DA Confusion for the 29th of July, 2016

Have your confusions sorted out right here.

47 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 29th of July, 2016

  1. I found today’s DA quite tough to fully understand wordplays eg: 10A, 11A and others.
    12A was my pick for cleverest.

  2. Morning, fellow trippers!
    All out, all understood!

    Favourites: 12A, 17D, 18A, 27A, and 16D for its great red herring!

    Happy solving!

  3. Completed LHS quickly but struggling with the right hand side. 9d hint would help.

  4. Enjoyed this one. Started off with a couple of ‘write-ins’ but saw why later. DA being fair to provide a scaffold for the clues that needed a bit of head scratching before the aha moment and a few chuckles.
    Yes, 12A was DA trickery. My list of favs same as Celia’s. Also liked 14A , 22A.

  5. Was just going to post, and 9D as a favourite, and thought I’d better refresh,
    Andyw hard to say without giving it away, but it’s not a prophylactic.
    Will return, someone’s probably already given a hint.

  6. And the other definition is how DA might promote his books and radio shows.

  7. All done now. Thanks Gayle, it took a while for the penny to drop. Off to work now.

  8. Going along nicely, baffled by 2D. Only word that fits the letters I have is EPIDURALS> Ergo, something wrong. Maybe my 12A, only word that seemed possible doesn’t seem ‘wooden’. Or is that ‘woo den’? Yes, probably. So 2D still looks impossible.

  9. All out, reasonably quickly for me. I, too, liked 12A. For a change I didn’t come across any words I hadn’t heard of before.

  10. All out. 22A seems only mildly cryptic to my eyes. Should 20A be ‘in insufficient’ rather than just ‘insufficient’? 12A, as noted, a classic.

  11. Sorry Celia (0809), will try to be good. Have only three left to get, 22A,. 16 & 23D. ill keep looking.

  12. Have a word for 14D will let the other two go. Back next week, hopefully.

  13. Ian F

    22A “Revhead” letter 1; “speed” 3-6; “charge” 7-9; letter 2 directly from clue; definition is clue in toto!

    20A Clue is adequate as is: “coverage” is inclusion indicator for “insufficient press” which “cover[s]” “night limits”.

  14. All out, I think, but lacking an understanding of how the word play works for 1A, 10A, 2D and 23D.

  15. Dave R: 10A has heart of ‘sounds’ 4 – 5, integral to ‘tangled’ missing the first letter 1 – 3, 5 – 6.
    23D has ‘name’ 1 – 3, then ‘dwarf sweet potato’ 4 – 5.

  16. Dave R:
    1A – vigour = defn; cutting flower = abbreviated ‘flower’ (normal wordplay) 1-4; perilous = 5-10.
    2D. Following = defn; cheer also = defn all but for one letter explained in remainder of clue.

  17. Dave R

    23D “name” 1-3; “dwarf” truncation indicator acting on “sweet potato” letters 4-5

    1A “flower” is not a bloom; “cutting” is a truncation indicator acting on a 5-letter “flow-er” [Wikipedia lists five such] for letters 1-4; “perilous” gives letters 5-10.

    10A “sounds, at heart” letters 4-5; “tangled, first off” a 6-letter synonym for tangled, with its head lopped, letters 1-3, 6-7

    23D “name” 1-3; “dwarf sweet potato” 4-5; “name” is possibly serving DD in clue

  18. How is the answer to 13A derived from the clue? I just can’t see it. Thanks.

  19. Rob B
    13A “no more talk” letters 1,5 [“about” container indicator]; “contrary” reversal indicator of “thickness” letters 4-2; defn. “slender one”

  20. @Celia. I had the wrong answer. I’ve got the right one now, thanks to you. I totally see it. Great explanation. Thanks again. All done. Particularly liked 9D.

  21. All out in a couple of hours, which is pretty good for us! We were confused by the word plays for 2D and 10A, but thanks to Ian F and Dave R we now understand. Really enjoyed it today.

  22. G’day folks.
    Once again I am stuck on one last clue. 27Ac.
    I am pretty sure I’ve got the cross letters right.
    It must be easy as no-one has asked for help above!

  23. billyboyOZ

    I loved this clue 27A, it’s so elegant!
    Definition is “Newborn feast” but “Newborn feast” does DD as anagrind/anagrist for letters 3-7; “within” is container indicator; for “family: letters 1-2, 8-10.


    Happy solving everyone, ciao!

  24. Thanks Celia.
    Perhaps I couldn’t see it because I’m a ‘mere male’!
    I’m glad you stick around to help – you’ve solved it all long before I’ve even thought of getting out of bed.

  25. Celia – to avoid the DD on 27A, I think the whole clue might be an &lit, not just ‘newborn feast’? You could, after all, only get the solution ‘within family’.

  26. all out with help from Ann and Celia thanks, except for 17D. A gentle hint would be welcome

  27. Ian F You’re probably right there, except a “newborn feast” could possibly be delivered by an unrelated wet nurse – not “within family” – or am I just being picky?

    Carol as in “young oyster”? Couldn’t be new for “falling out”!

    All and sundry: feel free to investigate Celia’s DropBox collection of DA puzzles & solutions: click on blue “Celia” above for access.

    Nothwithstanding further discussions on &lit.clues etc, I really am outta here, buona sera!

  28. SB
    17D Godfrey Daniels, my little chickadee, a “comic” oft miscredited with “anyone who hates dogs and babies can’t be all bad” but who successfully made the transition from silent to sound!

    17D “plumbing” letters 1-2; “professions” letters 3-8

    Rumours of my departure have been greatly exaggerated. But I am going now

  29. A bit of pickiness:
    9A – Does anyone ever refer to using rubber, in this way, as “1,2,3,ting” 5-14?
    12A – Why ‘wooden’? They aren’t exclusively so, are they?
    And being REALLY picky:
    16D – In Australia we call them “1,E,3,O,4-9s”, as DA’s Macquarie would tell him. Resist the USAing of the world!

  30. Celia: Yes, young oyster. (I guess he could have gone with the shoe – although admit I’ve never heard it in the singular – or the past tense of expectorate as well!)

  31. Johnno re 12A

    Wooden = woo den. Woo = court, in a romantic sense. Den = room.

    Agree with you on the other two points.

  32. Only had a handful in and was just about to get a clue when I gambled for 18a. Things quickly fell into place after that

  33. Johnno2, re 9a if the rubber is an eraser, it does just that.
    Re 16d, how did the Brigadier develop into a word with an O in it? You might need to rethink it.

  34. Thanks, Adroit. Of course! I stupidly thought “place” was clueing “room”. Another “D’oh!” from me.
    AJ, I understand rubber meant eraser. My query (= beef) was whether anyone actually used that verb in the answer phrase. “Rub”, certainly; “take”, maybe, but that verb?
    And I wasn’t saying an O was missing – DA’s clue and answer match, and ‘my’ word’s 10 letters wouldn’t fit anyway. Rather, I was pointing out (= railing against) DA’s American usage for the things Charles de Gaulle (and Kingsford Smith, for example!) has, particularly as the Macquarie that DA relies on, on screen, prefers ‘my’ Aussie spelling.
    Again, differently put this time: Resist the USAfication of the world!

  35. Got the whole crossword out without coming here. It’s a miracle! Or a very easy DA.

  36. Late starter this week but very pleased with my (modest) effort. For months DA has been indecipherable, now merely inscrutable!

    Any help on word plays for 11A and 2D? Just can’t see them. Thanks!

    ps: Enjoyed 24A as well as the others mentioned.

  37. Cam 11A A = A. sporadic escort gives every other letter in escort = ECR. This is IN drag = tow. Definition is “was humbled”.

    2D definition is “following “. Cheer = encourage. Change captain (c) into a type of casual shirt.

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