DA Confusion for the 22nd of July, 2016

Have your confusions sorted out right here.

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  1. Morning, fellow trippers!

    Interesting theme today: once twigged to, should breeze through!

    Happy solving!

  2. Stuck on three in SW corner, but no assistance yet, please!

    Favourite clues 12A & 17A (though I’d eliminate leading word from 17A clue to make a little bit harder)

  3. Wow, Andyw and Celia. I’m finding it a bit slow going. Half done, and still some of those to parse fully. Just made another cuppa, see if that helps.
    I enjoyed 12A and 17A too.

  4. Similarly 8/16. Although I don’t think I would have got it without the crossers. Gotta pay attention to question marks.

  5. You’re right Celia. Never heard of 12A. What a word!! Got it from wordplay and your tip.

  6. V slow start this morning, only about five or six. Baffled by glamazon? A person, or a type? Cannot sort 1D with certainty. Three words, in two words?

  7. Thanks, Celia, I had decided I had it right, and I’m pretty sure I have the 9A/22A, so about a dozen in now.

  8. Don’t know if theme is the right word. More like a recurring trick or device.

  9. All filled in, but have to check some answers. Had never heard of 12A, for instance. Anyway, shopping to do. Someone mentioned theme, must look for one.

  10. Gayle, “recurring trick or device” = “theme”; doesn’t have to be universal.

    I’ll post to accompanying “DA” my brief summary of the theme.

  11. All done, if there is a theme it’s a bit patchy. Can kind of see a link between 2D/25A & 8D/16A, but that’s about it.
    Liked 27A.

  12. I, too, enjoyed the ‘theme’. Liked 8D/16A and 16D/16A.
    Can’t work out 12A, however, and not sure whether I have 4D correct (gives me the last word of the clue as a definition but can’t get the wordplay?).

  13. Ann, re 4D: “three points”- pretty clear and you have one in 1A
    “adjusted below inadequate”- not all of “below”, adjusted.
    Last word is definition.

  14. Does anyone have a pdf they can send me? The Age website is doing its routine bimonthly redirection to the new subscriber page.

    Much appreciated!

  15. We have it all out but are unsure about 12A, as we can’t Se the wordplay for 2-5. Any help?

  16. Just realised I haven’t finished, have at least one (24A- i was thinking Hogwarts, but nothing there)) wrong, possibly a couple more. but, enough for now, may look back later.

  17. Ben & Lynne re 12A
    “observe” gives letters 2-3
    “fighting” gives two short words (pattern 2,3) occupying letters 4-8

  18. Arthur C re 24A
    Rather convoluted this one
    Definition is “time-machine race”
    “Heard” homophone indicator
    “wizard” a synonym for wizard but with its head flipped (turn its first letter upside down!!!)
    the answer is a homophone differing from the above wizard in its first two letters only.
    It’s very likely you’ve read the book in which they appear!

  19. DA is contributing to extending my vocabulary, as usual – I didn’t know 12a, but what a useful word it is! My machine and my brain both suffer from this.
    I think I have 21d from the wordplay, but have never heard of the answer. Looking it up doesn’t exactly help with the definition, which I assume is the last word. Is this another example of my monumental ignorance, or should I just ask my grand-children next time I see them?

  20. Thanks, Black Pen. Once I worked out 4D there were few possibilities for 12A. Another new word!
    Mary: if I am correct the answer to 221D is ‘large’ and you are just as likely to know it as your grandchildren (1-3 bouncer, 4-5 by golly).

  21. Back after a few weeks to find I haven’t lost my touch. Mary, the definition for21D is the first word. My only query is about letters 4 – 7 of 7D and how they relate to the third and fourth words of the clue.

  22. Mary If you haven’t heard of 21D, you probably have the wrong answer.
    Definition is “Large”
    “bouncer” gives 1-3 [I would have chosen a different word, “bounder” is a more likely description, possibly a typo]
    “by golly” gives 4-5 (DA has used this exclamation a few times of late)

  23. Dave R re 7D
    “cockney pouch” gives letters 1,2,6-9 (a 7-letter word with its first letter removed)
    “raving mad” letters 3-5

  24. Can someone help with the parsing of 12A and 17A? I know what they are but am struggling to parse.
    Thanks in advance.
    Other than that all out and parsed. Fun.

  25. Jason
    re 12A See my post at 11:48 am

    re 17A “definition is “stuffed Oz traveller”; where would you find a 17A?

  26. Jason, for 17A the first 3 words are the definition (or possibly the whole clue is) and Oz doesn’t refer to Australia or Australian. For 12 A see Celia at 11:48
    Can anyone assist with parsing 26A and 27A?

  27. Thanks Ann, Dave and Celia. I ‘d assumed first two words together gave 1-3, and 4,5 was the third word. This gave me something that’s a Moshi Monster, hence the reference to the grandchildren!

  28. LJ, 26a first letter obvious, for the rest think of ‘distil’ as ‘turn into liquor’ and apply to ‘brand’.
    27a, 1-4 type of mushroom turned, 5-9 word for ‘turned’ without last two letters, around.

  29. Thanks Celia. I thought I’d got the ‘cockney pouch’ bit, but had a word which was one letter shorter that could also fit the meaning. Therefore I was looking at a four-letter word to put in the pouch, so to speak. Now that you’ve explained it, it’s obvious.

  30. Celia (1210), I had wrtiten in the wizard synonym originally, but then 16D ruled that out. Must google new answer. No, have never read a word of potter books.

  31. There was a theme?? I must have missed it! All out but needed help with 12A which I have never heard of, and had to use a word finder for 5D. Could someone explain the word play for that one please? Also even with Mary’s clue above I still don’t understand the word play for 26A. Otherwise an enjoyable few hours and so much better than last week’s!

  32. June, in 5D letters 1-6 are ‘file tree’ in reverse order and on 26A Mary is right but omitted the “how to” which means the answer includes a verb.

  33. June
    The theme: One word can sum up the theme, it starts with “A” & ends in “D” or “DS” if plural, there are 5 more letters in between, and the first word in each answer to the double-barreled clues ending in “?” can be classified as such!

    definition is “herb”
    “file” a 3-letter word for file; “tree” a 3-letter word for tree; “from the bottom” reverse the previous (so the file is letters 6-4, the tree is letters 3-1) then “acquiring forest’s ultimate” letter 7

  34. Had to come here for the one I couldn’t get, 12Ac. Thanks, as usual, for the great hints.
    The Great Man visits my local library next Wednesday!

  35. Celia. I’m puzzled as I can’t work out your word that sums up the theme. There is a term of art used quite often here but it has 6 letters between the A and D. Incidentally the A—D in 16D/6D is the second word? Cheers

  36. 1d is annoying me. The definition and “journo” were enough to get it. But I don’t understand the rest of the wordplay:, how “with high dreamy” gets you to 1-5.

    I liked this crossword. It was pitched at the edge of my abilities, which is why you all found it easy :)

  37. Mike, I’m guessing Celia meant 6 letters not 5. It’s kind of a ‘theme’, but more like the classic GEGS (9,4) clue, repeated regularly.

  38. Arthur, without giving too much away, try H G Wells, not J K Rowling.
    I agree that 26A is an outstanding clue, and one I didn’t get the parsing of till coming here. If one were being picky, the wordplay is far superior to the definition.

  39. Thank you Celia and Mike – I now understand 5D and I now also understand the “theme”, but if I have it right I wouldn’t really have considered it a theme – more simply a regular DA device.

    Despite all the discussion above and Jack calling it a thing of beauty I still don’t understand 26A beyond the definition. Are we far enough into the weekend now for someone to explain in detail
    how the rest of the clue relates to it?

  40. June: 26A: Tea place = Definition; 1 = C(opyright) = 1; “how to distil brand” = “how to turn the word ‘brand’ into ‘brandy’ ” = 3 letter word (2-4) + 1 letter (5). In other words, turn brand into brandy by simply supplementing the letter ‘y’.

  41. First time post, & first time ever completing a DA! Thanks to all for your clues, would never get there without them.
    Favs were 12A & 26A.
    Now for that glass of red :)

  42. Wow, Cam. If this was your first time and your favs were 12 and 26….. please come again!

  43. Theme is still fairly hard for me to grasp. I have everything out. But unsure of wordplay for several especially 9a and 26a. 12a was excellent as was 17a

  44. Mike & Ian F, yes, I can’t count, yes, 6 letters, A??????D! See my very early comment in “DA” (the parallel comments post site for this date).

  45. Sure will Gayle :)

    Thellodyr, the theme could be viewed as a “nesting” of clues, in that one of the (usually) two words of each solution implies an action on the other word(s), in the same manner that the original clue is structured.

    As Celia notes, the “action” word is defined as an A******D.

  46. Thank you Ian F – NOW I get 26A and yes, very clever! Even though I had the answer I just could not see the wordplay. Looking forward to next Friday already…

  47. Thelloydr re 9A: defn = “Glamazon”; 2nd word of answer = anagram of “leapt”; 1st word of answer is an anagrind for the 2nd word. So “theme” gives you 2 anas for the price of 1!

    Re 26A, refer IanF @ 5:10.

  48. If there’s anyone there still I’d appreciate an explanation of 27A’s clueing.
    And what niche of society knows 24A as a word? I’m certainly not in it!
    Re 12A, that’s another niche (very large, I do accept!) that I’m also not in, and never will be at my advanced age…

  49. Johnno2, 27A def = “She sees” as a noun; letters 1-4 = variety of “mushroom” reversed (“turned”), plural; 5-9 = syn for “turned” with last 2 letters missing (“mostly”), & reversed (“around”).

    I agree that 12A & 24A are fairly esoteric (for me at least), but DA looks to be challenging both ends of the age spectrum here!

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