DA Confusion for the 5th of August, 2016

Discombobulate your mind. Here.

51 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 5th of August, 2016

  1. Enjoying today’s puzzle, it has a lot of references to my other favourite hobby.?

  2. My hobby’s doing crosswords but I can’t get access to today’s replica in the SMH. Maybe I should check my bank account.

  3. Found it. Got 21 and I know I’m not going to enjoy the rest. Grumble grumble. Better have a coffee.

  4. Done now. Still need to work out some word plays in the SE corner.

  5. Now I’m really cross! 7D really!! Today’s offering is very gender-biased I feel. Hope DA makes up for it next week with a theme of chai-sipping netballers. Or maybe a googlathon on the Matildas members. But that would be equally uninteresting.
    Sorry Andyw. Not intending to spoil your, or anyone else’s, fun. Just doesn’t appeal to me.

  6. I thought every answer today would include letters RIO! Haven’t solved anything yet, just starting.

  7. Five to go: 1D (think I know but can’t find appropriate 21D to suit), 8D, 14A, 19A, 20D. Very gentle non-spoiler hints are welcome!

    For a while thought 8D might have been the place whose product made it famous (and made a loser out of the guy who wrote the song), but 12A final letter killed that idea.

  8. If I have 21D correct, I think I might just bin the puzzle, not interested in picking national varieties from list of hundreds. Not my scene anyway.

  9. Andyw re 20D

    Despite your hint, I cannot fathom the wordplay here, can’t see anything “starry” about it. I think “pass up” gives 1-3, & the remainder is the 21D, but can’t find a 21D to match that remainder.

  10. And for those not familiar with Japanese, that variety translates to ‘Morning sun’. So, I’m doing better than expected, eighteen in so far.

  11. Celia @ 740.
    20D: “Pass” (Not “Pass up”) gives letter 1.
    Apply the “up” to Andyw’s “starry”.

  12. Thanks Brian re 20D, that’s the answer I had but couldn’t tie to the clue; I’d “upped” the wrong component!

    So, all done, all understood. Happy solving, everybody!

  13. Sorry, just realised I should have put that comment in the other forum… meanwhile, if 1A is as Arthur C says, then I must have 2D wrong.

  14. An enjoyable theme today even though I don’t care for, or know much about, the product. I’m glad that 20D has been explained as I had an answer but couldn’t see why. I liked 13D and 13A/5D.

  15. I still don’t get 20D. Celia says first letter is given by ‘Pass’ but I can’t find any abbreviation etc. that gives the required letter. Is it from contract bridge?
    I too enjoyed 13A/5D for the way it used the theme.

  16. The Belgian 20D refers to is a brand, not really a 21D.
    Liked 14A today.

  17. After a four hour break, returning, only seven to get. The 13-5 would be most helpful, even 7 or 8D but can’t see anything more at the moment. So NE corner is the problem. Will continue looking.

  18. 13-15 First word is an anagram second is brand of themed answers.
    Think walkers

  19. So frustrated today – just cannot get the theme despite the many clues above. Just a few of the non-themed clues out so far. What am I missing?

  20. Late start today. Bottom half out quickly, but stuck with six to go. Not very familiar with the foreign 21Ds. Is the landmine in 3D a three-letter acronym? And is 13A a breed of dog?

  21. It’s OK, I’ve worked out 13/5. Clever treatment of the anagram. Still no further with 3, 7 & 8 down and 14A.

  22. June</b) @ 2:46 (and anyone else scratching their head)
    The "themed" clues each have a wordplay component belonging to a class defined by the theme key 21D. 15D's wordplay is a little bit convoluted, but two of its three cross letters are from simple anagrams, and one from a double definition. Once you place the "bishop" as letter 1, the answer should become obvious, if you've correctly solved 22A 27A & 28A.

    The point to note is that none of the 21D themed clues actually belong to the class defined by 21D, but each has a wordplay component that does.

  23. Dave R @ 3:13 for 3D & 8D

    3D UK 21D 1-2, 8-9; “storing … in” container/inclusion indicator; land 3; defn last two words.

    8D Definition “top designers” (n.b. a red herring); trendy 5-6; “to visit” container/inclusion indicator; balance is a 21D

  24. Thanks, Celia. Hadn’t heard of the 21D in 3D and “good conditions” seems inadequate as a definition. I also have a gripe about the definition in 14A; There is a big difference between “throw light onto” and “shine”.

  25. All out, but I cannot see how answer to 11A is derived from the clue. Any hints? I usually enjoy the challenge, but today’s DA was a bit too arcane for me. I prefer it when the clues are self-contained. On the upside, I know more about 21D now.

  26. Rob B re 11A
    definition: “aboriginal”
    “backing” reversal indicator, for …
    “press largely” a 4-letter word for press, truncated to 3 letters, 5,4,3
    “fine” 2,1

    Dave R re 14A
    something that 14A’s “throws light on” something else, doesn’t it? Cryptic crosswords are meant to be fun, sometimes the definition component will be something different to what we would expect in a non-cryptic, don’t be so serious!

  27. @Celia. Thanks. I see it now. Great explanation. Have a good weekend.

  28. Hello fellow trippers.
    I began attempting D.A’s cryptics a few years ago. I have made some progress and now I look forward to Fridays to see what he has in store.
    Some weeks are better than others, sometimes I cannot work out the clue even when I have the answer.
    I enjoyed today’s crossword and I have almost got it out, I have three to go. And then I will go and have something from a 21 across.
    I am wondering what is acceptable in the way of assistance? I reckon purists would not use any help. But I am curious to see if anyone uses dictionary’s, thesaurus, anagram solvers etc.??
    Cheers, Andre

  29. Finally worked out he theme – thank you Celia and Black Pen. However, like a few others I’m not really interested in trying to work all the foreign varieties, so I think I’ll give the rest a miss. Pity though – I so look forward to DA each week. Maybe next week…

  30. Andre What aids you use are up to you. As you become more confident with cryptics you will want to use these less. I used print & online dictionaries today to check answers deduced from wordplay. To check answers, not to solve, though have occasionally used an anagram solver.

    Regarding assistance to fellow Trippers, spoilers are best left to late in the day!


    – Celia

  31. @Andre. I try to solve them without using aids; however, today I used the internet a lot because of my lack of familiarity with 21D. Anagrams I solve by writing candidate letters in a new order, usually in a grid form (kinda like the Target puzzle on the puzzle page). It is amazing how many times the answer leaps out after doing this. Then there is always this site. For me it is the last resort, but what a lovely community resource it is. Is this cheating? No, it is learning and sharing.

    If Graham Richardson was/were a cryptic crossword fan, I am sure he would say “Whatever it takes”.

    Happy solving.

  32. Andre, I try to use as little help as possible, but occasionally resort to a thesaurus.

  33. Andre, it depends how much time I’ve got. With DA, I often resort to Crossword Solver fairly rapidly, to be honest, as otherwise it takes me too long and I’ve got other things to do. I’m only cheating myself and would rather get it out in a couple of hours than spend all day (literally) on it. Each to his own.

  34. V & A re 19A

    1. definition: “Buddhist towers”
    2. “left” deletion indicator; delete from a synonym for “hidden”. this will give you four letters that after the following step occupy 1-2,5-6
    3. “bottles” inclusion indicator
    what you need to delete or include are in the clue itself!

  35. Thanks all for your replies.
    I love the gotcha moment when the penny drops for a clue you have been pondering for ages.
    A small win in the overall battle with DA.
    Until next Friday…………

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