DA Confusion for the 19th of February, 2016

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  1. Morning, fellow trippers. Just started, doesn’t seem too hard, most of bottom half done + 6 down.

    Imagining 28A/15A combo rendered with an Austrian/German accent may cause you some mirth. Haven’t heard the expression in its full form for donkey’s years, but abbreviated to first three words is very common.

    Happy solving!

  2. Yes, got almost all from wordplay. A nice workout. Have fallen short of 14A – gentle hint welcome.
    Haven’t yet figured out all of wordplay for 9D but not asking for hints at this stage. Too early and it”s easy to get from def and crossers. Spotted a few of DAs tricks and then fell for a couple that weren’t. Liked the Ozisms. Agree 16D was good. Liked 19A although slight quibble with def. And where’s the instruction in 18D referring to only part of 6D?

  3. 14A – 6 letter word for “fairly” with first 2 letters removed (“immune to corporate spin”) – with defn = “Nude painter of note”.

  4. Good morning, Trippers. Trippers? Has a fairly sinister connotation nowadays? For me, DA Wasters might be better, uses most of a day sometimes. Engine is running slowly now. March 10, 20 days away, marks 60 years for Margaret and i, if we survive till than.
    Have only five easy ones in so far, have to go and do some shopping, Back later.

  5. @ Celia at 6.41. I can see what you mean about the second word of 6D as anagrind going into 18D. But even though I’m okay with stretching the limits, I think that’s a bit ‘second word of 6D’ (of DA I mean, not you Celia).

  6. Maybe I need another coffee but getting picky now. I don’t think 14A is a fair clue. Obscure def, obscure (at least to Celia and me, solution) and dodgy instruction ‘immune’. The only thing i got was the corporate spin but it wasn’t there and I couldn’t work out what to do with it! :(

  7. Misplaced bracket, do need another coffee .. or go to work 28/15. Too much of 9 D – ing.

  8. Gayle, all’s fair in love and cryptic crosswords, but you could always express your displeasure directly to the compiler via inbox@davidastle.com or if you have a Twitter account @dontattempt Also Facebook probably (I don’t use).

  9. Gayle, re 28A/15A I posted a non-spoiling trigger hint @ 5:36 am & a non-spoiling pictorial one on my Twitter site (click on bolded Celia above to get there).

  10. It’s okay. DA drops in here from time to time. He’s probably grinning right now. Comments here are just friendly banter amongst fellow Trippers.

  11. Arthur: stick with it today. If I can get it all out you can too.
    16D was my favourite, too.
    14A was last in (thanks to Google) where, once again for a Friday morning, I learnt something new!

  12. Post Office, Pharmacy, Woolies, ALDI (checkout lass named Tara. I enquired if people asked her had she gone with the wind). Now, was that prescient or not? I still only have six, assuming my 1A guess is correct. time to get lunch now, sleep, pool. May be finished for today, but must read the posts above.

  13. All out bar 14A (despite Ray’s hint at 6.40). Not sure, however, of word play for 24A or 9D.

  14. Dave R – wordplays;

    24A – anagrind fodder = “Be … our ally”.

    9D – Defn = “Feel Restless”. “rap” gives 4 letter word for letters 1,2,3,4. “track essentially” = letter 5. “noticed” gives 4 letter word for letters 9,10,11,12. “boring” = positioner. “John” gives 3 letter word for letters 6,7,8. “Doe for starters” gives letter 13.

  15. Many thanks to you all for your help. I often read you when struggling with DA (most weeks, in some form or other). This week’s I found unusually easy – needed your help with 14a though.

  16. Still missing a few. A gentle hint for 5D would help – can only think of one possibility but it must be wrong – don’t get the wordplay, and it seems to make 11A and 12A impossible.

  17. SB – 5D – Defn = “duty-free”. “Draw” gives 5 letter word for letters 1,6,7,8,9. “clothing” = positioner. “cut” gives 3 letter word for letters 2,3,4. “by” (as in arithmetic – or timber – 4 by 2) gives letter 5.

  18. And this works for 11A and 12 A as 11A defn = “neighbour” and 12A defn = “thinker in part”.

    So both use that fairly rare letter if that is your concern.

  19. Once again, despite the experts finding this one very easy, I have found it nigh hopeleess. Got 9D, thanks to Ray but only have nine others.

  20. I hav all the bottom half but none of the top half?
    Any assistance would be gratefully received

  21. I’ve got 16D but am struggling to understand the last word of the clue. Any help here?

  22. Thanks Ray. All clear for 5D – great wordplay! even though I couldn’t see it. Now I can confidently work on the others with that troublesome letter

  23. I think 4D is a bit rough, although I have heard it used. Judi Dench used it in ” Philomena.”

    17D does not seem to be a perfect anagram. Does “hardly months” mean to drop a letter?

  24. Getting there – – still a few to go.

    Jack, “hardly” (not “hardly months”) means drop a letter.

  25. SB, in 21D, answer is “chestnut” metaphorically. Caught = Letter 1 ant rest is a shortened growth.

  26. Much has been made of 14A. It is a painter of whom I know nothing. Two letters have been taken from a word meaning fairly to arrive at his name.

  27. SB 21D defn = chestnut; caught gives letter 1, tree growth dropping last letter gives the other letters

  28. No one except me seems to have a problem with 1A. I have completed the puzzle and the answer is clear ie “landed belle” is the defn & the first 6 letters are given by “clears off” but the rest? To quote Ms Hanson: “Please explain”

  29. No progress , no hope. An 8D clue would possibly help, but I’ve virtually given up. Waste of $2.50 today.

  30. Arthur C – Most of 8D is an anagram of the second word of the clue with “hacking” as the anagrind. The answer is “perk” and there is some sort of relation to 5D.

  31. Arthur, 8d: 1, 10 are firewalls, within them is anag (hacking) of beginner, 11,12,13 = proper, def perk.

  32. Another long day but all out. Like most of you 14A was the last one in, and only after a long Google session. Never heard of him, and agree with Gayle that the clue was a bit of a stretch! Thanks Ray for the detailed dissection of 5D. I got the answer from the definition but could not see the wordplay. Many of you have named 16D as your favourite, but although I think I have it right I cannot see the wordplay, apart from the sailor reference.

    All in all, a satisfying Friday – the weekend awaits!

  33. June, 16D definition “tiresome”; “sailor” letters 2-3; “tucked into” positioner”; “divine” an 8-letter word but doctored by “NoG” to give letters 1, 4-9.

  34. Ta to Jack and Mary for explaining 8D. Might get a couple more before bedtime, but its time to do the dishes now.

  35. That really opened the floodgates, all filled in bar the painter. Mind needs rejuvenating, but at 86, its probably a bit late. Try and get back next week.

  36. Also not sure of the word play of 10a. I get the football reference, but not the rest.

  37. Sandy –
    3D – “South African brass” gives a 4 letter word for letters 1,2,3,4. “stripped? Some” gives letters 5,6. Defn = “chance!”.

    10A – Defn = “Continue”. “football” gives letters 1,2. “iN tOwN, joining regulars” gives letters 3,4,5.

  38. Thanks Ray. I think with 10athe ‘joining’ put me off. Surely if anything it should be ‘regulars joining’?
    Anyway, thanks for the help, not only to you Ray but to all the above that I read through to get me going over some tough ones, including 14a – whose ever heard of him?

  39. Thank you Celia for 16D explanation – I didn’t get the “nog” at all! Now I get it I agree – it’s clever.

  40. A general question to the experienced/knowlegeable: I get what it does, but what is the grammatical basis that “regular” means “every second (letter)” (either odd or even, too, it seems)?
    (And if there any other older supporters of Melbourne in the AFL, like me they might protest the shocking 24A adopted by Melbourne for colour television’s introduction having ANY comparison – even roughly – to its traditional and now re-adopted navy. But, as noted before, DA’s football roots are in 10A-type football!)

  41. johnno2 – great detailed question. Best I can do is by dictionary defn for “Regular” ie:

    evenly or uniformly arranged; symmetrical
    recurring at fixed times; periodic
    adhering to a rule or procedure; methodical
    observing fixed times or habits; habitual
    conforming to some accepted rule, discipline
    governed by one law throughout

    All of which seem to work for me.

  42. Excellent – thanks, Ray! The 1st and 2nd definitions set it up acceptably for me, too; the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th have then become true. And so I guess it also means DA and his colleagues are at liberty to clue this way for every third, fourth, etc, letter! Ouch.

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