DA Confusion for the 17th of June, 2016

Don’t let confusion get the better of you. Have your questions answered right here.

30 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 17th of June, 2016

  1. 9D – Defn = “Mystery novelist” (but not quite as you may think). “bleeds heart” = letters 1,13. “to pen” = positioner. “page” gives 4 letter word for letters 2,3,5,6. “describing” = positioner. “new” = letter 4. “stray” gives 6 letter word for letters 7,8,9,10,11,12.

  2. All out, also! Damn irksome the multi-nested wordplay in 9D!

    Fave clue 3D 27A combo!

    Happy solving everyone! Ciao!

  3. All out, but I confess I had to resort to Google to find 9D. Enjoyed 7D when I finally worked it out.

  4. I picked up on 9D because someone had mentioned the answer to me recently, struggled a bit with the wordplay though. Particularly liked 20A today.

  5. All out, thanks to fellow solvers for 9A help. Not all understood however. Can’t properly parse 1A or 19D. Any and all help much appreciated!

  6. 1A – “I” gives letters 1,2. “exploit” gives letters 3,4,5. “Scrabble” = anagrind – “scores” = fodder for letters 10,8,7,6,9,11. “or” = letters 12,13. Defn = number-cruncher.

  7. 19D – Defn = “Hindu greeting”. “possibly” = anagrind. Fodder = “a” plus 3D, with last letter removed (“3-down reduction”).

  8. Lucy (and anyone else), Ray has posted wordplay for 9D @ 5:36 am. Think Italian Man-Booker nominee, this year! I’ll add, wordplay is fairly straightforward, if you can get 6-letter word for “stray” @ letters 7-12 you’re halfway home!

  9. Doing okay but really struggling with 3D,27A. Can’t even identify the definition! Any help please?

  10. Wordplay for 10A, please?

    And, DA…ahem…your athlete in 23A is surely of the FIELD type!

  11. Matt 26A every team has a 6-letter “charmer” (giant kangaroo, koala, wombat etc.). “Doff” its “cap” and you get a famous racecourse!

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