DA Confusion for the 25th of March, 2016

Footy’s back, and so is another DA. Deconfusify yourself here.

55 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 25th of March, 2016

  1. I investigated how to add “like” buttons to comments just so I could like that comment.

    It required more than just setting an option, so I gave up. Nevertheless, this is officially the first comment on the DA Trippers that had me looking up how to add “like” buttons.

    TT, you should be proud of that.

  2. Hi, Peter I don’t think so, yet. The digital replica SMH is still posting Thursday 24 March as the most recent.

    In the meantime, I’m working on a e resource DATrippers might care to use, a DropBox store of all sorts of goodies: past puzzles, Excel puzzle grids for puzzles (including the current one), and who knows what else may be found there? Simply click on bold Celia above to check it out.

    Happy Easter everyone! And Happy Solving (once the dern thing arrives)!

  3. Amazingly, paper came this morning. Top half of puzzle (less 13A) done by 0700, some very easy ones. I could email grid to anyone who’d like it.

  4. Arthur, 13A, def = last two words, county = 4,5,6,7 hope this might helps

  5. Andyw, I wrote in the answer a few minutes ago, but I’ve only just seen the county! Slow.

  6. Hi Arthur C can you please tell us where to find the crossword – no paper here… or email please? :) Thanks!

  7. David, I can email, my paper was delivered before 0600 this morning, if you care to give address.

  8. Must go and get dressed, early service this morning. David, I hope that came through OK. Backi around 1030.

  9. Only 27A outstanding, I believe all cross letters are correct, and I have a possible answer defined by “hot little thing” (a word often used in mags or media programs aimed at teenage males): the “dope” would I presume be letters 3-5, but can’t fathom the rest. Any subtle hints as to wordplay?

  10. Thanks, Andyw, I was chasing a synonym of “ladettes”. I may have encountered that hot little thing in an article on its family members, but don’t recall the names of those included.

  11. Hi Arthur C,
    A Godsend so to speak. Could you please send me a copy? In Tasmania, apparently no Age on Good Friday…
    Much appreciated indeed.
    Thank you!

  12. Nebraska (1019), have sent grid, we just got home from church (appropriate sermon – final words fro,m the cross). Have finished all but SW corner, just starting on that.

  13. I may get into trouble with the drug squad, supplying people with their ‘fix’ for today, but after all, Easter is about giving!

  14. I really appreciate my local newsagency which delivered The Age, as usual, this morning.
    Found the top half quite straightforward, but was stuck on 17D (it just came to me). That just leaves 27A . I think I’m only missing letters 1, 3 and 7, but nothing seems to fit.
    Happy Easter everyone.

  15. Have only two to go, I think, 18D (is it a dictionary word?), and 27A, for which I only have letters 2, 4, 8.

  16. Finally finished, all very simple in the end. 27A came to me as I was settling down for a nap, which then made 18D easy, though I don’t understand the ‘condemn Barnum’ reference.

  17. 5A has me stumped and it’s making the NE corner impossible. Any hits for 5A please?

  18. CC, 5A Definition “regulars; “kind of” letters 2,3-5; “wearing” container indicator”; “shades” 1,6-8.

  19. 5A : “regulars” is the definition; “kind of” -> two words (1, 3); “wearing” is a containment indicator

  20. Have completed the left-hand half, but only a few answers on the right. Most baffled by 6D and 15D. Any help please?

  21. GeoffD Capital “P” Premier for 6D (non-NSW one);
    Without resorting to googling anything (only ever a last resort with cryptics), the wordplay for 15D is thus: “Way” letters 1-2; “I” letters 3-5; “spotted so-called” letters 6-9; so-called is homophone indicator, an animal known as “roof lizard”

  22. MJH and Geoff,

    6D: definition is “old premier”; flogged gives 1-4; balance is “couple” – think of it in verb form.

    7D works at 1A

  23. Celia, I finish da’s crossword any way I can
    I am obviously not as good at them as you
    Which is why I love this site!!!

  24. Mjh but you must try to understand the wordplay, because that can often help you get words you would otherwise not be able to google, or may not even know. And the wordplay serves to reinforce a correct answer and make you question a possibly-incorrect one! Glad you love the site, though!

  25. Thanks everyone! I should have got the Premier (concentrated too much on Vic and NSW), but had never heard of ‘roof lizard’. I was using the homophone “eye” for “I” so on the wrong track.

  26. I think I have answer for 24a but not sure how it applies to clue.

  27. Judith, 24A is a very sneaky definition as it is simply the last word of the clue.

  28. Judith – 24A – “A” gives letter 1. “tavern” gives letters 2,4,5. “ring” = letter 3. “primarily dumped” = letter 6. Defn = “on”.

  29. Alice, 27A: dope gives 4-6; the balance is a country which doesn’t sound hot. Definition is last three words.

  30. No wonder I couldn’t get 27A! I had the wrong answer for 22D. The question mark led me to put in “chili,” but I now see that is incorrect.

    I really like 24A.

  31. Finished but not understanding some.

    What’s the word “stuff” doing in 9a? Seems superfluous – I thought it meant put a word for stole inside a word for argued?

    How does 12a work?

    Didn’t get the Barnum ref in 18d although now googled.

    Not convinced by 23d/28a either – the apostrophe seems to invalidate the definition? Or maybe I’m just being too picky?!

  32. Julian – I believe the first 3 letters are given by “stole stuff,” i,e, the stuff from which stoles are made.

    12A definition is “steep;” limited stuff is “sate” with the last letter removed; you = letter 4 and cost = letters 5-8.

    I think you are strictly correct about 23/28, but this type of thing is often used by crossword setters.

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