DA Confusion for the 3rd of June, 2016

Confused? Have your confusions sorted out here, with love.

53 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 3rd of June, 2016

  1. Finding this one tough.
    Stuck on last 2 in SE corner (17D and 28A).
    Also do not get 22A wordplay.
    Any help appreciated.

  2. All out, nothing too hard here, but scratching head over wordplays for 11A, 22A & 17D. Some gentle non-spoiler hints would be greatly appreciated!

    btw, loved the dodgy homophone in 27A!

  3. Ray, can only help with 28A. Defn is last two words. A 10-letter word for the euphemistic “working girl” encases the 5-letter answer.

  4. 3/4 at a great pace then slowed down in SE. All out now and a quick glance at Ray and Celia’s comments shows the same words gave me a few headscratches. Will go back and see if they’re the ones I still have to parse. Agree 27a was a chuckle.
    13 A was my last one in. Working on entirely different wordplay. Don’t think the def is really fair. Or is it a DA trick and it is to be read with a space?

  5. More on 17D: “Local gang” gives letters 1-2, 7-9

    Gayle, 13D defn is “an odd”, “maverick” is an anagrind for the anagrist of the next two words + one letter for “full”.

  6. Agree Celia, last word def in 17D, but am also stuck on wordplay . And for 22A.
    Thought def for 23D a bit off, but it is the vernacular.
    Today’s crossie favoured NSWelshpeople and Sydney siders. NW Sydney is a very big area. But I suppose like anything else that’s unknown, there’s always google.

  7. Yes, I got that Celia. Don’t like ‘an odd’ for the definition. Was wondering if it was a trick : a n odd

  8. Ah, got the gang now thanks Celia in 17 D. So letters 3-6 clue ‘beyond’, in the sense of less than, Hard to find a synonym, but thinking beer or milk.

  9. @ Ian, 24A, I see your point. Clothing but not wearing. The whole clue’s wrong anyway, because we all know from the standard of some of the Fairfax crosswords, DA doesn’t have a boss!! : )

  10. Down to last half-dozen, had right answer for 11A, couldn’t fathom clue. Ta to Ray. Only SW corner to fill in now.

  11. Stumped, five short. 21D would probably crack it. Busy day coming up, so will leave till later.

  12. Finally have nutted wordplay for 22A:
    “Papers written about” letters 2,1; “very” letters 3-4; “material, articulate [homophone indicator]” letters 5-8 [homophone of a 5-letter “material”]

    Ray, thank you, all is clear now! Happy solving everybody, bye for now!

  13. still here, responding to Arthur C.’s 21D: 9A gives letters 1-3; “cardinal” 4-6. Last word definition. Outta here!

  14. Ta Celia, had looked at din and row. OK now on that one, the rest should be easy.

  15. I hadn’t thought of ‘local’ that way either.
    Not too sure of 3D. Is ‘trim’ the definition?

  16. Ann – 3D – yes – “Trim” = defn. “sweetheart” gives letter 3. “clever” gives a 5 letter word, with last letter removed (“penniless”) for letters 1,2,4,5.

  17. Yes, Anne, 3D “trim”. Overly convoluted wordplay, too, for a 5-letter answer. DA should’ve taken the scissors to it!

  18. All out, but needed to read Ray at 7.57 to get word play for17D. Very tricky! Still not sure of word play for28A, assuming last two words of clue are def.

  19. 28A – thanks to Celia – a 10 letter word for “Working girl”, with letters 1,7,8,9,10 removed leaves answer. And yes, defn = “potato cake”.

    And this was a word I admit I did not know.

  20. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who wrestled with 22A
    Fave clues today 14A and 1D- an oldie but a goodie.

  21. Thanks Ray. It doesn’t seem adequate to use “encases”, which is a containment indicator, when the answer is no longer contained. The “containing” bits have to be guessed at.

  22. This one was tough. Some beauties in the SE corner, but the SW is a bit woolly. The homophone in 27 A is questionable and 23 D is wobbly.

  23. Ultimately filled in all squares, but two clues (at least), I can’t make sense of. 22A I have a synonym for rebels, but cannot see any connection at all to remainder of clue. For 13 down I have a prime number, for ‘maverick’ but again, no connection to remainder of clue. Could somebody please explain those two?

  24. For Jack (1703), I thought 27A was perfect. Synonym for correct, and something rain might have done if you were out camping.

  25. Sorry, just read Celia’s post at 0818, explains 22A. too clever and convoluted for me.

  26. Arthur C., 13 down is a perfect square, not prime. “maverick” is an anagrind for two words following it, + another letter for “full”. I suspect you have entered “nine” where a lesser number would fit!

  27. Enjoyed the easy ones and thanks Ray for the 17D wordplay. Maybe that’s what’s made me grumpy.

    OK a lot of the fun of DA’s crosswords is guessing the answer and working out the wordplay but I didn’t enjoy there being three cases of a single letter being clued (14A, 7D, 13D) by the first letter of a word especially as I can’t remember seeing the one used in 7D as an abbreviation before and that in 13D occurs as a single letter, I think, only within acronyms used in games.

  28. Mike, re cluing of single letters by first letter of a word:
    In a cryptic, these will be accepted abbreviations in some nomenclature. Your three examples, for example …
    7D fine: My Australian Concise Oxford lists “F” as an abbreviation for “Fine (pencil lead)”; it’s also a standard condition grading abbreviation, in numismatics for example (G VG F VF Unc);
    13D full: aren’t fuel gauge “empty” and “full” points often printed on the gauge as “E” & “F”?
    14A “v” for “verse”: a standard abbreviation … everywhere! My ACO lists many other “v” abbreviations … verso, verb, versus, very, velocity … and symbols volt, volume & Vanadium!

  29. Ta for the explanation, Celia. Yes, I had indeed put a nine, hadn’t picked that it was an anagram.

  30. I thought the definition of 13 down a bit weak. Is it anything to do with Maverick solitaire?

  31. Managed all but two after two days of head-scratching. Finally looked up the answers to 11A and 22A and had to come on here to understand the wordplays. I was so sure I had 11A for the longest time, but couldn’t get 2D or 3D with the letters I had for 11A. Not surprised I didn’t get it, and congrats to those of you who did – very clever!

  32. Managed to solve about three quarters this week which is pretty good for me. However, having looked up the answers I remain baffled about a few – 9A, 11A and 21D. Any explanations would be appreciated. I know there are already explanations of two on this site but I’m still lost.

  33. GeoffD: for 9A, periodical refers to every 2nd letter of the preceding words. That should help you with 21D.

  34. GeoffD – as Debbi describes ie: Defn = “Racket”. And then apply “periodical” to “iNtO hIpStEr”.
    11A – “strong” = BURLY. “lass, first..” gibes LBURY.
    21D – “9-across” gives 3 letter word for NOISE for letters 1,2,3. “cardinal” gives 3 letter word for letters 4,5,6. Defn = “cherished”.

  35. Thanks Debbi and Ray. I had no idea ‘periodical’ meant every second letter and was concentrating on ‘hipster’ literally. All makes sense now.

  36. Re 11A, by what convention does “lass” clue the letter L?
    Re 8D, what clues the 4th letter? (if it’s the 1,2,3 saying “4,5,6”, not happy! – and it would be “copies” not “copied” even if so)

    Ready, as usual, to say “D’oh!” on both!

  37. johnno2 – 11A – the clue actually says “lass, first” – that’s where the “L” comes from – and then “and foremost” moves to the front.
    8D – I read it is as you think (but obviously you don’t agree) “copied me” gives “I” and “DA” for letters 4,5,6.

  38. As I anticipated, Ray, that’s a “D’oh!”, then, for 11A. Thanks!
    8D remains a different matter altogether! Note to self (to I?): Move on, to Friday 10th June!

  39. Totally late to the party… Can I get help parsing 10A, 16A and 23D? I really struggled this week.

  40. Jason:
    10A – “Team” gives a 4 letter word for letters 1,2,3,4. “United” gives a 6 letter word with 4th letter removed (“wasting slick final”) for letters 5,6,7,8,9. Defn = “got dragged”.
    16A – Defn = “Bugs”. “laid-back” = reverse indicator. “Dad” gives a 5 letter word for letters 7,6,5,4,3. “cracking” = positioner. “wise” with last letter removed (“shortly”) gives letters 1,2,8.
    23D – Defn = “Lunatic”. “reviewed thus:” gives a 3 letter word for letters 1,2,3. “contrarily” = reverse indicator. “fine” gives 2 letters for letters 5,4.

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