DA Confusion for the 19th of August, 2016

Have your confusions sorted for this week’s DA.

55 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 19th of August, 2016

  1. Going well only a couple in top right corner (5a and 10a). I haven’t worried about the Pokémon (yet).

  2. GRRRRR! What exactly is a Pokemon? Ah well, can ignore that, means nothing to me.

  3. Stuck in the NE. Enjoyed today’s surfaces and some DA trickery. Didn’t know 9A. Dredged up 1A and 25A from the memory banks. But all very gettable …except for the last three I have to go.

  4. Down to one. 10A was very brave of DA. No quibbles though. Great clue. Now for 5A.

  5. Well, some nice easy ones, particularly in SE corner. Have to go for CT scan early, ba ck later.

  6. Think I’ve got 5A. Can explain half of it anyway. Would it be a word you wouldn’t expect to find in crossword solving tools? Or might be surprised not to find? I didn’t. Had to work it out myself.

  7. Gayle, re 5A, where in the US of A would you expect to find cowboys? That will help you with letters 1-3. And the “speaking event” letters 4-6 is a well-organised & popular one that began in 1984 (oooh!) and now goes out worldwide in over 110 languages. Its three capital letters are an acronym!

  8. I thought I’d posted this before so hope it’s not stuck in a moderator and will be a double post.
    Noticed Andyw’s spelling of Pokémon and not knowing anything about it, looked it up to confirm. Is there something missing in DA’s instruction then, at least in the online replica of SMH? But not in 10A? Interesting ….

  9. Just picked up the DA for today and oh dear. Not being a Pokémon fan I don’t think I’m going to get far – I don’t know a single name. We’re off to the Degas exhibition at the NGV – might have a glance at it when we return, but I’m not hopeful!

  10. Gayle, Pokémon v Pokemon, well yes! But no confusion between either, in anyone’s mind, I suspect.

  11. 4 now, 14a. June you don’t need to know anything about Pokémon’s to finish the grid.

  12. Assistance with parsing of 24A please? Apart from the definition, I find its cryptic cluing incomprehensible!

  13. Celia the battleship game has you guess a grid coordinate, an alpha and a number for the row and column.

  14. Down to last six, so doing well. I presume the Yanks produced the alternative spelling of 9A? Typical. Time to start doing vegies for lunch. Look back later.

  15. Finished, with a little help from here, thanks.
    Thought I’d do the side quest and googled list of pokemon.
    Haha, there’s over 700 of them. No thanks.

  16. Thanks Christian, guess it’s like Minefield?

    Wanting AndyW to post the coordinates of the first letter of each Pokémon diagonal he’s found. And any other finds!

  17. 4 diagonals one in each quadrant. 14a is the other horizontal. All three, four or five letters except for the most famous one which is on a diagonal in NE

  18. Christian, don’t you mean NW? Anyhow, it helped me with a small correction to an intersecting down clue.

  19. I only found 2 ! Totally stuck in the NE corner and hints for 5A haven’t helped. What are we looking for in 6D and 10A?

  20. All out, but I cannot see how answer to 9A is derived from the clue. Any hints?

  21. Ann

    re 10A see my post @ 8:44 am.

    6D Definition is 1st word; “key” gives letters 1-3; “breaching” is an anagrind!

    10A Definition is “part of entrée”; loudly” is a homophone indicator for “dispatched by chopper?”. hint: Inspect “entrée” very closely!

  22. Down to final four. Hint for 11A would be most helpful, also missing 2, 3D, & 10A.

  23. @CrypticNoob. Thanks. All is clear now. I stopped at pastrami. Got hung up on ridiculous as an anagrind for the rest of the answer. Have a good weekend, everyone.

  24. @Arthur C. 2D. Another term for tea gives 1-3. Chest backwards gives 4-6. It’s a biblical chest/vessel.

  25. Arthur C. 11A Sleepyhead gives first letter. Prepared gives the rest. Think athletes.

  26. All out now except a couple in NE. Hints above have not yet caused penny to drop. Also, I have no idea how my answer for 17D, which fits the definition and cross words, satisfies the clue.

  27. DaveR, 17D – “Freely”=anagrind, read the 3rd word as 2 separate words…

  28. Thanks Bob (1313), I had, somewhere, seen that word. On the other one, stronger might fit, but seems totally unrelated to clue. Will call it quits there, getting down to a few leaves me happy.

  29. Enough Pokemons already. I will desert DA if he uses Pokemon names cryptically or in answers.
    I enjoyed 24A and its bringing back happy memories of classroom games 60 years ago.

  30. Arthur C. re 3D, & 10A

    re. 3D Definition is “concerning the stones” [no, not “The Stones”]; “drunk” letters 1-3; “boozed noise” [“… from drunk”] letters 4-6.

    re 10A see my post at 12:27

  31. Can’t locate three of the four diagonal Pokémon (those of 3 to 5 letters). Have the main longer one in NW corner, but Pokémon’s not my field of interest. If there’s anyone willing to put me out of my misery could they send me grid refs for the starting letter of each – in format (Row Number, Column Number).

    Email to: not.email.using.person@gmail.com

    Many thanks!

  32. Finally, my childhood spent playing on my Game Boy pays off! Not the trickiest offering from DA, but still plenty enjoyable.

  33. After several weeks of relative success (for me), I find myself completely flummoxed by today’s puzzle. I have a few answers in the top LH corner but that’s all. Sadly all the hints and comments above haven’t helped. Time to concede defeat on this one and wait for the answers. Sorry to sound negative.

  34. Well, I did finally get it all in and correct, thanks to a couple of hints above. didn’t worry trying to find Pokemons, no interest in them.

  35. Finally got it all out – half last night and half this morning. You were right andyw – I didn’t need to know anything about Pokémon to complete the grid and I haven’t bothered looking for them. It’s been a good weekend overall – I even won the Naked Man competition this week!

  36. If the top left hand corner is 1,1 and the bottom right is 15,15 then the following squares hold the first letter of the eight Pokemon.
    2,1 (7 letters)
    4,15 (4 letters)
    8,5 (4 letters)
    9,3 (3 letters)
    12,13 (3 letters)
    14,9 (5 letters)
    15,1 (4 letters)
    15,8 (5 letters)

  37. @PeterW:- I’m not sure what you think is at 12,13… try 7,6 (6 letters) instead.

  38. I suspect I’m way too late, but …
    I can’t see a Pokemon at 12,13; but I think there is a 6 letters one at 7,6.
    And, (a belated) thanks to all on this website for assistance provided that allowed me to get them all out, and understand most.
    But, I still can’t parse 14 A (aside from seeing that the 1st word = definition)

  39. LJ re 14A

    I had a response for you, but my browser crashed and wiped it as I was about to send.

    This should be enough for you though: the “Bible book” is an OT prophet, and occupies 1-2,4-6.
    A synonym for “showdown” occupies 7-10, & “recorded initially” is “in” position 3.

    Follow the link in my post immediately prior to yours for a completed grid with the Pokémon highlighted.


  40. Thanks Celia – had a feeling that 14A was something like that, but not sure I like 7-10 for showdown.

  41. Have just completed my first ever DA after many years of trying.
    Almost gave up with two to go, but finally cracked it . Yay for me!!
    I really liked 10 across.

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