DA Confusion for the 26th of August, 2016

Have your confusions for this week’s DA sorted out right here.

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  1. Ray, I’ve only just started. maybe five solved, but already had a chuckle over 13D & the “swear words” of 20A!

  2. Like Ray, I found it pretty straight forward and agree with Celia about 13d and 20a.
    Is this a xword where all letters of the alphabet are used? I think I remember reading something in one of DJ’S books about it.

  3. 1A Don’t understand “pontoon, perhaps” giving letters 1-2; any elucidation?

    10A Never seen the four-letter word in 10A solution used as a synecdoche for “campus” before! Suppose it’s valid.

    19A took a while until I I realised the definition wasn’t “lounge”, “notice” wasn’t anagrist, and the third word of the answer wasn’t “ON”!

    28A Clueing very clumsy, and the definition is not directly tied to the answer, that is not the possible danger, but an indication thereof!

  4. Yes , it’s a pangram.
    Like Celia I don’t get letters 1,2 in 1A. But Andyw says it’s very clever so I’ll wait for the penny drop moment and ponder some more.

  5. Was working on that Andyw but still don’t get it. I’d better remove the coffee cup ….. or refill it before this hits me in the forehead.

  6. Andyw re 1A, yes the penny dropped for me while reading Gayle’s comment; I am kicking myself because I had considered pontoon as a card game (similar to blackjack; there are slight differences!) but not considered the letters indicating a winning hand. D’oh!

  7. Ohh. Coffee cup at a safe distance. Andyw’s 21 gave it to me. Think that clue’s unfair … no indication to make that leap.

  8. Hopeless fail today. Got eight in early, now ten, but nothing else can I see. May have to abandon it, or wait till someone posts some help here. 10A would be a help.

  9. A ray of hope, just got 10A, which gave me 3D, which I felt was a clever clue.

  10. Struggling with 12a, 6d, 13d & 17d, cross letters not withstanding. Any gentle clues?

  11. Meander here are some partials
    12A “of French clothing” gives letters 1 & 6
    6D definition “All”; “leasing expenses stripped” 1-3; “bank” can be interpreted as “bank on”
    13D involves a coin and an enclosed water source
    17D “one attends stick-up” omit the hyphen, “stick” is a noun letters 4-1

  12. Meander, think of falling asleep, the ‘lines’ inside French ‘of’, in 12A. 6D is word for lease with first letter missing, then ‘one’ followed by word meaning depend. Can’t help with 13D without giving too much away. Perhaps ‘hoping in good condition’? 17D is a word that often goes with another meaning areas.

  13. Arthur C. & Meander
    It may be a moot point, but in 6D it’s “leasing expenses” (not “leasing expense’), so a plural with 5 letters from which its first & last letters are “stripped”.

  14. All out. I found it difficult today. Relied a lot on guessing the answer then seeing how it could be derived from the clue, especially 1A, 1D, 25A and 28A, rather than the other way around.

    24D was a good’un. And 5A – gotta love any clue that references Zelig.

    Have a good weekend, everyone, and happy solving.

  15. I’m still lacking the SW & NE corners. I assume 28A is someone’s name, but no idea where to look. Have neither 22, not sure if I have 26D correct. Trying to find airline for 8D, will go Googling.

  16. Arthur C. 28A not a person . Definition is light as a possible danger

  17. All out by 1:00pm – pretty much a record for me. I agree with Celia’s comments at 7:24am, and the last one I got was 19A when I realised the final word wasn’t “on”. 1D had me stumped for a while because I thought it was usually hyphenated. I was particularly proud of getting 13D – a true cryptic clue for a change. All in all a very satisfying morning.

  18. Can anyone parse 22d for me? Think I have answer, and final letter, but not quite clear on 1-4.

  19. All out, but not quite sure of a couple of word plays. Assuming I have the correct bird for 15A (and I know of no other with those cross letters), how does the bovine fit in?

    How does the flickering relate to the answer to 28A? I am assuming that ‘light’ is part of the def and ‘exposed refers to ‘tuxedo’, so I have letters 5 & 6 to account for.

    Kashbot, for 22D def is ‘little gem’. ‘Starting to jump’ goes into a synonym for ‘life’ and all that is on (ie on top of) an abbreviation for ‘campus’.

  20. Hi DaveR

    15A bovine dumps on gives letters 2-4

    28A flickering is an anagrind for tuxedo exposed

  21. All in…with a little help from everyone. Many thanks. Can’t quite parse 3D, 23A, 11A or 8D. Can anyone set me straight?

  22. Took me a while, but got there, thanks Celia & Arthur. Liked 20a & 3D best, today. I am 13d to All!

  23. Lucy re
    * 3D you need to convert “roughly 90 dollars” to British pounds post-Brexit rate to get the “solution”: letters 1-2 are the amount; letters 3-7 a colloquial term for the denomination!
    * 8D defn 1st word; “stops” inclusion indicator for “ascent” a reversal indicator for “airline” 5-4,2-1. [n.b. Middle East airline two 2-letter words]
    * 11A defn “at the same pitch; “sister” 2-4; “enters” inclusion indicator; “soccer team” 1,5; “[meeting] boy” 6-8

  24. All out and understood. Thought a couple of clues were “hmmm” but got there in the end.

  25. Well, I finished at least two, possibly three short in SW. Suggestion above that 28A has something to do with light left me baffled. However, quite happy to have got so many unaided. Hopefully, more next week.

  26. Thanks Celia. I was never going to get 3D but the others certainly gettable.

  27. I’d rather have Celia producing positive posts and help than some sniper from the sidelines. Don’t bother responding PM, I’ve had my say and I’ll not entertain your pithy comments. Have a nice day.?

  28. I always appreciate the considerable help I get from this site and that includes Celia’s clever, ‘non-spoiler’ hints.

  29. Thanks Dave R and Mary Jones!

    Can anyone parse 7D for me? Not sure how I get first letter from the clue…

  30. Hi Kashbot. ‘primarily change’ – change the first letter of ‘men’. A bit of a stretch maybe grammatically?

  31. Yeah it isn’t clear how that specific letter is identified… ah well!

  32. With just five unsolved clues this was quite a successful puzzle for me. However, having looked at the solution I remain baffled by two: 19A (words 3 & 4) and 25A. I’d be grateful for an explanation of the wordplay for these.

  33. Geoff 19A lounge is loaf and it’s late enough for a spoiler. I think you can work the rest.

    25A the first word is a type of quartz. Front of jeans = J. Persons gives last four letters of second word.

  34. Thanks Adroit. Should have worked out 19A, but probably never would have got 25A as no I’d knowledge of the quartz.

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