DA Confusion for the 1st of July, 2016

Confused? Get things all sorted out right here.

56 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 1st of July, 2016

  1. Quickest DA for me ever. Just lucky was on the wavelength today.
    First in was 9A/11A. Sort of just flowed from there.

    Enjoy and good solving all.

  2. Ditto me, Ray, but 1D wordplay puzzling.

    Last out 1D after 1A. 2D,15D combo took a while before the penny dropped! Fave clue 4 ac.

  3. Am I misreading 1D. My thinking “what?” is indicating homophone. Maybe wrong.

  4. Finally back, after three Tripperless weeks. My cl;ever daughter changed me from Microsoft Edge to Firefox, problem fixed.
    Going well today so far, ten solved.

  5. 2/15’s a beauty. My favourite for today. Interesting indicator in 8. Lots of good surfaces too I thought .. very enjoyable crossie. A great distraction for this week/end, although over too soon.

  6. Sorted 1D: First “spot” the definition, a verb, a homophone (indicated by “what?”) of the second “spot,” a 4-letter noun!

  7. In trouble, as usual. I had a word for 1D, corresponding to ‘finger’, reading it as two word question. But reading above, it now seems unlikely. For 3D, I had a word which might mean concord, but if I have both of those correct, there is no word that fits 1A. Puzzled.

  8. Just come back from eight weeks in Europe and North Africa, so I’m freezing.
    All done, except I cant justify 23Ac and 20Do.
    Assistance please.

  9. Arthur C – welcome back. I don’t get your 1D but agree it sounds incorrect. I think your 3D sounds right.

    1A – is a doudle defn – defn 1 = “Rustle” – defn 2 = “with it”.

  10. BBOZ – sounds a great trip.

    23A – “One” = letter 1. “Apple” does double duty. Firstly “Apple centre” = letter 2. “binges on” gives letters 3,4,5. “its” refers to “Apple” as defn ie: “its own products”.

  11. Fairly easy today. 19a must have been easiest DA clue ever. (Big call I know)

  12. 20D – defn = “West Indian bat”. “died” = letter 5. “contacting” = positioner. “mixture” gives a 5 letter word, with first letter removed (“lead-free”) for letters 1,2,3,4.

  13. Ray (1004), I had DIGIT as 1D, seems it must be wrong. 1A, can’t think of a synonym for rustle in three letters (or any number), other than steal, as in cattle, so no wiser. Have another impossibility in NE corner also (8D), I remember Jim Laker well, but assume it isn’t him. Have another impossibility in 7D, can’t fathom 10A, so might just give it away, have done reasonably well, for me.

  14. Thanks Ray.
    Got it now. I had 20Do, but was wrong on 23Ac.
    I get to meet the great man soon as he is giving a talk at my local library.

  15. Arthur. Good to hear from you. On 1A ‘rustle’ is as in leaves and the answer is a word I think I last heard between 1943 and 1960. 8D try an Olympian . 7D another oldie from comics etc I think.

  16. Arthur C – DIGIT is not correct for 1D. Defn of 1D = “Spot”. And “what?” is a homophone indicator for another meaning of “spot” that sounds like the first.

    1A – “rustle” as in a noise.

    8D – as a start, “Bronco wingers tackled” gives letters 1,2,3,4.

    7D – “Wham” = defn. Think of 1960’s Batman TV show.

    10A – “Dance” gives a 3 letter word for 1,2,3. “quoted” is homophone indicator for a word that means “bar” for letters 4,5. Defn = “pick-up line”.

  17. Done much better today than last week. Really liked 6D&18D!

    Stuck on 3D, 10A, 13A and 13D…any gentle hints?

  18. Phoebe
    3D def=order..dispensing drugs= removing ‘e’s
    10A see above
    13A def = Lulu, sealed bottom = letter 1..might help with 13 D – def first 2 words

  19. I think they’ve all been very gentle with us all week. I’ve been feeling uncommonly clever at having finished every puzzle. Got DA finished before lunch but still can’t parse* 17D & 20D. Loved 13A, 23A & 9-11A. I was giddy for a Nina when the second row of spaces began to say something but I think it was fluke. Have a nice weekend, Trippers.

    Ray’s explained – thanks Ray!

  20. Enjoyed today’s, 13D was the last in for no reason except that occassional clue blindness I think we all get sometimes. Liked 2/15D & 6/18D.

  21. Thanks Celia. That last one is the sort of hint I far prefer to having all the parsing in front of me before I’ve done a bit more work.

  22. First line of an old hymn: ‘There’s a light upon the mountains’! So, in Sebastopol I eventually saw the words I needed in NE corner, I was trying to fit a BO in somewhere (broncos, wingers tackled), read it wrong, so only NW corner now, I note some hints above, must go back and look at them.

  23. Ta to Ray and Mike for hints regarding NW corner. Still looking at that, but happy to be down to last two.

  24. Eureka! Finally all in. Yes, I’d never have thought of 1A as synonym for rustle, but it does fit, so all well. 1D turns out to be word I entered early this morning, then removed.

  25. All out!
    Thanks for the help.
    I always feel a sense of achievement when I finish?

  26. With regard to the question that is the answer to 2, 15, actually many people are starting to wonder!

  27. Maybe 1A is a bit more feminine as I’d thought of a taffeta skirt. Also still used as slang in Scotland, at least by my nerdy spouse.

    Thanks for the nudge Andy ;)

  28. Feather 2/15 think of a widespread religion. The answer to a question that has an obvious answer.

  29. Thanks, Newcomer, but I must be a bit slow tonight! I can guess the last word but not the rest. Is it a well known expression? No, wait. Just saw it!

  30. All out yesterday but I didn’t understand 1A and 1D down until I read the explanations above. However, I still can’t work out the complete word play for 3D. I get the definition is “order”, and the significance of the last 4 letters ( with ‘e’ removed), but how do the first three letters work with the clue?

    Otherwise a delight after last week’s DA, which I couldn’t do at all!

  31. June if you’re still around. To pick up = to hear. Remove the same drug as you did from cash.

  32. Got the crossword out pretty quickly, but I’m stumped for a few of the wordplays: 8A, 13A, 1D, 13D and 20D.

  33. TT, I can probably use some spoilers this long after the day.

    First there is no 8A. If you mean 8D take the wingers from Bronco. I’m not really sure how “tackled ” means remove but that’s DA. Add an anagram (disguised ) of “Lakers ” and you get an Olympian – one I’d never heard of. I don’t really follow sport.

    13A definition is Lulu. Sealed bottom = D. Leaking = oozy.

    What” probably means “sounds like”. To spot something means to sight it; a spot – think picnic spot – is a site. A very weak clue in my opinion.

    13D definition is “loser’s mindset”.
    Belief in god = deism. It is “bored” by an exploit = feat.

    20D a mixture is an alloy. Remove the lead, as in leading letter. Add D for died and you get a West Indian cricket player that I’ve never heard of. As I said before, I’m not really into mindless pursuits lIke sport.

  34. Thanks, Adroit.

    For 8A, I meant 4A.

    For 20D, I was tricked by the “lead-free” which I thought was supposed to be “pb”. The mindless pursuiter in me knew Clive Lloyd the famous WI captain and batsman.

  35. And I agree 1D is shoddy at best. I thought of it just like you explained it, but was not willing to accept it on face value.

  36. Hi all,
    New to cryptic crosswords, inspired after watching the movie Wordplay on SBS. Fortunate to find this Web Site and at the moment I am enjoying mostly working backwards ie. looking at the answers first and working out some of the ingenious wordplay by DA. I get the Age each day and would like advice on which compiler/setter is best to start with for a complete novice like me.

  37. Hi MRI, NS on a Thursday is perhaps the most straight forward cryptic in the Age. I would rate DA & LR (who rotates on Mondays) as the hardest. Saturdays also hardish for me, but more time to devote to it! Good luck.

  38. Thank you feather, good timing. I look forward to tomorrow’s challenge.

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