DA Confusion for the 4th of December, 2015

Get your confusions sorted out for this week’s themer, right here.

104 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 4th of December, 2015

  1. Wow. Bill was right. Really struggling. Good challenge.
    Have about a third, but do not have any of the 13 nor 18A/20A.
    Hope when get latter rest falls.

  2. This genius, after carefully reading through clues, found one answer. Looks absolutely frightening.

  3. Even more discouraging. I had 23D, so looked for a gemstone to fit in 22A. Nothing at all useful. This one already looking like bin material.

  4. I have 18/20, an Australian movie from 2015, the title of which I THINK is a football term that would be “cause for a free”. 2 down and 22 across are themed clues I’ve found so far. Answer is from definition AFTER applying 18/20.

  5. Secret Herb I think you are correct…I’ve never heard of the movie though. I think 22a and 15a are themed clues too

  6. Thanks AndyW, have really only just started, spent some time trawling titles of movies I’d seen this year that would fit the 7,3,3 pattern and the two answers I had!

  7. Thank you, Secret Herb (0638), I had decided that must be the answer, as I had solved 14D. Still only have a few solved, and a very busy day comng up, so may not get very far.

  8. Need gentle hints for 1, 9, 26 across & 1, 3. 17 down.

    Themed clues found so far: 10 so far. Presumably balance of 3 from above list?

  9. Firstly, thank you Secret Herb. I did not know that movie.
    All out at last. Found it all hard but NW a killer for me.

    Hope these are gentle enough:

    1A is themed.
    9A is themed.
    1D is not themed.
    17D is themed.

  10. Thanks Ray, as in 11 across, 9 across just the before & after definitions, not necessarily in that order.
    Just realised what the platter in 3 down is, besides! Thanks again for your help.

  11. Worked out the theme, but not much further yet. If 28A is a themed clue, isn’t the second letter doing double duty? Or is ‘rocks’ a verb?

  12. I can immediately think of a late Australian free jazz pianist, an Australian martial arts identity, and a famous French pop singer/writer/producer with that name, but can’t think of any televangelist named thus, & whilst the name may be foreign I don’t consider it uncommon. First 5 letters?

  13. 28A has 2 solutions. 1st as per Ray above. 2nd – theme for 2,3,4 and definition “the girl” (very unusual word for sister). I think Ray’s solution is better.

  14. Regarding 28a, the theme is only for 3,4

    Gentle hints for 1a and 9a would be appreciated

  15. Done. Didn’t like 9A.
    9A: 1,2,3,4,5 (from the theme). 6,7,8,9 (something often called soldiers in crosswords) meaning officers (but not technically officers).

  16. Which of course is the solution for 11a… I’m an idiot at times…

  17. 9A (for real this time)…
    1, 2, 3, 4 (A type of ‘do’ – colloquially – named after a ‘type of wave’).
    5, 6, 7 – On theme.

  18. After an hour I have nothing. Don’t even understand the instructions! Could someone identify a couple of ‘normal’ clues that might help me get started?

  19. GeoffD Try 23D. It is normal. Feel your pain. We are struggling too.

  20. GeoffD:
    13a is anagram with bits missing as per clue
    14d is straight anagram
    16d is contained answer
    5d defn = lapses
    18/20a is aussie rules infringement

  21. 4d, 7d, 8d, 14d (anagram) and 16d are all straight clues. 16d is the easiest DA clue for quite some time I’d say!

  22. finally back, out from 0915-1445. Only eleven in, some of which could be wrong. Got 11A, I was one of those (officers) from 1/7/51-1/6/53. I think 2D would be helpful. Any clues?

  23. Themed part of answer is letters 5,6,7 ; first word of the clue points to 1-4,8-9

  24. I think you have the wrong answer … Secret Herb’s answer fits mine too.

  25. Just found that one by using Wordfinder, putting in the two letters I had, 4 & 8, thanks Andrew T. One more step aling the winding path..

  26. A few themed wordplays so you get the drift, GeoffD …

    2 down “Opening description”
    “Opening” is the definition prior to application of 18/20 … this is letters 1-4, 8-9
    “description” is the definition of the complete word after application of 18/20, so the theme gives you letters 5-7

    15 across Purplish brown trigger
    “Purplish brown” gives 1, 5-7
    Definition is “trigger”
    so theme gives 2-4

    24 across “Composer a threat to the ozone layer”
    Definition is “a threat to the ozone layer”
    “Composer” gives letters 1 & 7 [think compiler of the crossword, but it’s not letters “DA”]
    The theme component is letters 2-6
    The definition should give you this one with very little thought!

  27. No wonder I got stuck in the SE corner; I had the wrong answer for 19d. My answer fitted and was identical except letters 4,5 ! All out now.

  28. No! Just ripped up and binned, too tired to pursue it further. Try again next week.

  29. A real pig this week – thanks a bundle, DA! Why do you always do this when I have a busy day and shouldn’t have lots of time? Done about half, but it’s too much like hard work, and a bit early for a stiff drink.

  30. Finally all out. Not being a football follower, 18A was almost the last clue I put in although 20A was fairly apparent after finding 22A and a few others.
    I agree that the NW corner was the hardest.

  31. Thanks everyone for the hints. I have several answers now including a couple of themed ones, so am hopeful I can continue, if slowly.

  32. It has been a long, hard slog today. Almost all out, with only19D and 27A to go. Hints for these. would be appreciated.

  33. Hi Jimmyc. Found it hard today and ended with checking on about 4. On 3D the only sense I can make is that if your have letters 2-5 it is approximately half of a normal platter. That means in most restaurants it is totally adequate in a land where we, in my Council area, fill half our rubbish bins with food. Some of it no doubt greenhouse gas generating meat.

  34. Mike, I thought along the same lines, but then realised it was a different kind of platter, nothing to do with food.

  35. Hi 19D the definition is ‘Defiles’ – not its mean as besmirches. The ear is revolting (backwards) and the last 4 letters are one less than a game.

    27A uses the theme and is a word for going fast (“flying”) that is a three letter word
    18A, 20A.

  36. Sorry – should have said the speeding CONTAINS a three letter word….

  37. Intriguing Dave R since my response on 3D fits the rest of the grid. Can’t work out any alternative and would love a hint on your thinking as the parsing of this answer has not been commented on before.

  38. On 3D Ray replied while I was typing. I think his interpretation is superior to my letters 2-5 dish.

  39. The theme name is letters 1-5, and 6-9 can be soldiers – or workers….

  40. Ah, sorry, I was way off track: I hand Oral inside Corps: made sense to me, but having re-read the earlier posts the penny (as if through treacle) just dropped.

  41. Tuesday was World AIDS day, and the author of the book 18/20 (adapted for the 2015 film), Timothy Conigrave , and its subject, John Caleo, both died from AIDS-related illnesses. The destruction of rotational symmetry in the crossword grid layout presents the viewer with a standard crucifiximage in the centre of the grid. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but wonder if DA did this on purpose, as a memorial to all who died from AIDS related illnesses?

  42. Aha! Like Kenneth, for 11a I also had oral (which is a genuine name) inside corps. I thought the first word of 18a implied that the theme was inside the other definition, but I didn’t have 9a then either. Perhaps I can now sort out the top left corner and some of the comments about 3d will make sense after all.
    Incidentally, are there two possible spellings for 19d? I couldn’t make either version completely fit the clue, so perhaps I’m astray on that one as well.

  43. 19 down: Definition Defiles (a noun, a geological term); “ear revolting gives 3-2-1; Game cut short gives 4-7 (game has 5 letters: you’ll be Queen of the Castle if you get this one!

  44. You seem to have 3D sorted, Mike. Thanks for the hints on 19D and 27A.

  45. Sorry – I actually meant 20d! Thanks, Secret Herb, but I’ve got all the rest now. (Actually, I made life hard for myself by having the wrong answer for 19d at first, but changed it when I got 27a)

  46. I completed the whole puzzle before coming here, but I now see that some people had similar problems to mine. Towards the end, I had the thing completed except for the NW corner, which was totally blank. In all, I think it is a great crossword, but that NW corner was really tough. I was sure that 1D was themed, but it wasn’t after all. I meant to see that movie when it came out, but I missed it.

  47. I sorted out 20d in the end. I’ve always spelled it with penultimate letter ‘i’, but there’s an alternative with ‘e’.
    Thanks to everyone on here – this is one where I definitely couldn’t have finished without help.

  48. I notice that Secret Herb and Celia Fate have never been seen in the same chat room at the same time. Just putting it out there.

  49. 1A is themed as there’s a 20A but it’s not 18A like the others. I’m pretty sure I have the right 25D. So 1A is “Go off” = 1-3 and theme is 4-7. Am I reading that right? This clue seems to break its own rules. Does that happen in others because that could be why I’m stuck on a few.

  50. 1 across Defn is “25-down”
    the themed component is letters 4-7 (a Scandinavian name)
    as you’ve stated, “Go off” defines 1-3.
    The themed component can be anywhere in the clue, including beginning (as in 11) or end (as in 1 across)

    In non-themed 25 down the Australian painter’s 1st name is “Lloyd”

  51. That explains a lot. The first few I solved were proper 18A so I thought that was the way they all were. I see how the others work now and have finally solved the NE corner (5A held me up) so now just stuck on 9A, 3D and the parsing of 20D. I’m chuffed with that as a result. I may get the last few after a night’s sleep.

  52. I really disliked how some of the answers were merely beside the themed addition, as opposed to holding it. I thought this was weak cluing, given the film’s title.

  53. Consider that it was the defined answer doing the holding, not the defined non-theme component, There were only three such out of 13. Look closer at the grid: DA created a very clever AIDS victims memorial!

  54. Only missing 1D, 3D, 6D, 7D, 5A and 9A, despite reading all above. ( I don’t think 6D and 7D have been mentioned so must be obvious but not to me) Any further hints please?

  55. 1d
    1,2,3 is Trash (often of the written kind)
    4,5,6 is where the leader comes in a race.
    While thing is a Catholic Person.

  56. 9a more hints…
    1,2,3,4 Think Hair-do.
    5,6,7 Mr Banks with or without an M.
    Whole thing is approx 260-290 million years ago!

  57. 6 down is themed; minor definition “colour” gives last 4 letters; definition is “marker by the way”
    7 down is “written up” (reversed order); definition is “grant” – in sense of acknowledge
    5 across themed minor definition “12 across, for one” [i.e.example of!] gives letters4-6; main definition is “Craft” but not the art type!
    5 down “Kissers” 2-5 soaked in “drink” 1, 6-7 making definition “lapses”

  58. 3d
    Half a platter = One face of a music related disk… (1-4)
    Which is the same as a ‘reserve’ when the hyphen is removed.

  59. Way too hard for me this week – just not on the right wavelength. I managed three easily but was completely stuck on the theme, and even today having seen the answers I fail to understand most of them. So disappointing after getting last week’s out. Oh well, there’s always next week…

  60. For the record, I don’t know anything about Claret; I don’t even drink it. I’ve never posted under another name.

    But anyway, happy Christmas to you too.

  61. After a very slow start I had only 5A unsolved at the end. An extremely good result for me and thanks in large measure to the help I got from this site. Thanks everyone!

  62. That was too hard – I tried on and off, but even with the clues above I still had to refer to Saturday’s answers … Too many unknowns (ie two, three of four letter men’s names and I had to cheat to get the theme anyway !
    Thanks Trippers – a new challenge tomorrow

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