DA Confusion for the 18th of March, 2016

Confused? Have your confusions sorted out right here.

47 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 18th of March, 2016

  1. Pretty standard DA I thought today, with normal “tricks”.

    Nothing amazing I thought – my pick as best was 16D.

  2. Good morning, Ray, good morning fellow trippers. Not yet started (been arguing with my DropBox); think my print copy imminent so won’t waste time constructing a grid to work on in the interim. Happy solving!

  3. Yes, pretty good run through the NW and SE but couldn’t cross over the quadrants until I got 18 which was a lot simpler than I thought.
    Liked 14A 11D, 20D, 5A and 15A. Some of the surfaces were a bit ‘out there’ though.
    What was the private on when he was piling up bread in moving marijuana?
    Can anyone skim chives? And i don’t know why someone would want to hold bear manure, firm or otherwise.

  4. Loved the Republican movement in 26A, but 27A dead easy if you know your presidents!

    Aren’t there too many of 23 down for it to be a sect?

    Puzzled a wee bit by wordplay for 18A, 21A (DD?), 22A (wherefrom letters 4-6?), 24A (does first “moonshine” clue letters 1-3?)

  5. Celia,

    18A – “Comedian” = letters 1,8,9,10,11,12. That help?
    21A – Yes – DD.
    22A – “uncovering warm” = 1,2. “winter conditions” = 3,4,5,6 and 7,8,9.
    24A – yes – as in rubbish, prattle etc.

  6. Thanks Ray, I’d onlu half uncovered “warm” in 22A.
    18A as in “he’s a total …”? Don’t understand “outstanding” part, though, presumably “outstanding, getting in”, how does that clue 2-7?

  7. I read as “outstanding” as a container / positioner for the word for “Comedian” going around the word for “getting”. Then defn is “in a lather”.

  8. My favourite clue here, by the way, was 4 down. Very clever pun, DA! Happy solving, Trippers, ciao!

  9. in your quick crossword today your 17d clue should have been “Chubby boys…” as the answer: cherubim, is in the plural. Compare seraph – seraphim.

  10. Fairfx problems and I cannot access SMH & DA. Can anyone send PDF copy?

  11. Janna Hilbrink – I have the answer for 17D in the Quick Crossword as “AMORETTO”

  12. Ray

    I am glad to read that 16D was your favourite clue, but I need it to start the only quarter I cant solve.
    Help, please

  13. 16D – defn = “Obscure”. “test” = 1,2. “note” = 3,4. “very” = 5,6. “nice” = 7.8.

  14. I don’t quite understand the wordplay for 1,6,7,8 of 5A – any advice?

  15. All out bar 21A. Only body part that fits the cross letters is a long way from the finger. Not sure of the word play for11D or 17D.

  16. Belated appearance, got paper early, had solved a dozen by 0700, NW & Se corners very easy, except took a while to solve the anagram in 27A. Added a couple more whilst awaiting a blood test,, thereafter nothing. Still twelve short, No prospects. Is there a reference t a ‘wandering deity’ in 14A. That would give me a raised canal? Time for nap, I think, it has been a very busy morning.

  17. Thank you Bill. I had the wrong kind of flight support. This is also why I couldn’t get 21A. While I’m here, could someone explain the last part of the clue for 19D?

  18. Dave R, I see what I call a ‘lift-out’ in 19D. But don’t understand the T-R-A-I-N, unless it is just there to indicate the lift-out.
    Still baffled by 14A and 18A. Is the latter a person’s name?

  19. Thanks, Ray & Celia. I tried to solve an anagram for 14A, but failed. Will look again. I see now I must have 15D wrong, I had Idea House, seemed OK, but doesn’t fit with the 18A indicated. Must look again.

  20. Now have 14 & 18A, having sorted out 15D, an unfamiliar term. Now only five left, in NE corner.

  21. 26A and 27A were interesting people, but they could get trumped this year.

    I had a thought regarding 18A. Sometimes when a comedian desires to say a particular four-letter word, he will say 18A in order not to appear rude.

  22. Almost! You need CURRENT for letters 1-2 and ditch your letters 3-4! Definition is “techno” and it’s definitely hideous!

  23. Is 10A a Korean food item? If so, my 6D is wrong, I have an E as second letter for 10A. If my 6D is correct, I need only 7D and 10A to finish.

  24. Point (in brief) = 1, 6, 7, 8.
    Engrossing = container indicator
    Summit = 2, 3, 4, 5.

    Definition “Bravely express (point)”

  25. 18a – Where does the comedian come into things? (I tend to use this every other day because I am lazy)

  26. A comedian, or just a very funny person, might be described as a 1, 8,9,10,11,12.

  27. Arthur C, Dame Judi Dench played the title character in this film about a woman who’d had her baby taken away from her shortly after its birth.
    “Shot” anagrind; “plain home” anagrist; definition: “biopic in 2014”.

  28. Arthur, 7D requires you to “top” one 5-letter word (“throw off top”) for 1-4 and “tail” another (“one foot from grave”) for 5-8

  29. OK, finally al;l sorted out. But the Korean dish is not a single vegetable, i believe. But I had used Phenomena for 6D, hence my problem. All complete now.

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