DA Confusion for the 20th of November, 2015

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77 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 20th of November, 2015

  1. Done. An “OK” puzzzle but not one of DA’s best I don’t think.

    6D and 15A were clever.

    14D a bit clunky.

  2. Good morning Ray. I have only eight so far, long way to go. 20A I liked, last saw that word in Grade 6, I think, ca 1940

  3. Hard slog today. All done but not really on DA’S wavelength today. Good luck to all.

  4. Eighteen in, NW corner complete, but not understanding 9A clue. Elucidation, please.

  5. 9A – Double defn. Something that “Poles often end in” and “slalom”.

  6. All done, but don’t understand wordplays for 1 down,14 down, 6 across.

    Laughed myself silly at cluing of the three three-letter components of 1 across, but “in” confuses!

  7. 1D – “Eats” = letters 1,2,3. “fish” gives a 4 letter word, with 2nd letter removed (“squash, bagel”) for letters 4,5,6. Defn = “snag”.

  8. Nothing to do with today’s cryptic, but this baffled both DA and LR. Composed by me for a blues society mag in the late ’90s. Anyone want to have a go?

    “Harmonica? No! Monica? Yes! (4)”

  9. 14D – “wine” gives 6 letter word, with first letter removed (“Unopened”) for letters 2,3,4,5,6. “bottle, initially” = letter 7. “drunk by” = container / positioner”. “part-maker” gives 4 letter word for letters 1,8,9,10.

  10. 6A – “Blow out squat?” = letter 1. “Make it” gives 4 letter word for letters 2,3,4,5. Defn = “Dynamite”.
    (Don’t really like this one – the “out squat?” doesn’t quite work for me for the deletion).

  11. Almost finished but stuck on 15A. Maybe I have a letter incorrect – a hint would be appreciated.

  12. Thanks, Celia fate and Ray, re 9A. Yes, end of (many) Poles makes sense. Still have ten to go, but have been shopping and prepared lunch (baked fish and vegies). Back after lunch . Which will be sightly late today,because of my time here1

  13. 15A – Defn = “Touring band”. “to improvise” = anagrind. Fodder = “has word” and “Maroon 5”.

  14. Completely agree. It was my first in at a guess and spent too long trying to suss that. Made me think I was wrong about my gut instinct.

  15. I’m about 2/3 through. It appears to me that 26a/2d, if I have it right, is a recent (as confirmed by Google nGram) solecism for a mock-ungrammatical phrase dating back to early last century. I’m surprised that DA would have used it – It’s as if he’d given us “hone in on”. Can anyone confirm?

  16. Finished! Not parsed everything yet. Biting my fist at 13D. I liked 24A. I think the anagrams helped this week even though a couple were tough.

  17. Very busy for the next few days. Any wordplay requests … ask now.

    Also, aren’t there any takers for my challenge @ 7:43 am? (not you. CC, you know the answer)

  18. CC, “for ears”=homophone indicator”; definition is “cover”; homophonic answer would be (7,4) with letter variation only at 9 & 10.

  19. Have run out of ideas, with five not done. Had a W as letter 3 of 7A, but that makes 5A impossible, as I now have (I think), 6 & 8D. I’m sure my 8D is correct (goes with18A), have a word for censures at 6D, but totally unable to connect it to the rest of the clue. No idea about clue in 14D, but Google tells me there is such a thing as I have entered. I know this was discussed further up, but couldn’t understand. 19D and 29A are my remaining misses.

  20. Arthur C, there is no 5 across nor 6 across.

    6 down: defn “Censures”; “pumps up” gives a 7 letter word which, with “leader falling to successor”, gives a word meaning “censures”

  21. If you meant 6 across where you said 7 across, then letter 3 is NOT “W”; 7 down is NOT “WOO” but a standard initialisation or acronym for a particular court order, often related to family matters. Its three letters are also the abbreviation of a fruit often used in salads and dips, and usually accompanied by tomato and chilli!

  22. Arthur C. re 19 down a bit convoluted
    Definition “Rough”
    “one” letter 1
    “placid at heart” letters 5-6
    “after” letters 2-4, 7
    “screening” container indicator [“after” screens “placid at heart”]

  23. Arthur C. re 29 across this one convoluted too!
    Definition “charm”
    “Aeroflot terminal” letter 1
    “possessing” (I think this here means “with”)
    “fairly vain” letters 2-5 [a 5-letter word for “vain”, with final letter dropped]

  24. Celia Fate, thank you for those explanations. I had put woo in 6A, but that was hopeless. So now complete, glad I was able to work out the majority of it.

  25. I’m pleased that Ray explained 14D as I couldn’t see how that worked.
    Last in were 7D and 6A.
    Like you, Arthur, I had thought WOO was the answer but couldn’t get the rest of 7D to make sense.

  26. Left with 16a, which nobody seems to have mentioned. I can’t justify either of the two obvious words that fit from the clue. Am I just being thick?
    I agree with AG at 10.27 about 26,2d. I would never use the third word given here – i’ve always assumed that those who do have just mis-heard, from people who don’t pronounce the separate sound at the end of one word when it’s the same as the first sound of the following one. (Difficult to explain without giving the game away.)

  27. Yes, i was being thick – just seen the island. I never thought of this as a noun, only an adjective.

  28. Lots of clever ones today. My last in was 14 D, essentially because I was not familiar with such a firecracker. The “part-maker” is classic DA.

  29. I couldn’t access this site today as my Internet security software said that it was infected with a Trojan virus and would not let me continue to the site. I assume that it was contaminated by the poison from the Celia Fate twitter feed.

  30. PM I had the same problem with access. Kaspersky? Still no need to be nasty about Celia. She has admitted to her mental problem and we should make allowances for her need to dominate this forum. I don’t know about her twitter activities but then I don’t understand why anyone is so disposed to be drawn to Twitter: it seems to attract the lowest common denominator in society.

  31. I thought this forum was actually for us to seek out and offer clues for us to solve the crossword problems. Instead, I read too much input from people who want to tell me about what’s on their dinner plate, what their ailments are, or how clever they are at making their own cryptic clues. Once and only once have I seen all the clues explained in one post without the answers partly or wholly given – for that I thank you Ray (I think it was Ray). More of the same will have me interested, but today I can’t cop 18 out of the previous 45 comments to be by the one person, who it seems half the time just rejumbles the clue to compound the DA lingo even further or cracks lame jokes. I appreciate the interest that regulars have but if you want to have regular input from other people, spare us the palaver please.

  32. Claret19, you are correct in that you describe what this forum used to be. Sadly now it has been taken over by Celia who seems to have a need to dominate. Since she first appeared, many regulars have abandoned the forum. She seeks to show her “brilliance” by posting a completed grid each week, even though she had to seek help to complete it. Regular contributors (Mort et al) who solved the puzzle before coming here, have given up as CF seems to have nothing better to do than sit at her PC screen waiting for a chance to unleash her “wisdom”.

  33. And by the way, is Peacemaker used in the old western sense, as you don’t seem very peaceful.

  34. After sleeping on it I’m still not able to parse
    18A’s letters 4-7, (is 4 from “by”?)
    4D which I got from the definition,
    5D I don’t know where the definition or anagrind are and got this with crosses and a guess,

    Thanks in advance.

  35. Hi Cryptocochet
    18A 4-7 is ‘Berlin (or German) quartet”, 4D “tape” indicates a homonym, and on 5D I’m exactly where you are.

  36. 5d combines the last letter of she and those of why profit and has a very clever almost double-definition from she. Liked 15a also as you need the 5th letter of maroon to complete the anagrams.also liked 11a, 23a, 3a+

  37. I have changed my name , as I have been getting (and giving a little ) help on this site for years. I am not the ‘new’ Julie.
    I am with CC and Mike — 5d has no anagrind & no real def , to my mind. Al andSal’s examples all have normal DA -style clueing.

  38. Like Damo, I wondered about “harp”, which is a moniker/monicker (but not Monica?) for a harmonica. Seems a bit of a stretch.

    As the clue was written in the late nineties, wondered whether it was associated with the scandal du jour, Monica Lewinski.
    “Bill” did not play the harmonica (preferred the saxophone) and admitted playing with Monica. This was getting a bit lurid so I gave up!

  39. Following Brian’s lead, and thinking of mouth organ, I’d like to know the cross letters before hazarding a choice between several four-letter words. Without them an addition to the clue, such as “go” or “vice-president” would help.

  40. All done. I can’t help wondering if the postings attacking Celia aren’t one person trying to stir up trouble; either that or he/she is the one with the mental problem. Such a shame when people conduct such trolling attacks. To everyone else please Just keep posting I find the assistance useful and I like the banter.

  41. I would be grateful if someone could explain 1D to me. I’ve seen the answer but still don’t get it.

  42. Geoff D – I did try to explain above ie:

    1D – “Eats” = letters 1,2,3. “fish” gives a 4 letter word, with 2nd letter removed (“squash, bagel”) for letters 4,5,6. Defn = “snag”.

    Fri 20 Nov, 7:40 am Reply

    Let me know if more needed.

  43. For the record, I post only under this name. All other complainants express their own opinions.

  44. Thanks Ray,
    I was having trouble equating letters 1,2,3 to ‘eats’ and although I can see it now, I doubt the clue would have ever suggested that answer to me.

  45. Ah well…you see Phil…my point is validated. If we all tried to solve the poser set by Celia Fate then it’s about Celia Fate isn’t it? Thanks to the posts that actually tried to hint at solving clues from DA’s puzzle.

  46. If you don’t like what Celia posts then just ignore her posts. Personally attacking people only reflects on yourself.

  47. This forum is reserved for confusion with DA’s weekly crossword. There are other parts of the website to engage in conversation. Stet.

  48. Claret , it’s been all about Celia since she /he started posting a few months ago. Before she/he arrived, the only “troll” was Jimmy the Rat. At least Jimmy was only an occasional pest. Celia has become a serial one. It would be better if she/he solved the puzzle before coming online like Ray does. Instead she/he comes here, gets solutions and then passes them off as his/her own. No wonder so many regulars have stopped posting here.

  49. I work on DA for a while and then ring a friend who has done likewise. We like to get it out unassisted from outside sources but we are happy to work as a team. I think this works because we are like minded and both fairly competitive and the competition seems to speed us up. Our aim is just to get it all out before next week rolls around.

    I only consult this site if we have really hit the wall. I usually just skim to find reference to the ones that I am interested in. I am not really offended by any of the regulars on this site.

    But I do sometimes think that I have stumbled across a chat room from the old Bollinger club.

    Anyway, thank heavens for Arthur C. He is the real peace maker here.

    Keep the stories coming, Arthur. I read all your little morsels.

  50. Well, at least you have finally got your head around the fact that the link is to a Twitter page. Now, I would prescribe a cup of tea, a bex and a visit to Andrew Bolt’s blog to restore your browser to normal working order

  51. Could someone please explain the word play for 7? I am flummoxed by the word “bearing”, assuming the fruit referred to is “avocado”

  52. I’m not sure of the technical term, but I think bearing is just a link word between the 3 letter abbreviation of a court document and the fruit you mentioned

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