DA Confusion for the 26th of February, 2016

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  1. Morning, fellow trippers! Nothing too hard today, though some dodgy wordplay evident. Favourite clue 16 down (think popular culture). Loved use of “noted” in 9 across (there are only two “notes” used). Happy solving!

  2. Yes, Celia, I loved 9A, thatr’s about my level, very simple. Have nine in so far, mostly SE corner. Busy morning/day coming up, but will continue.

  3. Morning all, a bit cooler in Sydney this morn!!
    I have an answer for 1, 10 but does not fit with 2d….
    Any subtle suggestions?

  4. Mjh – I made the same mistake as you for 1,10A. Turns out there is another word for letters 1-4, think of another word for “went”

  5. Half done. Loved 20A and 17A. SE corner all complete, others scattered around. Must go and shop, doctor at 1010. Back later.

  6. I have managed to find an answer for most clues, but cannot finds anything that fits/makes sense for 7A or 23D.
    Celia: 16D is another I’m not sure about and I’ll need to wait to see what other hints are offered. I suspect that ‘Canterbury’ is giving me the first word.

  7. I have a life needing some concentrated attendance today; any wordplay queries before I go back to it?

  8. Ann, 16D correction, letters 6-9; “reported pencil-pusher” gives 1-5. Definition mildly red-herringed “nerdy journo”!

  9. Ann, re 23 down, a form of country line dancing encompasses the “scamper” of 23D.

    7 across does not start with “C”; 7 down uses an alternative non-Australian spelling for its “fruit”. Think sport/recreation for 7A d.d.

  10. Ann re 7D: Definition is a fruit. Letters 1,2,3 sound like a 4-letter word for “appear”. 5-letter word for short, “minus top”, gives letters 4,5,6,7

  11. I would never have spelt that fruit in 7D without a ‘c’ at the start. No wonder I couldn’t get 7A.

  12. Julie, 23 A’s an anagram defined by “old school fitting” with “sabotaged” the anagrind for the 10 letter anagrist preceding!

  13. Despite comments above, 9a is one of the few I haven’t got, even with cross letters. I have a mosque feature with notes for first and last letters. Not sure how you get the middle ones though.
    Also need hints for 11a, 6d, 20a and 21d.

  14. Sandy 11A is an old name for China banking a river, 6D “reflects” a campus/uni ; 20A think of someone who is quivered.

    My answer for 21D is lame – maybe there’s some great wordplay (as in 9A) that I’ve missed.

  15. Mike re 21D wordplay – look at the 2 words separately; definitions for each are given in the last 2 words of the clue

  16. Thanks Mike and Mr Bus. Got all but 6d and 11a now. Your clues didn’t help with those I am afraid Mike.

  17. Got 6d now. A bit more complex than reflected campus. Also had Don reflecting on leaving.

  18. Finished filling in while waiting for doctor, but need someone to explain the punt in 7A, and also don’t understand 27A. Most of the rest OK.

  19. Arthur, the punt in 7A is commonly used in certain football games, including Gridiron and Aussie Rules, I believe.

  20. Nearly there. Still struggling with 3D, 23D, 27A and 24D, hopefully the brain will get into gear after lunch to get me over the line

  21. Arthur, re 27A You’ve been to a library once or twice? Many use DDC the DC being Decimal Classification. The leading D represents a surname, a homophone of 27A.

  22. 5d Have the answer but not the parsing. Presume first word is the definition and can see a French connection but ???
    23A Again, presume I have the answer but one letter is wrong; does sabotage imply a change of one letter as well as indicating an anagram?

  23. Thank you, Celia, I had forgotten, haven’t been in a library for decades , but I do remember that one. Indigo, my 7A is something done with a firearm, can’t see the connection with punt.

  24. Alaric, 23a the first half of the answer is NOT a colour, if that is where you are at the moment.

  25. Alaric, 23A does not start with B; sabotaged is anagrind anagrist is “had bar lock”;

    23D is a 5-letter word meaning “scamper” with its “head lowered” meaning move the first letter down; the result is the plural of a not very well known water bird, could also be used in singular form for” a silly old b”

  26. Alaric for 5D read from bottom to top (“scaled” as in “climbed”) flake gives letters 7-4; sea 3-1

  27. Thanks Celia. Once you made me realise that 23A begins with a C, and not a B, it made 23D obvious.
    Now, I only need explanations of the wordplay for 5D and 16D to complete the puzzle.

  28. alaric & everyone else … the definition of 23D is “water birds” & the answer has no “R” or “W” in it

  29. All out 90 minutes and no help. I’ve never been close to that, so I’m inclined to think this was way up (down?) there with DA’s easiest? (apologies to those who disagree)
    Was only going to ask for wordplay help for the correct answer I had for 9A – i.e. how notED MOsque was ground – but now get it from Celia’s opening post and thereafter. Thanks! Dare I say it, “Doh me!” (also, where’s “Ray” this week!?)

  30. Thanks, Alaric (1049) ,I eventually went to the dictionary to discover my familiar spelling was second preference. But given i now have the fruit right, I see little connection between the punt and ‘charge’? Seems to be drawing a long bow, to me.

  31. OK Kenneth, (1052), I still think that a bit odd, but see what you are saying.

  32. Finished with hints on 16D. that corner was stuck until that fell into place. I’m glad you guys explained 9A because I didn’t get it and it read as a straight clue otherwise. A bit of google required for 11A. I also had the wrong 4-letter word for 1A but thankfully 2D was so easy and that could be corrected.

    I’m not sure about how we get 5D or 6D.

  33. Does anyone have a link to today’s DA please? Haven’t been able to get hold of one from our usual source…
    Many thanks

  34. Crypticrochet, Celia @ 11:04 for 5D
    6D “reflecting” a reversal indicator for “campus don”; “on leaving removes two letters; “campus” is a famous US one (not Harvard) giving letters 5 4 3 2; “don on leaving” gives letter 1

  35. All out today in about 2 hours, although I had to work backwards to understand the word play in several of them. The last two out were 20A and 21D which had me stumped for ages – couldn’t believe 20A was one of your favourites Arthur C. Am I right in thinking this week’s was a little easier than usual?

  36. feeling a bit chuffed…all out unassisted.First time in ages. I liked 26a because seals have pinched fish off my line in the past…the thought of revenge is sweet.

  37. I know it’s late but I thought this DA was at my speed. I am still a newbie. Thanks for the gentle hints.

  38. Hi all. I cannot get 22,13a. I have a famous old singer that fits all cross letters, but I don’t think it’s right as I cannot make any of the wordplay fit. My answer was a member of the rat pack. Thanks.

  39. David, the author Jonathan Swift was a dean at a church in Dublin – this may help you. I no longer have the crossword so cannot help with the second word as the Age digital edition is (AGAIN) not working.

  40. I also have a rat pack singer for 22,13A. (Often appeared inebriated when on TV). His surname is a variety of bird (swallow).

  41. Thanks Mort and Geoff. I had no idea about either the Swift or bird references. Now I can sleep soundly (till next week’s DA at least!)

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