2 thoughts on “DA Reports for the 22nd of January, 2016

  1. Hi David

    My family and myself are desperate for an explanation of the Mongolian riddle :
    ‘4 geese under an anvil’. Narrowed down to udder and under but need to know why.?

  2. Hello Laurie
    Suggest you ask David over at his site davidastleDOTcom. You’ll find his email address and twitter account listed there.
    There’s also a link on this page if you scroll right down to the fourth link under Blogroll.
    DA sometimes drops in here but this site is generously hosted by AS et al for solvers of the Friday cryptic, and AS is in Oslo at the moment.

    When you find out, please come back here and let us know?!
    (I gifted myself Riddledom but haven’t got round to reading it yet.)

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