A Themed AS Special

Already done with DA? No LR this Monday, so at a cryptic loss to start the week?

How about trying this themed AS?

Here is the printer-friendly version of the AS Special, which is in PDF format.

Feel free to regale, criticise or just plain ignore the crossword.

as-special-22-may-2016 (1)


NOTE: The answers to fifteen clues have a 23-across bent to them, including 23-across. Nevertheless, you should be able to solve the fifteen clues even without much familiarity with 23-across.

1. Moan and moan a whirlwind, or duel (4, 1, 4)
6. Until he answers, suppose that Albert leads (5)
9. Link info with insolent break (9)
10. About to redesign first Cheers menu (5)
11. Do damnations halve the take? (6)
12. Quiet concerning dead clergyman (7)
14. Australian city’s lecture theatre (4)
15. Poets for dancing in sodas (10)
18. Makes mayonnaise, say, to flagrantly misuse life (10)
20. Home states (4)
23. Portuguese neighbour drops a second, loses unexpectedly and takes critique to heart (7)
24. European organisation backed sound waterhole (6)
26. The faces of saucy erotica’s mad, bloody extract (5)
27. Face-value office purchasing shows frugality (9)
28. Axehead splits diners’ tables (5)
29. Gravity-like expanse’s energy sources (3, 6)

1. Complex computer’s principal form (9)
2. Fruit powder buff to be stripped of middling medal (7)
3. Pass wind through regular face cream leads to terrific effect (6)
4. Water as a priority (4)
5. Goes beyond six balls and gets out (10)
6. Hector had a nice large estate (8)
7. Syrian, Scandinavian and Brazilian women (7)
8. Alcohol ingredient envelops Georgia in a Roman farewell (5)
13. Time to annoy investigator tailing smug fungus finder (7, 3)
16. One doubled energy post zigzag, absolutely (5, 4)
17. Waves grandly to crazy suits holding Guy up (8)
19. Judges’ hesitation to inspire Lost in rewrite (7)
21. A throwback fish to reverse evolution’s fourth amphibian (7)
22. Sign in Hitchcock second after Stone (6)
23. Salt records mantra (5)
25. One revolutionary knight’s coloured band (4)

Here is the printer-friendly version of the AS Special, which is in PDF format.

Solutions are available here.

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