DA Confusion for the 11th of December, 2015

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82 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 11th of December, 2015

  1. Thought 27A was good.
    13A also.
    11A is clever and typically DA.
    13D is a bit awkward / convoluted – but again typical DA.

  2. And do not get wordplay for 19D, assuming I have correct answer. Help appreciated.

  3. Off to a good start, eight I’m sure of, bothered by first two letters of 14A. The remainder fit clue, but those two?

  4. 22D – “Smoother” (noun) gives a 6 letter word, with a letter moved (“daughter skipped”) for a 5 letter word which can mean “more there?”.

  5. Thanks Ray (0633), I still can’t make a connection there. Will leave it for now.

  6. Used informally – As in “I will just be a tick” –> “I will just be a xx”

  7. Morning, fellow Trippers.

    Most out! 2 down, 6 across, 13 across remaining. No hints yet tho’ please.

    Loud guffaws re DA’s use of “salary?” in 11 across!

    It’s the time of year more of us are 13 down than usual!

  8. Ray, OK! Was thinking sign of approval. Happy now, though uncertain if my 12D, with a 16th century connection, s correct. If it is, I can’t sort the clue out, other than ‘Mysterious”.

  9. 16D – don’t get your 16th century connection.
    Defn = “Mysterious”. “list” gives a 5 letter word for letters 7,8,9,10,11. “cracking” = anagrind – fodder = “incurs” for letters 1,2,3,4,5,6. “foremost” = positioner.

  10. Re 12D, I had gone (incorrectly) for nostradamic which fitted with the only two ‘acrosses’ i had. I’ve now gone oriental, which much better fits the clue. have been out shopping, now put the oven on to bake some fish& chips for lunch. Only 9 1/2 clues solved, so a log way to go.

  11. Actually that was 12 1/2, but that might be the end of it. Thinking of changing papers in New Year, don’t much like The age anymore.

  12. Herb S, I’ve been wrestling with DA for a very log time. But the paper has changed in recent years, for the worse, I think. I had 24 letters in the paper in 1990. I find it impossible to get one in now. I haven’t changed my views, but …

  13. Had a hard time today – but it was a good party last night :-) Didn’t know 5D and ignorance of slang meant I was unsure of 4D and 17D until I googled.

    Still puzzling over wordplay for 10A – what is the connection of the 4 letters left after the anagram with “criminal” – just DA saying this clue is horrible?

    And 25A where I think it’s about taking the crooner out of a word – but it then seems to be an anagram with an extra two letters?

    BTW 3D should surely refer to karate, not judo?

  14. All out except for 20D. Cannot see the connection between “criminal” and letters 1, 2, 3 (or 8) & 9 of 10A, or am I on the wrong track?

  15. For 10A – “in” gives a word for letters 1,2,3,9. “criminal” = anagrind. Fodder = “rival” for letters 4,5,6,7,8. Defn = “Gallant”.

  16. 20D – all a homophone (indicated by “say”) of “can/vessel” and meaning “Coin” (as in “coin a phrase”).

  17. 10a Galant
    Criminal (anagrind) RIVAL to give 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
    Breaking (container) IN (1, 2, 8, 9) which DA uses a lot wrt popularity or fashion.

    20d Coin (as a verb) is the meaning
    say (sounds like)
    words for CAN and VESSEL.

  18. Thanks Ray – good on DA for thie misdirection of including “breaking” as another apparent anagrind.

  19. Missed one query: why in 19D is it “ball-girl” rather than “ball-boy” which, in contrast, makes sense to me?. More slang?

  20. Not sure I get your question, but “ball-girl” – reversed (“over”) gave me letters 7,6,1

  21. As I just take defn = “Skimmed”. And “guarded” = positioner. And “lines” = letters 2,3,4,5.

  22. Really struggling this week. I can get nowhere with NW corner at all, and nobody else seems to have mentioned any of these clues. I got very frustrated with 23a, as I’ve always assumed he’s spelled as in the Marlowe play.

  23. Try 1A – Double defn. Defn 1 = “has no record”. Maybe easier, defn 2 = “generic wine”.
    See if that helps.

  24. 6A is extreme Kale with a backwards drink (verb). That should make 7D and 8D easier (and they both straightforward) and give you 6D.

  25. Sorry that was the NE. For the NW, on 3D is think that should refer to karate, not judo.

  26. thanks, Ray, but it’s not the structure that’s my problem – it’s a lack of vocabulary!

  27. Also, I suspect, a lack of slang. I think I know what the last word of 3d is, but it doesn’t help at all.

  28. OK – I think you will be fine, so let’s try 9A.
    9A – Defn = “See”. “(verb)” = letter 1. “correct?” = two 2 letter words for 2,3 and 4,5.

  29. I’ll have to leave it until tomorrow – I have to go out now and will be away overnight. Thanks for attempts to assist, but I’m no wiser, I’m afraid – old age creeping on, and pre-christmas stress, perhaps!

  30. Almost there thanks to todays posts. Any guidance for 23A and 26A would be appreciated.

  31. Mary, I, like you, have virtually nothing on LHS. I’m baffled by Ray’s explanation of 9A, I have fist letter, but two two-letter words for correct? And the whole meaning ‘see’? I’m wondering: is 3D an anagram? Of Description? Is 15D, 21A an anagram (of first four words of clue)? I have only four of the 23 letters, no help at all. Have only added 23A since last time I was here.

  32. 23A – Defn = “mighty Mongol”. “Meeker” gives a 5 letter word for 1,2,3,4,5. “way” gives a 4 letter word for 6,7,8,9.

    26A – Defn = “Clueless”. “staff” (reversed = “reviewed”) gives a 3 letter word for 3,2,1. “pointless chief” gives 2 letter word for “chief” with middle letter removed (“pointless”) for letters 4,5.
    (Didn’t actually like this clue as even though I can find meaning in dictionary, it does not quite work for me.)

  33. Billy: I had never heard of 23A but the definition is ‘mighty Mongol’ with 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ,5 being ‘tamer’ and 6, 7, 8, 9 being ‘route’.
    26A has definition ‘clueless’ with 1, 2, 3 being ‘staff reviewed’ and 4, 5 being ‘pointless chief’.

  34. 9A – as in “I’m coming to ‘see’ you”.
    3D – not an anagram. Two different type of “film-makers”.
    15D / 21A – yes.

  35. Arthur: 3D is not an anagram. Definition is the first word.
    15D, 21A is an anagram and is an example of something said which is considered to be a ‘mockery’.

  36. Ann, thank you. Hasn’t registered yet, will have to ponder, my mind isn’t really up to DA any more, I think. I’m almost half way, after hours of striving. I just need one or two to fall out to get me started i think. Like 11A. I think I have second word. Is first word food related? If it is, i can’t relate it to clue at all. Will keep on a little longer, but without any real hope at this stage.

  37. 11A – no – not food. “cute prince’s” is fodder as an anagram for letters 4 to 14.

  38. Dear Arthur, I too get cross about the Age letter editors that too often allow ignorance to be published.
    On !!A it is an anagram – letters 4-14 – and then ‘salary’. A classic DA.

    What’s the alternative to The Age? Avoiding politics I think The Guardian on line is great.

  39. Around a quarter of today’s clues involve slang that encountered only since immigrating, and twice in this puzzle never before. 3D in my estimation.

  40. Arthur, in 11 ac letters 1-3 & 15 are clued in a very tricky DA way. The closing “salary?” contains a HIDDEN container indicator: you need to find a synonym for salary (six-letter word) of which two are the C.I. the remaining four giving 1-3, 15. Good luck!

  41. And suddenly, it came. All but 25A (is that a singer missing an E?) Or a different letter? and 22D. That really is a relief.

  42. Not anything to do with age – I reckon it was tough this time with a lot of guesses and stretches needed to get there, plus a lot of slang. So maybe it’s about generation.

  43. Arthur: 25A is a singer missing(‘neglected’) ‘or’ which is part of his surname. When removed you get a ‘plain creature’.

  44. Yes, 22D a smoother without a (D)aughter. But, despite Ray’s hint, I still don’t get the wordplay for 25A. Only one “plain creature” – the def? – fits the cross letters.

  45. OMG got there at last – or should I say at first. Never thought of him as a crooner. Maybe if DA had said singer instead I would have got there sooner.

  46. Defn ‘Awkward’. Hetero pairing = letters 3-4. If you’ve got the cross letters that should do it.

  47. Well, no hope on missing two – 25A, 22D, despite efforts of Ray (twice) and Ann, I can’t see either, so will just leave it till tomorrow.

  48. Thanks Mike. All done except for three words so a very good result for me.

  49. Herb, I couldn’t get that to open. Had I remembered Roy Orbison i might have finished the puzzle, but for me to get within two is very good, but this one was a real struggle for most of the day. CU next Friday.

  50. I’m back today, and finally finished, but it’s no wonder I couldn’t do the last corner yesterday. Never heard of 2d, don’t know anything about football or cars, and I only know 3d as the English slang expression without the ‘h’ in the last word! If I’d had the time yesterday, I would have got there with help from on here – thanks, guys. This site seems to me to be about the right balance at the moment between giving things away too soon and further muddying the waters.
    Arthur, you may be doing what I did and thinking of the wrong singer for 25a – the right one is not a crooner in my book; wrong sort of voice and delivery. 22d, for the smoother think toolshed, not laundry.

  51. All out. Had never heard of 5D. Found this one a bit easier than last week.

  52. Only got to it today. Tough going.
    I had put CRONE in for 25A thinking Crying was a dodgy anagrind for CROONER without OR. And a CRONE is a plain creature. Still think it works (although admittedly if you choose to remove the last R as part of the OR you are directly left with Crone with no need to anagram)! But meant I got nowhere in the bottom right for ages!

  53. Julian, I did the same for the creature !
    I’m still struggling all over, despite all the clues above.
    Thanks anyway, trippers !
    Going for a long run now, maybe one or two will come to me …

  54. Ok I got them out before my constitutional…
    I really think 15d 21a was unfair with no clear definition. Of course you can look back after and think “I see how he did that” but there are a huge number of phrases that could apply and the anagrist appears to be three letters short … Until you get enough cross letters.
    Oh well, that’s “our” David.

  55. Surely 3d should have referred to a karate rookie not a judo rookie, and I agree with those who don’t see “may”and “can” as synonyms

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