miss PH would say: “please explain”. Have seen previous comments but still don’t get it.

  13. Black Pen. I was hooked on the Verdi opera and dropping the ‘d’, rather than Mr Haydn’s work and dropping the ‘d’. Thanks for getting me home.

  14. 16A- from “hug”
    17D – 1 & 2 come from “dick”, kiss connection is similar to hug in 16A
    14D- it’s all about the accent.

  15. Alaric
    16A – OXOXOX = hugs and kisses.
    14D – Letters 1-5 are a mug.
    17D – The answer is ‘dotty’. Letters 1 and 2 are for Dick (think American!) The last 6 letters are ‘thrilled’.
    Ciao bbOZ

  16. All out by 1:00pm so feeling pretty pleased with ourselves. 1D was the last one in – took us ages to get that one and I’m finding the second word a bit of a stretch given the clue. Also, could someone help with the wordplay for 26A please? We get “scratching head” and “most of fee held back”, but where does “shock” come in to it?

  17. June re 26A
    An 8-letter word for “shock”, with its head “scratched”, gives letters 1-4, 7-9.
    “most of fee held back” gives letters 6-5.
    definition is “killer”.

  18. June, 26A answer is built around a synonym for shock with it’s head scratched, ie removed.
    Re 1D second word, it’s a synonym for “peg”.

  19. 26A Think of “coconut shy” & wander around lists of synonyms then under “cast” or “toss” you may find the word that Black Pen has so unselfishly shared.

  20. Thank you Celia and Black Pen. I was thinking “scratched head” meant a single letter, and then couldn’t see how the rest made sense. Now I get it! With regards to 1D, I still can’t really see how the last word is a synonym for “shy”, even thinking coconuts being balanced on them – just a bit too obscure for me. Luckily I managed to work it out from the definition. Thanks again for your help.

  21. In Britain shy means throw, as in a coconut shy. The last word of 1D also means throw, I think of it more as an Australian term though.

  22. I have never seen or heard it used in that context, but sure enough, I just looked up “throw” in the online Thesaurus and both “shy” and the last word of 1D are listed as synonyms. You learn something every day!

  23. Celia, If you are still around, could you possibly post a”Link” to this weeks DA??. Ours didn’t arrive by its usual carrier pigeon, and we really would appreciate a copy!!

  24. Who is this PM and why does he/she think we’re interested in what they have to say? What a drag on an otherwise wonderful community.

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