2 thoughts on “DA Reports for 18th of December, 2015

  1. Dear Moderator(s)

    It matters neither way to me whether posts are threaded or not, however after the trial period threads would be preferable if individual threads related to one clue and its solution only. You could have ~30 threads & restrict them to individual clues. But unless it could be enforced somehow people will post outside those restrictions anyway; also the most recent post could be amongst a group posted early in the day, say, and could easily be missed. So for practical purposes, no threads please.

    But please bring back times of posting so we can cite previous relevant posts.

    There’s another matter I don’t wish to raise here. Could you email me so I can discuss it with you?

  2. Much prefer the non threaded posts so that it’s easier to follow the DAsolving without going back to the beginning of the thread and untangling it. It also keeps the collaborative spirit going which is what I like about Trippers, less opportunity for individual chats to develop, and maintains the slow reveal over Friday am, pm, and the rest of the weekend.

    Two examples in crossword world: The Guardian cryptic blog (threaded, seems to be an exclusive inner circle who chat with each other), and Fifteensquared, (unthreaded, no time stamping, just numbered in order of posting, much more accessible and egalitarian). I do like the time marking though for reference to others’ posts.

    Thanks AS and co for looking after this site for us.

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