The Grinch That Stole DA’s Chrissie Crossie

No DA for Christmas this year. And there was no LR on Monday.

All in all, a terrible week for cunning cruciverbalists, but hey, it’s Christmas. What’s to complain about, really?

Oh, and SMH peeps: I’m informed there will be a giant-sized cryptic-rich holiday crossword coming your way on the weekend as compensation for the lack of Friday fun.

5 thoughts on “The Grinch That Stole DA’s Chrissie Crossie

  1. I knew I wouldn’t get my paper delivered but I was hopeful on getting an electronic download version. App crashes out when I try. Looks like coal in the stocking then. Merry Christmas to all. This probably doesn’t bode well for next Friday either.

  2. Enjoyed DA’s anagrammed headlines of 2015 in the Giant of 26/12/15 with a nod to the solution:
    A few for non SMHers:

    22: SLING THE SNAKE OIL (vitriolic TV, June) (3,7,6)
    34: QI’S HEFTY PUNSTER (hosting headline, October) (7,3,5)
    36: ANCIENT INDECENT NOISE (judicial tension, April) (10,10)
    71: OH, ITS STEAMY HEADLINES (infidelity inferno, August) (3,6,7,4)
    74: A MINORITY IN RAGS (warfare flotsam, passim) (6,9)

    How does he see these? !
    The whole grid was pretty amazing, with the other cryptic clues and quick clues as well. I do find cricket clues a little overdone, and as usual I was let down by my ignorance of US TV and computer games, but fascinated to learn of the vast and varied work of Sir Richard Francis Burton.

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