4 thoughts on “DA for the 24th of June, 2016

  1. Proxy post by Celia: Arthur C. wishes everyone to know he’s still around, still doing the crossword, but for some reason has been unable to post to DATrippers forum.

  2. Another on behalf of Arthur C. Quote ‘Arthur C has been trying desperately for weeks to post here, but since he changed to Windows 10, no posts go in.’ It asks for User name, Password, and Website (which I don’t have). But when I post something, it stays for a few seconds, disappears, and I am taken back to top of page. Really frustrating. My old friends there will be wondering what has become of Arthur C.’

  3. I think I’ve sorted Arthur re where the problem lies.

    Re logging in from Windows 10, no, but I’m not using Microsoft Edge – try a different browser such as Firefox!

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