DA Confusion for the 1st of January, 2016

Don’t start 2016 in confusion. Work everything out here.

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  1. Happy New Year, fellow Trippers!

    About 2/3 completed so far but now stuck.

    But, a heads up on 21 across/2 down combo: I’ve not heard this expression since Dad won $1000 on a trifecta back in the late ’60s. I think that at the same time he also exclaimed, “You beauty!”

    Happy solving!

    – “Celia”

  2. Yes – HYE all.

    And the wordplay for 21A/2D is as “DA” as I can remember.

  3. Again, HNY. Starting my second last DA, as my subscription runs out on 12/1. Need someone to scan and email the puzzle thereafter. Sad if I have to leave ‘The Family’ altogether. Thanks to Celia for clue above.

  4. Thank you, Celia Fate. Will be in touch. I’m arguscomer@gmail.com Teacher at Melbourne Tech (now RMIT) dubbed me Argus in 1946, because of my mental arithmetic prowess.

  5. Have answers for 6 down and 15 across but uncertain about wordplay. Without spoilers if poss …
    6 down: is the “spot” Biblical, and the answer a portmanteau?
    15 across: anything to do with salary?
    Many thanks,

  6. 6D – no, not by my reckoning / understanding. “Spot” gives me letters 1,2,3,4.
    15A – again I don’t think so.

  7. Down to last nine, so doing well. Bothered by letters 6,7,8,10 of 5D. Can’t see how obvious answer fits clue. Also, is second word of 3D just a slang term, or a real word?

  8. 6D – I read as “Spot” gives letters 1,2,3,4. “side of arterial?!” = letter 5. Defn = “Spot by side of arterial”.
    15A – Defn = “DJs need”. “party” gives letters 1,2,8,9. “onset of delirious” = letter 3. “state?” = letters 4,5,6,7.

  9. 3D – real word.
    5D – 6,7,8,9,10 – homophone (“say”) of a word for “bit”.

  10. Ray, My parsing of 15 across:
    “DJs need”: definition
    “party” letters 1,2,8,9
    “to host”: inclusion indicator
    “onset of delirious”: letter 3
    “state”: letters 4-7

    and 6 down not biblical? Try Matthew 7 verse 3 (King James): “And why beholdest thou the XXXX that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?” [Some other versions use the word “speck”]

  11. Ray, as our parsings for 15 across match, I fail to see why you don’t think 15 across has anything to do with “salary”

  12. CF – re 15A – my 8th letter is “V” – not “G”. Does that explain the difference? Otherwise I am lost.

  13. Astounded, at times, by my own stupidity. 5D was really obvious, but I stumbled over it. Now only two to go, I think. Truly, a happy new year, DA.

  14. HNY everyone
    I have 7 so far….
    Thanks for above clue assist

    I shall keep trying I between gardening and buying weddingshoes and tie for my son getting married next Sunday ?

  15. HAPPY NEW YEAR All, here’s to a better time.

    A warning: 23d has a completely different clue in the printed and online forms of the paper. Same answer I think, but the online one refers to 16a when I believe it ought to refer to 24a.

    Really struggling this morning, despite a fairly quiet night.

  16. All out – but can anyone enlighten me as to when/how 23D is ‘part’ of 16A?

  17. Happy New Year to all.
    Andrew T: 23D is certainly related to 24A not 16A as you suggested.
    I have an answer for everything but I’m not sure of 4D?

  18. I think the error re 23 down referencing 16 across must be in The Age only: my SMH print & replica match (their covers don’t)! Also, I would hope that 23 down was not an ingredient of 16 across!

  19. Ann – 4D is a Double Defn – “Spent” (as in worn out) and “round” (as in bullet).

  20. > I think the error re 23 down referencing 16 across must be in The Age only

    I’m comparing the iPad online edition of the SMH with the replica of the printed edition that also comes in the iPad app. I don’t have an actual printed copy as well!

    All out now, thanks for the clues all. Have a great year!

  21. HNY to all.
    Thanks for clarification re 23D. I thought the reference to 16A was odd.
    I’m still stumped on wordplay for 14A – any help gratefully accepted?

  22. Happy New Year, fellow trippers. Going slowly today, still a few to get. I don’t understand the first part of the clue for28A. I am quite sure I have the answer, but it would have been the same if the clue started wit “overtake…”

  23. LJ – 14D – pretty clever. “Snap” has in a match – for instance cards. “cape” – read as “c ape”.

  24. My copy of the paper has the correct reference to 24a in 23d.
    I think DA may be attempting once again to extend my knowledge of Aussie slang – I’ve never come across anything that would fit my cross letters for 21,2d. Is the first word related to Professor Jimmy Edwards, by any chance?

  25. Dave R – 23D – “Kitchen wrapping” gives a 4 letter word, with 3rd letter moved to 4th (“duck below”).

  26. OK, I’ve got there now, with some googling (unsuccessful at first because I tried ‘f’ as the first letter of the third word!) Australians certainly have a way with words, and my education proceeds apace, thanks to DA. One of the first DA’s I attempted after arriving in Australia defeated me because it had ‘come the raw prawn’ in it. I nearly gave up there and then – glad I didn’t.
    Arthur, I hope you’ll find a way to stay with us, you’d be sorely missed.

  27. Thanks, Ray. I had the last letter as ‘below’ the kitchen wrapping; no wonder I couldn’t work it out.

  28. In14 D, I think the wordplay means to snap the word “Cape” and lead to element 6 + ape.

    Can someone please parse 27A and explain the first two words of 7 D?


  29. Thanks to some clever hints (Celia’s 1960s comment and Mary’s reference to Jimmy Edwards) I believe I have the answer to 21A/2D. However its connection to the wordplay eludes me completely. Can anyone help?
    Happy New Year to all.

  30. Thanks for that Mary (1125). I reluctantly decided to end my connection with the paper, then they published a letter of mine, first in 18 months! But when a well-known columnist referred to our ex-PM as ‘the mad monk’ I decided that was more than enough cause.

    I am still to work out 14D and 27A. May leave it at that. Pool table calls, my NY resolution is to beat the Village champ more often. I wonder what horrors the NY will bring forth.

  31. GeoffD – 21A / 2D – “Journo” gives letters 2,3,4,5. “in” = positioner. “pull” gives 3 letter word for letters 7,6,1 (“over” = reverse). “He” = letters 8,9. “do” gives 10,11,12,13,14,15. “honcho – ends” gives letters 17,16 (“up” = reverse). Defn = “beauty”.

  32. Jack:
    7D – “Dictator’s” = homophone indicator – of a word meaning “insignificant”.
    27A – Letters 1,2,3 come from a 4 letter word for “Still”, with last letter removed (“needing more”). “to change” gives 4 letter word for 4,5,6,7.

  33. Thanks Ray, the “cross-reference” is quite clever. I could not get the “still” aspect of the clue.

    On the matter of 21 A/2 D, we used this expression very much in my childhood. Barry Humphries also used it in his Barry McKenzie stories.

  34. > I could not get the “still” aspect of the clue.

    The fourth letter that’s been dropped is M.

    Happy new year, and new house, to you and your lady!

  35. Thanks Ray. It looks logical as you explain it but I’m fairly sure I’d never have worked it out

  36. I’ve got it, after five hours, rather than the usual 30 minutes it takes you lot.
    I have to request help here though because no-one above has justified 11a. Only one word is possible.
    To use a now-classic Australian quote – please explain.
    Arthur – I’ll ignore your email address above as that will inhibit me from harassing you when I read one of your Age letters with which I disagree – as happens from time to time. Have a great 2106 nevertheless.

    11a – please folks

  37. Got it!
    Looked up the Greek Pastry again, and it fell into place.
    Happy solving all and have a great 2016.

  38. Thanks Trippers, we were stuck on the word play for 14 down, so thanks for the enlightenment Ray.

  39. Arthur
    You might like to try the Guardian Crosswords on line. They’re good fun with varying degrees of difficulty. You need to use Google Chrome to get a clear version and you can print them. It’s free.

    Best wishes

  40. Joseph and Arthur,

    The Financial Times also has a free daily crossword. It’s generally slightly easier than the Guardian. Of course, both regularly have people and words that are UK-centric, like Belisha Beacon a couple of days ago. I do both each day as well as the Age and The Times (in The Australian newspaper, which does require a subscription), Of the four, I find The Times the most challenging.

    Here is the link to the free FT: http://www.ft.com/intl/life-arts/crossword

  41. A tough one today I felt – or too much food…? Happy New Year all


    11A: “whiz” is letters 1,5,6 “fed” by 2,3,4 (of which 24A is a variety)

  42. Wonderful! Did beat the Village champ four games out of five!
    billyboyOZ, ‘Letters’ is free to all. I’ve had hundreds printed,, quite a lot in the Age (24 in 1990). But editorial policy has turned too far left for my liking. Not likely to write there ever again.
    Joseph (1642), and Mort (1650), I’ve grown fond of this ‘family’ don’t really want to leave them, may just buy this paper on Fridays in future.

  43. Thanks Ray (9.02) Andrew’s comment was not there when I posted. No wonder I wasn”t able to make the connection!

  44. Best wishes to all for a peaceful and healthy 2016.
    Came to yesterday’s DA late but well worth the wait. Some beauties and no cricket or US TV references! The (US) state in 15 A eluded me. Lovely misdirection. Congrats and HNY to DA as well. Heard a long pleasant chat with him yesterday on ABC radio on way back home.

    Thanks Mort for Belisha Beacon! Had no idea. I don’t buy the Australian, but will do the crossword if I find a copy. Have fond memories of living in London in the 70’s when there was a silent code of charity …. leaving your discarded paper for others to take , and no shame in helping oneself on the tube station or in the street … kind people made sure they didn’t throw it deep in the bin. Early form of recycling. But then there were 2 or 3 editions a day.

    Others have mentioned above the Guardian’s free site, and the Australian newspaper for The Times cryptics. And for Trippers who enjoy collaborative solving and haven’t yet visited the sites, there’s the Guardian’s own cryptic crossword blog, and fifteensquared and the times for the times. A way to fill in the gap between Fridays.

  45. Delighted to discover I actually had it all right, oddly, 27A was almost last in, should have been first for me. Seven clues I don’t fully understand, some not at all, e.g,., 14D. Could someone explain please? And any of 3D, 24A, 21A2D, 15A.

  46. Arthur 14D read CAPE as C- APE, where C is a chemical symbol.
    3D parents are slangly called “the olds”; Trendy sounds like COOL.
    24A cross = span; a= A; floor = KO, as in Knock-out; bread is PITA.
    21A a journalist is a hack; pull-over is TOW reversed; he= HE; Do = diddle’ honcho ends = HO – this what not an expression that I knew.
    15A Inadequately split = HALVE, cut short; plus A.

  47. Thank you for that, Mort. As said, I had the right answers, an inadequate understanding of why. Back nexr week, I hope.

  48. Finally finished, thanks to much help here. I estimate five man-hours went into this!

    But I can’t quite parse 17a. The bits and pieces, yes, but not the order in which things appear.

  49. Gavin:
    17A – I read as “at base” doing double duty. Firstly, it applies to “picnic” to give letter 1. Then it positions the 4 letter synonym for “Roll” as letters 2,3,4,5. Defn = “basket”.

    16D – “second” as in “I second (support) the suggestion / statement etc” to give the last 4 letters.

    Hope helps.

  50. Thanks Trippers – and Happy New Year.
    I’ve been too busy moving out of my rented house to spend much time on the crossword.
    ‘Twas a fun DA, but I did need hints for a few. I liked the cross reference !

    Arthur, wasn’t he given that epithet long before he was PM ?
    I suspect our obsession with Mr Astle’s work unites and crosses a broad swathe of political spectra, so let’s just be cruciverbalists here !

  51. Thanks Ray. 16d now all sorted.

    I’m not pleased with double duty in 17a. Is that a trick I must expect in DA? Will I come to like it?

  52. @ Gavin,I don’t see it as double duty .REEL after C
    And yes, expect double duty tricks. DA said jokingly on radio interview on Friday that he gets death threats. I certainly hope not, It’s just a bit of fun. But his setting does polarise people. Enjoy the fun!

  53. @Gayle, but if it’s not double duty, whence cometh the C?

    If I spot a few more double duties, I suppose I will come to enjoy them.

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