DA Confusion for the 13th of November, 2015

Have your confusions sorted out. Right here. With joy.

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  1. Oh, it’s one of those ! However, eight have fallen swiftly so far, but I’m still missing one of the four initials. Doesn’t appeart as too much of a challenge, will report back later.

  2. Agree CF. Tricky but once you get the flow, it does tend to just drop out.

    First in was 4D. Then progressed around counter clockwise with last in 10A.

    Typical DA for 15A, 22A.

    Thought 24A and 22D were good ones.

    And I was sort of expecting a “Friday the 13th theme” for today – but no.

  3. And anyone else notice that with the NEW comment timestamp, it appears the format is not right?

    Instead of “day, date, month, time” it seems to show “day, month (numeric), month, time” ie:
    last week “Fri 11 Nov” and this week “Fri 11 Nov”.

    Or is it just on my PC?

  4. Ray (or anyone else) 10 across eludes, I have 2nd & 4th letters that would fit a dressing or a biscuit when combined with two of the four possible starters. Assistance please?

  5. CF – 10A – alphabetically it is the second starter (not the 3rd or 4th as you indicate).

    Defn = “Iron out”. And a 5 letter “civic leader”, with 1st and last removed (“jacket from”) gives letters 2,3,4

  6. Are they the same letters 2-4 I had for the dressing & the biscuit? Such an answer seems more extreme than “iron out”.

  7. Fun one. Got lucky with first one I attempted, 24 A, and got the ‘key’ to that clue. Then added the others. As usual, found the ‘exceptional’ clue later. 10A was my last one in. Should it have a homophone indicator if I’ve got it right?
    12 A and 9A my favourites.

  8. Gayle, not sure I understand your question re 10A (see my description above).

  9. Understood your comment above Ray. But have not seen it written that way. Still think it’s a ‘sounds like’ clue. Like the boxer in 1D did 11 times, according to google.

  10. I see the usual suspects are doing well. How does Celia Fate get in at 0321? My paper doesn’t get here much before 0700.
    Have made some progress, about eight in so far, mostly in SW corner, but 25A has me stumped there, letters 2, 4, 6 that I have leave few possible words, none that fit clue.

  11. Digital replica, <Arthur C, usually posted around 3 am. I had all bar three completed when my printed copy arrived some time around 6:00 am daylight saving time. Times posted here are Eastern Standard Time, so add an hour for daylight saving time.

  12. DA is taking a bit of liberty with the definition and answer in 25A , Arthur. I struggled with that one until I focussed on the (vocal) support in studio and added the missing first letter.

  13. 25 across Arthur C. Definition is “spot” (a singular of one that’s usually plural); wordplay for 2-6 is “Vocal” (homophone indicator) “support in studio”.

  14. I am always filled with dread when I see DA’s italicised comments at the start of crossword. Cannot understand this one at all. Can someone give me a clue as to what is happening here? Thank thanks

  15. Every clue (bar one – the “exception”) does NOT have the first letter clued in the wordplay.

    The first letter of every clue (again bar the “exception”) is one of 4 letters.

    And those 4 letters make a word that is indicated by the answer to the “exception” clue.

  16. Gayle (0727), yes, I eventually settled on what must be the answer, just took time to ‘spot’ it. Current problem is 22A. I’m sure I have last three letters, and probably first, but can’t connect to ‘sinking cents’. Maybe my first letter is wrong.
    Have 15 so far, much still to do, but may not get much further, lunch, then may go fishing (with Peter).

  17. Arthur 22A. ‘cents’ is a bit like the trick with the spot in 25A, There’s only one cent.

  18. Ta Gayle (0929). I must have something wrong then, in 22A, I think, I had XXXH/ON, can’t see how your one cent clue can fix that. Nearly time for our lunch, probably going fishing after that, then cricket to watch, so may just abandon DA for this week.

  19. The cut-off phone with the cent in the slot is facing backwards. The phone company sounds like it’s a a language I know you speak Arthur, but checking just now I found it’s Finnish.

  20. Struggling a bit today. Got the four letters early, but having trouble with NE and SW corners. Any hints for 9A, 5D or 20A would be gratefully received.

  21. 9 A Only phrase I can think of with the Latin for’with’ in it means (to graduate) with honours.

  22. 9A – Definition=Wisdom, …with Latin=letters 2/3/4, strength, heart=letters 5/6

  23. 5D – North Indians tongue=definition, lashing has=letters 2/3/4, one on edge, standing=5/6/7/8

  24. After midday and finally got it all out. Stuck on 10 across at the end, but Ray got me there with a very early comment when I checked. Thanks.

  25. 20A letters 3-6. List in the human, not the nautical sense, containing two clothing sizes.

  26. Dave R
    Seems they haven’t helped you with 20Ac.
    Answer is Rep.
    One of the four letters, followed by a list (think of another meaning of list) around two single-letter clothing sizes.

  27. Thanks Bill, Gayle and billyboyOZ. I know people who would dispute the presence of “Indian” in 5D.

  28. All done now, except for 21D. There only seems one word which fits the cross letters, but I can’t see how it fits the clue.

  29. 21D – letter 1 = first of the 4. “not 4-down” = letter 2. “lured” gives 4 letter word for letters 3,4,5,6.
    Defn = “Peacock, possibly”

  30. loanword “translated” “out” west, with 1 of the 4 letters to start, defn=plain in Scotland

  31. Gayle (1001), I’m still lost on how the cent got in there, I’m too dumb. I tried ‘hone in’ but can’t see a cent connection. Still nine short, I think I’ll abandon this one, but will read through some of the other posts first.

  32. If we are correct on this one, the retro could refer to the coin, as in old fashioned.

  33. I fished out my Scots-English dictionary, looked at ‘plain’. It gives ‘hamelt’ (adj) ‘carse’ (noun). Neither appears to have any connection to the clue. So, I’m truly clueless. I really have no idea what the clue means. (normal condition here).

  34. Arthur: in 22A the definition is the first word. The ‘H’ you have is not correct. I’m not sure about Gayle’s suggestion. Letters 6, 5, 4, 2 are a type of phone ‘contracted’. Letter 3 is the one ‘cent’.
    I loved it today. The wordplays were generally so much more straight-forward.
    Last in 10A.
    Took me ages to see why my first stab at 20A was correct all along.

  35. Arthur, it’s not exclusively Scottish, but they just have a lot of it there.

  36. Mary, I had one last try for an anagram, and the answer finally came up. So, new hope. Can have a look for 17A now.

  37. No, too tired now, so will leave it unfinished. Been a long day, since i woke at 0400. Back next week, hopefully. Not sure how the fishing went, find out Sunday.

  38. This one was pretty easy after getting a start. I got 7 D and 18 D quickly and was away. My last in was the diabolical 10 A.

    Very enjoyable!

  39. I’m left with 10a – I have an answer which fits the wordplay, but can’t see how it fits the def, in spite of various hints above.
    I wasted a lot of time at first because I thought DA was being even more devious than usual – I read his instructions to mean one of the letters had to be actually omitted from the wording of the clue, not just ignored in the word play! (How about it sometime, DA?)

  40. refer to my conversation with Ray commencing @ 5:31 post. After reading that you should be able to easily knock out an answer.

  41. Just got the exception and thought it all rather clever. Still got a few to go, and despite all the comments here, 10a is one of them.

  42. Oh, I see – don’t like it much tho’. I was surprised to find it in the dictionary as a word.

  43. CF – Collins also has:
    3. (Australian, informal) to knock unconscious

  44. Got it! Thanks :) Never would’ve expected to see this in a dictionary though

  45. Ray, I agree with your definition of 10a and so does Urban Dictionary. Def No 2. It is the only possible solution and when all impossibles are eliminated, however improbable, it must be the remaining one.

  46. Bill – 26A – Defn = “Strange”. Wordplay ‘hidden’ (with first letter missing).

  47. 24D – first letter is the third one. “Affair ends” = letters 2,3. “unknown” = letter 4. Defn = “redhead?”

  48. Wow, I like the new look DAT, very nice. I got all four starters from the NE corner. I’m about a third of the way through but keep getting interrupted. I may have to finish tomorrow. I’m really enjoying this one though!

  49. 5D held me up for a bit too, even with wiki. My husband got it right away and his hint to me was “It’s like the Led Zeppelin song”

  50. After two hours I have just one doubtful answer (2D). Not a clue about the special instructions despite reading all the above. I think this one will go straight in the bin. Try again next week.

  51. Came back for a final look, dishes done, cricket a bit boring. Found a few more answers, so only 1D (is there an actual boxer’s name there?), 26A, and 19D, where early on I entered ‘kneeler’. A change of last three letters gives a better answer, allows me to put a word in at26A. If these two are correct, then I’ve finished only one short. Real battle.

  52. Arthur C. – 1D – yes. 26A is described above. 19D sounds like you now have correct.

  53. After six hours of solid graft we have only 3 left but no idea whatsoever … would really appreciate help on 15a, 6d and 16d. Tearing our hair out! Haven’t enjoyed this one much.

  54. 15A – Letter 1 = first of four. “idiot stunted” is 5 letter word for idiot with last letter removed for letters 2,3,4,5. “us” = letters 6,7. defn = “Doting”.

  55. What a stinker! Thanks all for the help. We’d be lost without the trippers.

  56. Truly a last Hurrah. Found 1D while watching David warner slaughtering Kiwis. So can go happily to bed.

  57. Friday girls , you’ve got all this way without 16D. That’s an exceptional revelation!

  58. Arthur C.If your 19 down ends in “D” you have the word I first entered, before realising it didn’t fit the wordplay: defn. “Prayer may use this”; “amen half reflected letters 2-3; “to pick up” reversal indicator”; “speed” letters 7 6 5 4. Letter 1 is one of the four theme letters (alphabetically, No. 2 of these).

  59. Decided to have another try, but still only managed seven answers. Obviously not on the right wavelength this week.

  60. jonnyb yeah – tend to agree. Normally the “…” are used to improve the surface reading of cryptic clues.

    Occasionally. it links clues (recall DA did this a few months back).

    But in this case, I read as just to improve surface for both clues.

    Both I think could have worked alone, but the connection does help the surface of 9A (a bit!!).

  61. All out and understood. 10 across was last and least satisfying. Had trouble with 6 down as I had the wrong last letter. This one was tougher but it was understandable. I’m still getting PSTD from “strine”.

  62. I have an answer for 10A but what does it mean. Is it an IRON? Golf iron? Slang spelling for hitting someone, to iron????

  63. See exchange at roughly “Fri 13 Nov, 5:35 am” and “Fri 13 Nov, 4:02 pm” above. “Iron out” as in flatten. The answer is in the Dictionary however, this is not the way most of us spell it.

  64. As indicated above, it wasn’t my favourite either. I got side tracked trying to get the usual spelling to shoehorn into the answer. BTW – I don’t like the new layout either.

  65. Looking at DS Sat cryptic for 14 Nov. I seem to have only one to get out unless I have made a mistake in the cross answers. The original clue is “Figure out it is short for Arabic figures” (6) My answer has the following pattern A_G_T_. Any help appreciated.

  66. I’m guessing the answer there is DIGITS and the A is incorrect in your answer. Although DIG = figure out is not the best synonym.

  67. Return thanks to AS. Your explanation was sound and my first letter was incorrect. I wrote for help with that sense of frustration one has when there is only one to get out and one cannot put the paper down and move on!

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