DA Confusion for the 11th of March, 2016

I’ll be womadelaiding while you fine people solve another great DA.

Deconfusify yourselves.

75 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 11th of March, 2016

  1. Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary [10 March 1956-10 March 2016] for Arthur C., and all best wishes for many more!

  2. Oh no – DA has just tweeted
    ‘So my last few #crosswords have been too easy? You may regret saying that. #nyuknyuk’

    Everybody just has to STOP SAYING THEY ARE EASY :-).

  3. Did anyone else see the recent DA tribute in popular culture? Maybe you’re all too hifalutin here to watch the relevant program, which was “Wanted” on Channel 7. The two leading characters are on the run, driving. Bridget (aka Chelsea) is in the passenger seat. She gets out a cryptic and starts enthusing about them; it’s rural NSW, so possibly she has the SMH. She talks about a clue (the answer to which is fairly clearly AURAL; I don’t remember the details but “gold” was the start of the clue) and tries to be convincing about how much fun cryptics are in general. She is doing Saturday’s, but just as the conversation ends she volunteers something along the lines of “but don’t try Friday’s, that’s really difficult” …

  4. The two mammals I’ve found so far … 26A & 20D … have lost their tails. Can’t find any indication as to why!

  5. Can’t say, Celia.
    The NE went in first for me. Never heard of the newspaper in the key 5D. Not surprising though after I looked it up.

  6. No, missed that IG. But had a similar experience in the Goulburn Club (for the history) on NYE. Husband saw waitstaff pouring over a DA in a quiet moment and we all ended up exchanging clues. I put them on to Trippers. Anyone out there from Goulburn?

  7. Slowed up on the LHS until the penny dropped in 1D. Zip indeed! Should have got that. DA’s done it before. snortle, chortle.
    Quite liked the device in today’s crossie. A pretty good game I thought. As well , some good clues. .. 23 A and 16A my favourites.

  8. Hello Ray. Was going to shout out, thought you might have been poorly lately.
    Yeah, 17’s another goodie. 1D was a bit ….. and 20A might be a little un PC.

  9. Does anyone know why we’ve gone back to this format? Did our host AS announce it when I missed a couple of weeks? I prefer the posting in sequence, even though I’ve used the option to reply to individual posts today.

  10. Another limitation, only one reply permitted it seems. Can’t respond to Celia’s POURING at 6.15 AM … except to say, double entendre intended. :)

  11. Thanks, Celia, 60th went well, my three children together for first time in 32 years. Good start to today’s puzzle, NE corner a breeze. But from comments above, the rest may be harder.

  12. In today’s iPad edition of The Age, I can’t get the DA Cryptic Crossword. The app crashes anytime I try to see the cryptic. (I can get the Quick crossword.) Has anyone else had this problem? (The highlight of the week – denied!)

  13. @Robyn. Yes, same problem for me. I had to get on me bike and get a dead tree edition. Most annoying

  14. Thank you, Ian. I’ll have to follow you to the newsagent! (It helps to know that it’s not just my iPad & me, so I appreciate your feedback. Enjoy DA.)

  15. correction:
    Re 5D the “extinct newspaper” gives letters 1,4; definition is “endangered language.”

  16. iPad edition not working for me either :( no breakfast crossword today – will have to wait until I get to work to photocopy my colleague’s paper. Gah. Think I can remember how to use a pen, if only I can find one…

  17. After quickly working out 9A and 3D, I thought the answer 5D was obvious although I had no idea of the wordplay: hints above haven’t helped much!
    Was stuck in the SW corner for some time before realizing 26A was not Frodo (couldn’t figure the ‘d’ anyway).
    I’m always pleased when I can fill in an answer to every clue and I really enjoyed today.
    Pleased to hear the 60th went well, Arthur C.

  18. Clearly I should have googled what I had confidently entered for 5D. All is now clear.

  19. Arthur C, belated congratulations to you and Margaret. The reunion must have been a great joy – that is a very long time between family drinks.

    Travelling OK at this stage, E side done. Stoutly resisting Celia’s animal invitation.

  20. Hate to seem pedantic, but wasn’t 16A the low flyer? His son was the high-flyer…

  21. Also don’t get wordplay for 22A, but I’m guessing it’s one of the 16 themed clues

  22. 23A: letters 1,2,3,7,8: famous 1960s designer. Letter 4: Ford’s unlimate. Letters 5,6 are themed

    17D: theme is letters 1-6. Letters 7,8 = ‘performing’

    1A: theme is letters 1-5. Letters 6,7 = midterm.

    2D: not themed. Def = 1st word of clue. Answer is reversed within (“over some of it”) words 2-4 of clue.

  23. Thanks folks. Got all except the top left hand and still hadn’t got 5Do, so I came here in frustration. Now to get cracking on the last few clues.

  24. SB:

    22A Definition: “prompt”; “cardinal” gives 1-2,6; 3-5 is a 5D-ed fur bearing critter.

    23A Mini[skirt]-designer 1-3,7-8; “Ford’s ultimate” 4; 5-6 is a 5D-ed beast

    17D 5D-d beast letters 1-6; “performing” 7-8; definition: “venerated group”

  25. I had to raise a middle finger to DA’s gloating “#nyuknyuk”, but I haven’t identified the clues they belong to!

  26. Thanks to Ann and AG. Our son David was born in Alice to a part-aboriginal lady, youngest of ten. Since we located his surviving siblings, he has spent the last 32 years in SA aand the NT, except for a very short visit here four years ago. If there is anyone here old enough to have been a Sun reader in 1965 (11th Jan) his picture was on front page, with two little blond girls.
    Re today, haven’t worked out 5D, despite clues above, not sure my 1D is correct, in total ten or eleven missing. Almost pool time, so abandoning DA for the moment.

  27. Arthur
    I think you live in the boondocks. The extinct newspaper was a suburban rag.
    When I went to town on the train in the late afternoon there were always lots of copies littering the carriage; discarded by the home-coming workers. Always something to read, but no cryptic crossword!

  28. Yes IG, I caught the DA reference in “Wanted.” Like most of the story, it was done in a clunky way. I did liked the way they set up a second series with the phone call at the end, although I doubt that I would watch any more of it.

    There are some very good clues in today’s DA. I agree that 1D is bit “how’s your father”

  29. Arthur C’s not a 9-5-er, he and his wife Margaret celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary yesterday, both are in their mid-80s & even if they lived in an inner-city suburb could have remained totally unaware of a newspaper handed out to peak-hour commuters.

  30. All out, but unclear on wordplay for 21D.

    I also only count 15 animals so I assume there should be one in 21D but I don’t have one.

    Any hint?

  31. Indigo,

    21D is your number 16. “Coquette” gives a 5 letter word. “removed cap” removes first letter. “cartwheeling” indicates to reverse. And this gives letters 6,3,2,1. The 5D’d animal gives letters 4,5. Defn = “for the clan?”.h

  32. As is usually the case with themed puzzles I am having great difficulty. However I do have an answer to 9A, and like other posts above, the mammal has lost its tail. Is there any instruction anywhere to delete the last letter?
    (Also noted the DA reference in “Wanted”)
    Happy anniversary to Arthur and Margaret.

  33. Thanks Mort. I wondered if that was the case as I don’t have 5D yet, but I’ll keep working on it.

  34. Thanks to helpers above re the extinct newspaper, I have a vague memory there was one, no recollection of its title. 5A was easy, so have first letter of 5D, tried to fit IDO (language) in there, but the island language must be it.. Have only just got back to this, No 1 daughter has been going over the computer, installing literally dozens of updates I didn’t know were there. Will try Googling the newspaper thing. Have only five left to solve, 2, 3, 5D, 1, 9A. My 1D may still be wrong, don’t understand the clue. I hope it isn’t. Enough for today, I think. The old man is exhausted from all the celebrations, visitors, etc.

  35. Bill (10 Mar 16, 10:24 pm): Mea culpa, I was one of the alluders to “easy” the last 2 weeks (having been so surprised to complete them ‘on the day’). It was fun today, but 3 ‘on the day’ in a row now. I suspect today was “nyuknyuk’ and ‘NYUKNYUK’ is yet to come! And then ‘MBWAHAHAHA!’

    Anyone: I’d appreciate word play for second word in (unthemed) 28A and letters 1,2,3,4 in 28D (letters 5,6,7 are themed)

  36. Johnno

    28A second word is given by “I love” for 1,4 and “books” (think religious) for 2,3.

    Err umm, there is no 28D…

  37. Came back for a last look, looked to see how many 5D mammals I could find, with the grid almost completed. Only four! So, did tailless mean just last letter missing, as in MOUS? Or did tael imply a larger number of letters? I could add three to 10A to make a mammal. Is that the clue? I give up.

  38. AHA!. Just had a read above, and realised the tailless animal could be in the middle of the word. Silly me. Time to close down. Good evening all.

  39. Johnno, if you mean 20D then letter 1 is loud (music), letters 2-4 are the last 3 letters of a 4 letter word for assistant (“discovered”).

  40. Oops: 20D.
    Thanks re 28A. I should have thought of that ‘territory’ of that bigger Book!

  41. Can anyone give me a copy of today’s DA – my app isn’t working and I missed the link above.

  42. Yes, same for me and still not working. Had to screenshot the replica. Just a setback! (Unlike 16a which is one of the two I don’t yet have).

  43. All done by Sat night except for 16A. By counting, knew it couldn’t be one with a tailless mammal, so wordplay eventually got it. Struggled with 5D, but actually got that one after realizing that there were some unaccounted for letters in 23A, and what DA must mean by 5D mammals. Starting to worry that my brain is adapting to this crazy stuff! A really good one this week.

  44. That’s what I meant, Julian, and thank you! I did need that; I was thinking “loud” was a homophone indicator for “assistant”! Of course, that would have been “A-loud”. I retire for the night finally satisfied!

  45. ‘Snap’ to your second last sentence, Viv! But I justify it by thinking it’s keeping all those age-related degenerations at bay, and we’ll just go crazily happy into oldieness :-)

  46. Couldn’t have solved some without help from the Trippers !
    Thanks and happy (belated) anniversary to AC

  47. For a long time I stuffed my top left corner with 14 Across.

    Perfect = mouth = sound

    Which seemed sensible off the top of my head, but on further reflection… well, Puget Sound probably wasn’t the mouth of a Puget River.

  48. Got half way on Friday and came back to it this morning… All out, but can’t parse 4d. I’m short a mammal so I guess I’m missing something tricksy! Help appreciated.

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