DA Confusion for the 2nd of September, 2016

Have your DA confusions sorted out. Right here. Now do excuse me: I’m off to loll about in the Fijian sun.

53 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 2nd of September, 2016

  1. 10A – Defn = “Creepy magician”. Rest is construct, with last 3 letters given by “family”. Think that will give it to you.

  2. Andyw
    10A Definition “creepy magician” hint: from macabre fairy tale!
    2D haven’t parsed this one yet, worked it out from cross letters.

    All out, but parsing for 2D and 22A eludes. Any non-spoiling hints?

  3. 2d, again obvious, might be a bit tired this morning. Thanks again Ray.

  4. Late start this morning (slept in), fortunately fairly easy, guess answer, then try to fit to clue. Seven still to get, several clues not fully understood.

  5. All filled in, but numerous answers I can’t relate to clues. Will there be a DA next week?

  6. Ahhh thanks Celia – I assumed you were saying the whole answer was a furry critter. DOH!

  7. Well, 22A is one which i can’t connect to clue other than the ‘pervs’. The rest, totally incomprehensible.

  8. Have got out 2D from the cross letters and understand definition but still cannot see connection to serene serenade

  9. 22A: first word of clue is def. Second word is letters 1-3. Third word is letters 4-7, with the bottom (last letter) hoisted (moved up the order).

    2D: how do you convert ‘serene’ to ‘serenade’?

  10. Similarly, for 6D the answer (from the cross letters) and definition are clear but how are letters 2,3 and 4 derived?

  11. > for 6D the answer (from the cross letters) and definition are clear but how are letters 2,3 and 4 derived?

    They translate to “to be” in French.

  12. Thanks AndrewT. I don’t think I would have ever made that connection without your help

  13. AndrewT, my last comment & thanks were re 2D. For 6d, I did think that must be the answer but when I looked up the French translation, I got no joy. Anyway, a second thank you

  14. My first entry was 11A as the answer is obvious. However, now that I’ve finished them all, the wordplay for 11A still eludes me.

  15. Jack, knock the even letters out of your answer to 11A, and then look at the clue again! Haven’t seen this from DA before, btw, after years and years of following.

  16. Thanks Celia. Nor have I seen this before. Must look out for it in future.

  17. Fairly easy today, although I’ll never be in the Celia/Ray class. 1D and 13D being fairly simple made it easier.
    However I am stuck with two possible answers for 18A, both of which answer the clue, but I cant justify either of them. Help!

  18. Thanks Celia for wordplays for 2d (nice!) and 11a. I still don’t get wordplay for 26a (it’s the buffet element that stumps me) or 18a; and still don’t have 14a, 20a, or 16d.

  19. Andrew T (1150), I had connected the first three letters with sheltered (as in nautical), but I’m still lost on the rest. If i move my letter 4 to the end, it doesn’t make a word at all, so maybe I have something wrong. Is this a word related to homosexuals? if so, unaware of it.

  20. 18A: the answer is a colloquial term for certain kinds of jets.

    26a: Buffet clues letters 1, 2, 3, 6, 7. A little dodgy to be honest, but it works.
    14a: def is first word of the clue. Letters 1,2 are clued by the next two words. Letters 3-5 are clued by “returned prisoner”. Letters 6-8 are clued by the last three words (a 4 letter word with oxygen removed).
    20a: def is last two words of clue, quite an obscure and obsolete item. letters 1-3 are clued by first two words, 4-7 by ‘tan’.
    16d: def is last two words of clue. Letters 1-4 clued by first word, letters 5-7 by second word. ‘For’ appears to be just a linking word.

  21. All out and understood, apart from word play for 18A. Agree that today’s was relatively easy.

  22. Arthur C: 22a: letters 4-7 meaning is buggers, as in nasty people. Being a plural you can guess what the last letter of that would be, move it up two places.

  23. Thanks Andrew T – I’ve managed to parse it at last. Bound ‘reduced’ – took a while!

  24. Anyone else find 11a a bit unsatisfactory? There’s nothing in the clue to indicate letters 2,4,6. I know the answer is the only word possible with the right letters for 1,3,5,7, but surely the clue should include all the letters of the word?

  25. Just finished it, but found it much harder this week than last. I agree with you Mary – no idea where letters 2,4,6, came from in 11A. Thank you AndrewT – was just about to ask for the wordplay for 22A, but you have answered my question. Still struggling to understand 10A – birds? Otherwise I enjoyed this one, even though it has taken me most of the day!

  26. billyboyOZ
    Thanks for the kudos, but I defer to Ray’s far superior skill with cryptics, no way am I anywhere near that, nor that of many of the other earlybirds!

    What do you do when you meet an &lit.?

  27. > no idea where letters 2,4,6, came from in 11A

    June – they are unclued! I guess the idea is once you get the odd-numbered letters, that and the def should suffice.

  28. Thank you Celia – of course! I wondered why everything was in front of “family” and not behind – now I get the reason for letters 1-4! It’s strange how you see or fail to see things sometimes.

    Thank you also AndrewT – no wonder I couldn’t work it out. I had the answer quite quickly but spent the longest time trying to make every letter fit logically. I think having parts of the solution unclued is a bit tough – usually his wordplays are quite intricate – but that’s DA for you!

  29. 11A. Thank goodness I wasn’t the only one who got the answer but couldn’t parse it. Was feeling a wee bit silly for a while there. Grr.

    Have a good weekend, everyone.

  30. I have the answer to 26A (I think) but despite the above I still don’t understand how ‘buffet’ fits in. The wind can ‘buffet’ or a meal can be a ‘buffet’ but neither has anything to do with letters 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 of the answer. Can anyone help?

  31. Geoff D re 26A
    Think of both as fight terms. A boxer will “buffet” an opponent, and may give the opponent a right 1236-ing, or receive one back!

  32. Thanks Celia. My notion of ‘buffet’ was obviously too narrow. But I won’t quibble because I completed the puzzle for the first time in over two years, thanks as always to some hints from this site.

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