DA Confusion for the 8th of April, 2016

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46 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 8th of April, 2016

  1. Done and first in was 24D.

    Still don’t get first part of wordplay for 4D/27D.

  2. If I’m right for 16/6, which I’d only vaguely heard of and didn’t even know in what context until I looked it up, I haven’t got a hope of, and even less interest in, finishing today’s crossword. Just a tedious workout.

  3. No paper today. Sad. Celia Fate told me at one stage there is a site from which one can download today’s DA, but I have lost it. If anyone can help with that address, I would appreciate it.

  4. Once you know the ‘particular kind’ of 24D, it does make it easy to cheat. 29/1 is a steal for those in the know, and people like me who punched in 29. Get the wordplay in retrospect but don’t think I would have otherwise.

  5. Ray, look at that word “offer”. Break it up, maybe stick a hyphen in it

  6. Thanks Ian – yes – I did get there but it took me way to long to see the obvious.

  7. Arthur, & others, sorry no box above just bold blue “Celia” (click on & explore my DA Dropbox).

  8. Liked 26A, a new word for me.
    Don’t need to be a be a huge fan of 24D to get the answer, by the way, they are nothing too esoteric.

  9. Only 22A, 23D (have 3D this combo) & 30A outstanding, any hints?

    Also I think I’ve solved some of the 24Ds just from wordplay & didn’t register them as such.

  10. 22A – “Exposed affair” gives 4 letters, which are the fodder for the anagrind “in tatters”.

  11. 3D/23D – “Psycho” = anagrind. Fodder = “analyst” + “22A” – and “around November” gives 1 letter.

  12. 30A – “Declared” = homophone indicator. “fodder” gives a 3 letter word for sound of letters 1,2. “depleted” gives a 3 letter word for sound of letters 3,4.

  13. Ray, re 22A that was my first thought, but could see no definition and it didn’t fit the non-defined theme group! To me it seems a DAberration!

  14. Celia I thought we were not supposed to give answers….
    I really enjoy the hints and assistance but I like to struggle with the answers myself

  15. Celia – they are the 7 clues without defns. 13A is not one. 3 are A and 4 are D.

  16. Mjh I haven’t given answers anywhere here; Ray shared some wordplays when I asked for hints. Oops, 24 down accidentally, twice! Mi piace! But nowhere else!

  17. Ray, I’d overlooked a very obvious one when I scanned through. All sussed now!

    Happy solving, everyone!

  18. Got enough letters to realise fairly quickly what the ‘particular kind’ of 24 downs were, and got three of them, by being assisted with letters in solved words.
    But the genre is a closed book to me (no grandchildren!) so I quit.
    Could have finished it with all the advice above from the usual (delightful) suspects, but that would have been a bit self-defeating. Congrats to those who stayed the course.

  19. bbOZ, I’m with you! No knowledge of, or enthusiasm for, the genre, and there are enough of them to make solving the rest of the puzzle a grind (ana- or not!) I think just for once I prefer gardening.

  20. All out today. Like others here had 24d straight up. Upon getting the ‘kind’, 7 themers came out straight away. Nice to get a puzzle that favours the younger solvers for once!
    Celia i think mjh is referring to your comment which spoils the theme (@10:32)

  21. Finished but need help with wordplay for:
    4d/27d – assume “lengthy speech” gives letters 9 -14, but ??? derivation of letters 1 – 8;

  22. For all those who know what the theme is but gave up as they dont know enough of them – just google ‘Famous xxxxx xxxxx’. You get a nice little list at the top of the screen – and I think I found them all there.

  23. alaric:
    re 4d: offer as in someone who “offs”
    re 19d: defn = “hybrid language”. fodder = IN HIGH + “school extremely” (2 letters). Fluid is anagram signpost.

  24. Only 8 in (inc 24d) and having to come for clues. I’m finding it hard this week

  25. Back in from planting lots of bulbs, and the fresh air seems to have helped, but it was a really hard slog, which I didn’t enjoy much.
    12a was hardly a mate by the end of the play! And it didn’t help that I pronounce 14a differently. I’d never heard of 28a – just when I think I’m getting wise to DA’s Australian slang, he throws in some American for a change. (Likewise in the clue for 13a) Perhaps it’s just a disadvantage that I was brought up to speak proper!

  26. Is 30A one of the seven?
    13A is pretty clever.
    Never heard of 26A before.

  27. Jack – 30A – yes – see my earlier entries ie:

    8 Apr 2016 at 10:18 am

    30A – “Declared” = homophone indicator. “fodder” gives a 3 letter word for sound of letters 1,2. “depleted” gives a 3 letter word for sound of letters 3,4.

  28. Thanks Ray. I had the answer, but wasn’t sure whether that was a 24D.

  29. Ray
    I must say that I appreciate the fact that although you finish the thing before 6.00am you are still around nearly 12 hours later to help the stragglers – into which category I sometimes fit.

  30. Mjh your criticism of Celia is unwarranted. This is Her forum and She can do what She wants.

  31. Many thanks all. Help please with wordplays for:
    29A – letters 1-3 = diminished couple?
    8D – “any sound” = letters 5-8?
    16D/6A – “concert comeback” and more

  32. Mike 29A a couple are said to be an xxxx. Drop the last letter.

    8D about = RE (flipped); then sound out ANY for 5-6 (also flipped). Then put them under a word meaning LEAN.

    6A “in concert” gives a four letter word. Comeback means reverse it.

  33. Mike, sorry forgot the 16D bit. 26D is a type of xxxxx which, when restricted, gives letters 1-4. Violinists use it.

    Damage gives last four letters – think damage to a car.

  34. Many thanks Mort – so looking forward to getting rid of the viruses that have infected my body/mind and the computer.

  35. First completed DA (unassisted)! Perhaps one for younger folk but at least the theme was one that my kids could relate too. There’s hope yet in getting the family involved in my weekly cryptic ritual. Thanks to all on this forum whose hints have helped and encouraged me through many a DA

  36. If there’s anyone still there: I’m surprised I’m the only one (I think) to say “Naughty, naughty, naughty DA!” As clued, the sense of 24D’s answer is SPORTS. I hardly think the seven are sports! (though perhaps the current generation thinks so?!) I sensed this deception early, before getting any of the seven – hard to think of any three-word sports – but I was on the track of 24Ds of the CARD-board, not KEY-board variety (guess how old I am!) I knew 22A had to be what it was but couldn’t see how a sporting organisation could be a ‘sport’. 4/27D finally got me on the correct path, quickly then confirmed by 25/1A, and so another one finally done. Challenging! Fun!

  37. johnno2 – agree – the clue in 24D does use the word “sports” as the defn. But the answer is “games”.

    And in the “NB” it states “… 24-D of a particular kind,…”. And the 7 are all “games” “of a particular kind”. So to me it in literally correct.

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