DA Confusion for the 4th of March, 2016

Have your confusions sorted out, right about now, right about here.

59 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 4th of March, 2016

  1. Was out of town last week. Up at 4 this morning, but no paper and no online replica yet. Hope it’s not a doozie.

  2. Yes, I saw an apology on SMH site yesterday but none today. Don’t they know there’s a whole lot of Trippers out here not happy if we don’t get our Friday fix?

    I don’t mind a challenging puzzle that takes a couple of days. For me it’s not about how quickly I can finish it, but it’s more about going na na na na na to my work-dominated week, to be able to do DA on a Friday morning.

    Have been attempting a Guardian crossword of an evening to unwind, and they’ve had lots of IT glitches, but the Guardian cryptic bloggers get politely and creatively stuck into them and the Techos come on the blog and apologise!

  3. Yes, this is double-plus ungood, isn’t it? I also do the Guardian puzzle and also the Financial Times. The FT is never a problem (although sometimes a bit late) as they have a very simple solution: they provide a pdf. Not gimmicky but very effective.

  4. Incredibly easy one this morning, more than half finished already. What has happened in Sydney?

  5. Arthur, I think that many people (myself included) rely on the online version of the paper, which has been “broken” all week. Today’s crossword is not yet available online, hence the lack of comment.

  6. Not at home & replica only recently went live. Have a few out, but only just started.

    And Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary for Arthur C., next Thursday March 10.

  7. Too damn easy this week. Will come back later to check unreconciled wordplays. Happy solving everyone!

  8. Yep the only reason I subscribed was for DA rather than buy a $2:50 paper. Off to a shop I go…

  9. Chrissy you can get it from your subscription btw. Earlier this morning I couldnt see todays being there, before I moved forward and back a page and it just turned up

  10. Earlier start than usual, so I’m already nearly there. Still struggling with a few on the RH side, and I have an answer for 2D that fits the cross letters but seems to bear no relation to the clue.

  11. Just twigged to 2D. I was on the wrong track. I hadn’t played that game since the kids were young.

  12. Thanks Bill alas still no good on my old Vista, at least they have removed the “tech issue” apology. Cheers everyone

  13. Yes, much easier than usual, but cannot find 7d,8d or 16a. Any help appreciated.

  14. megse, I think the word “or” in the clue for 7D is a distraction. It would be better to have “and”. The answer is a rather old-fashioned abbreviation.

    With 8D, a synonym for “gulls” is needed at the beginning, but I’m not sure the one you need is serious enough.

    16A is the only one I haven’t worked out yet.

  15. I got the composer*, seal=1,2,3 (I’m guessing) I don’t get how 4,5,6 works.

    *he used a lot of Romany tunes.

  16. 11A/22A very appropriate for this weekend.
    Hadn’t heard of 5A before.
    Happy 60th wedding anniversary, Arthur.

  17. Now have composer. Thanks Kenneth. Need to put more thought into 8d, but thanks Dave R.

  18. Must have been the easiest DA I can remember, finished it without any hints from here (cos there were none!). Thanks, Celia, for the anniversary congrats. Our son is arriving down from Alice Springs today, got the date wrong.

  19. I have the obvious composer for 16A, fitting the cross letters (after being misled by what I had thought was a typical DAism. I am still, however, at a loss as to how the word play works.

    Double congratulations, Arthur, on completing the puzzle and on the forthcoming anniversary.

  20. Yes pretty straight forward today. Favorite wordplay was 28A.
    5A is very old fashioned.

  21. So you’d all heard of the answer to 5A? Because that was utterly new to me.

  22. I confess I had to look up 5A after I had worked it out from the word play. Thanks, Mort, for explaining the word play of 16A.

  23. Visiting here, as all finished except for 4D for which I have letters which allow an ocean, and nothing else. No-one else has mentioned it, so it must be obvious. Assistance please.
    Sorry to read of the hiccoughs for the SMH, or was it digital only, readers.

  24. bbOZ, it’s a related myth.

    All done here, but would appreciate explanations for 27a and 29a.

  25. Re: 4d Definition= The land down under. APRA court appeal finishes=letters 1-3. Those against=4-8

  26. 29a Definition: Bach Works. Very=Letters 1-2. Very wicked one rewound =letters 7-3

  27. AG – 27A is a 4-letter word for the controls (of a ship) with the first letter (methane’s middle letter) removed to give a tree.

    29A is Bach’s works, gained by a 2-letter word for “very” plus the reverse of a word for a wicked person.

  28. Re: 27a Tree=Definition. Controls is a 4 letters word, with Methanes essential reduced.

  29. Two weeks in a row quick(ish!) and unaided, with the usual quota of getting the word first then working out the wordplay (who doesn’t have to?!) It’s not me, so it must be DA, and I think we should be steeling ourselves for a doozy or two!
    By the way, is there any other alphabet and language that could have such a long phrase anagram into a description of itself as 11,22A? How lucky(?) we are to have to deal in English!

  30. I’d only heard of it in the original product form, not the nickname usage.

  31. Any hints for the 2nd word of 6D?
    And 19A?
    They are the only two I’m missing.

    And aren’t there one too many O’s in the anagram fodder for 2D?

    I found from yesterday I could get to the replica paper via the “Today’s paper” link on the front SMH site but my direct link to the Digital edition was still saying my subscription has expired (as it’s said all week). Really annoying and incredibly poor communication from Fairfax about the problem.

  32. Re: 19a For me this was really just 2 definitions. ie Definition=They help people see AND Definition=acquaintances

  33. For 6D I have an answer and can parse letters 3, 4, 5 (to help turnover) and 7, 8, 9 (paintings)… Any clue on the rest?

  34. Thanks, Bill and Jack. 29a I had another musical form, religious, of which Bach wrote several, though it did worry me that it is singular.

  35. Too many Os?
    I checked this again, as perhaps like some others, I had jumped at the answer as soon as I twigged that it was that children’s game and didn’t really analyse the wordplay until I saw your query. It took me some time to establish that there are not too many Os if you ‘unveil’ the word OUT.

  36. For any dinosaurs like me using an old windows platform, using the “Safari” browser works well with the newspaper replica and the crossword prints nicely. Remember to allow pop-ups. Now.. is this as easy as suggested?

  37. Helmeg

    Not sure what you mean by your question.
    The reference is to the Pied Piper of Hamelin where the children followed him when the town fathers refused to pay him for getting rid of the rats.

  38. Yes of course, but that doesn’t seem to be cryptic. Is there a wordplay or a second definition hidden in the clue?

  39. Cannot believe I got over halfway through, thinking it was going too well to be Friday, only to realise somehow the Age website loaded up the Thursday NS instead of the DA and that’s what was printed. I’ll have to dig in on Sunday. I’ve been on a mini vacation all on my lonesome this week.

  40. All done bar 5a,,8d I think the common letter is E put really stuck on 5a. Have on old word for sixpence but only the letter matches so far. I think the sozzled bum goes in the middle but how does it relate to a paramedic???

  41. Ok worked out 5a. Didn’t think the sixpence was a four letter word and that threw me. Haven’t heard of the product or the term (I prefer Rawleys man or beast)

  42. Helmeg

    You’re right. I am sorry I sounded as if I was pontificating. The clue is holistic/suggestive with no hidden wordplay. Perhaps ‘career’ with a ? helps us. He was a ‘musician’ and the kids followed him.
    Like most I am never here on a Saturday, but was looking for a response to something I’d posted.
    Happy solving

  43. AJ ,do you still need help with 8D? If so, “gulls” (as in a verb) gives 1-4. “Film segments” gives the rest (a movie may have many of these if the actors fluff their lines). The answer means “little money” and is an expression unknown to me, related to gambling.

  44. If anyone is still there, can I get Friday’s crossword online without a subscription? I was away on Friday and missed it. Devastating.

  45. SB, no, you need a subscription to get it online. You have to log in to a special area to view the digital version of the paper.

  46. Bah! Tuesday evening and I have only just worked out 2d, a game I had never heard of. I should swallow my pride and come here for help, I suppose, instead of cursing DA for including Australian games in order to fool us geriatric poms, then discovering it is an American game.

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