DA Confusion for the 5th of February, 2016

Don’t let confusion reign supreme. Untangle the tangles with the aid of your fellow Trippers.

47 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 5th of February, 2016

  1. Some clues pleasantly easy, a few anagrams. But a busy day ahead, so may not get to it till mid afternoon. Nine in so far.

  2. Yes, even in the trickier constructions like 13D, 21A, 25A,, 22D, 6D, 24 A, 2A and 26A, which also require a bit of general knowledge, there is enough scaffolding to fill in the gaps.
    But my general knowledge fails me in 12A. Got the first word. and all the crossers. Was thinking AFL but have drawn a blank.

  3. Gayle – 12A – “fish” gives letters 5,6,7,8. “competitors” gives 9,10,11,12,13. Hope helps.

  4. Ahhh, thanks Ray. I was in that zone for my first guess for high flyer. Should have googled the first word. Didn’t know the fish, and the competitors I only got after your hint and punching in to a tool. The final letter threw me off. That’s one to DA.

  5. Good morning, fellow DATrippers!

    All done. Gayle, I totally loved the red-herringed 16D, and had a good chuckle once the proverbial dropped!

    Ray, thanks for hint on 12A: I had wrongly been barking up Spiderman’s family tree.

    And again Ray, your comment that 7D was the best clue helped me unearth its wordplay! More chuckles!

    Apparently there’s a sentence-by-sentence translation of Moby Dick into 14-acrosses!

    May come back later but many chores beckon, so … Happy solving everyone!

  6. Just started, 5 done ?????
    I love Friday mornings: sleep in then tackle da at my leisure with the Trusty Trippers on hand

  7. Back from doctor, morning tea, out again to Church luncheon soon. but have all but nine or ten. Picked a very prosaic QLD town, partly fits clue, (first five) but can’t sort remainder. Haven’t found composer yet. Back later in afternoon, I expect.

  8. … & again Arthur C. re 6D, once you discover your 2-letter “private”, the balance will just flow from your pencil!

  9. Hmmmm
    14 done so far
    Is 12a a sporting figure? Melbourne based? Hard for sydneysider who doesn’t follow footy sports…
    Also any hints for 6d pls, and 7 d
    Thank you??

  10. Mjh 12A is a space oddity! See Ray @ 6:45 am.
    7D I have to leave you the fun of working out the wordplay for this one yourself; definition is “late”

  11. I wouldn’t have found 12A without the helpful hints given above.
    However, that means I don’t know 1D as nothing seems to fit the letters I have.
    I’m sure 16D is correct, but can’t find anything to give me 25A. I’m not sure what I’m looking for there?
    Any suggestions?

  12. Top half almost in, thanks to many anagrams. Any guidance for 21A, 16D and 13D?

  13. 21A has definition ‘flower’ (but not the sort in your garden). ‘Open’ gives letters 1, 2, 3, 4. You may be able to get it from that.
    Given that I’m not able to get 25A I’m not sure my 16D and 13D are correct, so I’ll leave them for others to explain.

  14. Ann, for 25A, the “…” Join with 26A is in this case signifying a double-duty phrase, not just a run-on surface meaning. Relate the solution to a country that’s also a State. And like you I didn’t know 1D either – by that name – till I looked it up!

    Incidentally, I was misled for a while on 25A by an alternative for the definition that fitted the first and fifth letters, though there was no sense in the cryptic part.

    Wow, even with all the clues above, 12A is hard to track down if you haven’t heard of the answer.

  15. Billy B, see Arthur C at 8:51 above for 13D. 16D definition is a lovely misdirection in the last three words.

  16. First half of this went in like a dream, then it got slower.
    I’ve heard 12a speak, and read his book – a high flyer in many senses of the word, including musical.
    1d flummoxed me for a while as I only knew it as two words.
    Still haven’t twigged wordplay for 7d, which is galling when people say how good it is!

  17. It’s been a long day but all done (I think) except 16D and 25A. I am assuming I have 15A correct which gives me the first letter of 16D, but even using a word find I come up with words that just don’t seem to make sense in terms of the clue (except perhaps a table setter…?)

    If my only thought for 16D is correct, I still have no idea at all about 25A. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  18. June – OK – 25A will confirm your 16D (which I think sounds correct from above).

    So 25A – “Consumption” gives letters 1,2. “oddly culled villains” gives letters 3,4,5,6. “one” gives letter 7. Defn = “… …” “Euro capital”.

  19. June, have a look at da,s note re his travels and where he’s been
    That will give you 25a

  20. As for 16D – “Cryptic” = anagrind. Fodder = “setter” for letters 1,2,3,7,8,9. “struggle” gives a 3 letter word for letters 4,5,6. Defn = “setter’s option”.

  21. Celia Fate (0900 & 09220), I eventually saw 6D. Thanks for interpretation of my 13D. Only four to go. Just got back to it, after being out twice.

  22. And now one (or maybe two?). For 25A I have a trio of one vowel, plus commonest consonant. Wordfinder says ‘No words found’. But I’m happy to have found the rest.

  23. Thank you so much Ray and MjH – all out now. I had never heard of 25A – not very good at geography! I had 16D but couldn’t see the wordplay until you clarified it Ray. Thanks again –


  24. Thanks Ray, (1423), I had that answer, I just hadn’t analysed it properly. . I’ll look at DA’s travels if I can find them, otherwise 25A can stay unanswered.

  25. Ah yes, now I see. Old song: ‘Georgia on my mind”. CU next week, DV.

  26. Really struggling to feel I’ve finished this during a busy day after using web help on 13D and 25A. Thanks for the hints on 12A that I didn’t get.
    Yes, the misdirection is good in 16D but: I think “yearning” is an exaggeration in !A; 27A is (if I have the correct answer) a “letters 1-4 ” definition where the clue could have started with “Insignificant” or some such’; and, 1D should be two words 4,6.
    Worse still I am still stumped on the wordplay for:
    15A – letter 4-6 = “each love fading”??
    6D – letters 12-13 = “(endlessly) satisfied”. ??

    Illumination welcome!

  27. Mike,

    27A “Wilder” is a surname for someone whose first name is 27 across; the “pool” is biological.

    1A the surname of a famous comedian with a ski run nose, often found “bobbing” around with a famous crooner! A quite adequate synonym for “yearning”.

    6D “satisfied” in sense of “apt” “adequate” or “completed”, as 3-letter palindromic word truncated (“endlessly”) to two letters.

    I confess that 15 across wordplay has eluded me too.

  28. 15A – “Is” gives letters 2,3. “each” gives a 1 letter and 3 letter word, with middle letter of the 3 letter word removed (“love fading”) for letters 4,5,6. “in” = positioner. “expensive” gives a 4 letter word for letters 1,7,8,9. Defn = “split”.

  29. And following Celia, for 6D, letters 12,13, are you satisfied? Did you get it?

  30. Many thanks Celia and Ray.

    On 6D I am not satisfied although I “Did get it”. IA I got the answer but don’t like the “once yarning” as if the word formerly meant yearning.
    15A – thanks Ray.
    27A – Celia that’s even more obscure than 12A.

    I’m happier contemplating the wild pools I’ve enjoyed,


  31. Ray, re 15A, thanks for that, the clueing of those three letters is so typical DA! Time for me to split, though, other commitments are demanding my attention! Happy solving, everyone!

  32. Mike, read clue for 1 across thus, thus: “Bob on stage, once / yearning”.

    I’m outta here, ciao!

  33. If anyone’s still there, I’m still stuck on 1D and 12A and 21A (despite above hints), and 24A, and 22D. Gentle hints welcome.

  34. 1D: definition is meat. Most of us haven’t heard of the answer which some think should be 4,6. Letters 5 – 12 involve the last three words of the clue.
    12A: an astronaut.
    21A: flower but not the garden variety. Letters 1 – 5 mean ‘open’.
    24A: definition is ‘city’.Cockney demanding gives letters 2, 3, 4.
    22D: ‘ Surrealist’ is the definition. ‘2000 over area’ gives letters 1,2 and 4,5.
    Hope these are gentle enough.

  35. Ann – 22D – slight correction I think – “2000 over area” gives letters 1 and 4,5.
    “a” gives letter 2 – “head for figures” letter 3.

  36. Good stuff Ann. But on 22D your guidance covers letters 1, 4, and 5, with letters 2,3 being ‘:a head for figures’ .

  37. Thanks Ann and Ray. That was suitably gentle and now it’s all fallen into place. Til next week.

  38. Thanks all – I got a few then a few more at the pub last night but needed help to complete – especially two thousands not being MM.

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