DA Confusion for the 12th of August, 2016

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA fun times.

45 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 12th of August, 2016

  1. Top half done, but slow going. BTW did anyone else realise last Friday was International Beer Day?

  2. You did Andyw! That explains DA on the 5th.
    Have completed today’s but I admit with the help of a tool or two. eg 21A which I’d never heard of. Don’t think I would have got the Spoonerism in 3D without the crossers although I had the right def in mind. Speaking of defs, there are a few whacky ones today, both in the def itself and the wordplay. Still a couple to parse.

  3. Ah, now can see 1A. It was the first clue that came to me from the letter count and the def, but didn’t put it in until last ‘cos I couldn’t parse it.

  4. All finished bar 3D and 12A. Must look for definition of hipster? Is 3D an actual composer’s name? Most of the rest no trouble, though don’t understand how clue spells out all of 26A.

  5. All out, all understood.

    Liked some of the shorter mostly-punny clues today: 5D, 8A, 12A, 15A, 17A. And not-so-short but still punny 16D.

    Took ages on easy 9A because misunderstood role of “pounds”.

    Happy solving everyone!

  6. Arthur C. re 26A, 3D, 12A

    Don’t wish to give two much away here:

    For 26A “firm” gives letters 3-8; “prepped side” 1-2,12-13; will leave the rest to you!

    For 3D think of the old rhyme about the spider & the fly;

    For 12A “leaves” is a noun, not a verb!

  7. Arthur , yes 3D one half of the Spoonerism is an actual composer’s name.

  8. Oh dear, it was 17A , not 12A I didn’t have. Ta Celia re 26A, I eventually saw that. May leave it at that, no idea of the composer. Hopefully back next week.

  9. Dave R:

    20D – Defn = “open for all to here”. Now “open” salon” and “dude”.

    24D – 6 letter word for “side” – with last 3 removed (“lacked spirit”). Defn = “Hurt”.

  10. Thanks, Ray. I was thinking “open dude” gave the final letter and couldn’t parse the rest. Hadn’t thought of “open” that way. For 24 I hadn’t got past “side” meaning “team” – must be the effect of the. Olympics.

  11. All out. Enjoyed the puns, 8A in particular. 21A was a new word for me, and 23A is a wonderful word from yesteryear.

    @ Celia. Regarding the typo, if only I had done the same for 14D, I would have had it solved in a flash.

    Have a good weekend, everyone.

  12. Dom (1106), that doesn’t seem possible, as i have an O at 4. I’m aware of an opera singer with that name, can’t see any connection. Must be my stupidity, I guess.

  13. But whereas I can find a domestic for 3D, I cannot Spoonerise it into anything sensible, so giving it away.

  14. Arthur, the split for the Spoonerism comes between 7 and 8. You have to juggle the pronounciation of the composer a bit.

  15. @Arthur C. 3D is a little difficult apart from the Spoonerism because the name of the composer is an almost but not exact rhyme for the first seven letters. As someone else said, think about the spider and the fly poem for first element of the answer. Once you get that, the second element should be easy, and the spoonerism will reveal itself.

  16. Arthur C. re 3D
    Maaaaaaaaaaate, I emailed you the Spoonerised version at 8:37 this morning! Check your email! Have you seen the film Death In Venice, perchance?

    Won’t you come into my (cough cough) said the spider to the fly?

  17. All out today over three hours with the Olympic swimming on in the background. I had to use a word finder though for 21A and 23A – hadn’t heard of either of them and I think 21A is a bit of a stretch now I know what it means! So good to be able to get it out this week after last week’s debacle.

  18. Going reasonably well but still some distance to go. Stuck on 11D (among others). Is it an anagram? Will not having a mobile hamper my ability to solve this?

  19. 11D is a simple 5,6 charade, GeoffD. Tablets and many computers have the same facility!

  20. Oh yes, I win the stupidity prize. I did eventually see 3D, I had the wrong ending on my domestic.

  21. Thanks for your help Gil. I did eventually work it out. (No tablet or mobile but my car has one of them)

  22. For 21a ,Shakespeare uses it in a marvellous speech by Ulysses in “Troilus and Cressida “act 1 scene 3

  23. SPOILER ALERT (it’s Sunday arvo). 14a has the word ‘in’ in the clue. So it can’t be ‘path’.
    – ‘tanh’ works better – if that is a mathematical course ?? (course as in path). ?

  24. Elwyn: He probably made it up!

    I don’t know if anyone is still in the room, but just in case… What’s the deal with Saturday’s cryptic? Do they all take turns? This Saturday’s has a DA flavour.

  25. Carol “DS” under crossword bottom left every Saturday is David Sutton, not to be confused with David Stickley who compiles the occasional Giant. “LR” & “RM” alternate on Mondays (I think 4 weeks off four weeks on) whilst Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays each have their own unique compiler!

    I agree re the DA flavour of Saturday’s cryptic, but that for the week before was a walk in the park!

  26. Thanks Celia – I never noticed the initials at the bottom before. I wonder why they are put in a different place on Saturday.
    NS on Thursday is my least favourite, I have to say.

  27. @Celia I’ve been doing the Omega in the SMH every 5 weeks since 2000.

    You can also find a weekly cryptic, called The Stickler Weekly (now up to number 141), with clue help and worked solutions at stickler.com.au

    There’s something about the name David and cryptics which I can’t explain.


    David Stickley

  28. I want to put in a plug for David Stickley. Loved The Stickler .. his cryptics, beautifully and fairly clued. And then the Tele gave him the chop and put in a robot.

  29. Hi,
    Try as I might I can’t get there with 13a. Could I get some assistance please. Thank you,

  30. Grant,

    13A – “say” = homophone indicator.


    “Spotted” –> “saw” – sounds like “sau”.
    “sea bird” –> “tern” – sounds like “terne”.

    Defn = “(in the) drink” –> SAUTERNE.

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