DA Confusion for the 6th of November, 2015

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  1. AndyW postulated last week”

    “I think DA is setting us up for a super hard puzzle soon. The last 4 weeks have been getting easier each week…watch out.”

    Well I think he was right as I really struggled today. Not one answer came with ease for me and still working on a coupla wordplays.
    Thought 9A and 17A were clever.
    14A, 26A and 7D – typical DA hard work.
    2D I was simply ignorant to.

  2. Only two on first run-through. Bothered by ‘mint liqueur’ in 26A. Only one i could think of has last five letters right, but dictionary says it is orange flavoured, and doesn’t seem to clue first four at all. Not looking hopefu7l at all, today..

  3. Same here, nearly gave it away to get to work, but after a slow start was well worth the effort . Some beauties. Loved the misdirection in 4D, 26A, And 20 A at 11, 17, and 14 across.

  4. Have answer for 3 down but puzzled by its wordplay.

    Have very convoluted wordplay for 17 across, but by principle of Occam’s Razor, believe there may possibly be one that’s simpler.

    Loved 2 down once I’d boldly gone into it!

    Also loved the double-dutied indirect container indicator in 9 across.

    It was a clever symmetrical clue, but I object to the aspersion cast by 28 across on one of the most talented and prolific individuals of the last few decades.

  5. CF – 3D – second letter change out – “leader cut” – “for Lib backing”.

  6. 17A – “Louvre” = 1,2,3,4,5. “framing for” = 6,7. “Turner” = 8,9,10,11.

  7. CF 3D l Reads as 1, 8 with letter substitution at letter #2 (or first letter of the 8 letter word)

  8. Only six in, not going well, not likely to get much further. Made a sublime guess at 7D when all I had was letters 2, 6, 8 of second part. Still don’t understand clueing for that half.

  9. Ray, thanks, your 17 worplay same as mine.

    I pout for 3 down! Wordplay was simpler than that I was chasing after the last four letters tossed in a red herring!

  10. My goodness. I’ve been lax these past two weeks and I come back to this! Thank heavens for you guys.

    All your comments on 3D read like Greek to me. I’m very lost. But will persevere!

    Gayle, thanks for your inadvertent hint on 20A :-)

  11. Can anyone parse 4D for me? I have the answer and I understand letters 1-6 + 9-12 but not sure how 7,8 works. Although I may be completely off.

  12. Argh, I don’t see it. I have the letters but can’t make the connection. And I’m sure saying any more will give it away. Ah well, I’ll sit with it and hopefully it will eventually make itself clear. Thanks Ray!

  13. Agree that it was tougher this week. Finally out, except for understanding the word play for 6A and 6D. Enjoyed 2D, 7D, 14A and 17A once I’d got them.

  14. 28a Did have tendency to squeal like a little girl (I’m not a fan; obviously).

  15. Dave R, you might be overthinkng 6A. Two words, each the opposite of despise, and blue.

    6D took me a while. I was looking for a deletion (surrendering) of ‘ohm’ from some word. But it was deletion of one letter. Not being strong on physics I didn’t know and DA often makes scientific boo boos. Haven’t looked it up, but I imagine he’s right or we’d have some complaints. Or is it the ‘divine’ part? Good clue. DA speaks with forked tongue.

  16. Not sure of this new format for trippers, without the time of entry shown.
    I am struggling with only about ¼ done. Perhaps some hints for 1a and 1d could get me going again.

  17. Thanks, Gayle. I was. On the other hand I must be underthinking 6D, as I can’t see how the last three words of the clue fit in (assuming the first word is the def). Or am I quite off the mark?

  18. 6D – “Divine” = defn. A 6 letters word for “snooze”, less second letter (“surrendering resistance”) gives answer.

  19. Sandy, for 1A ignore the word “for” in the clue. There is a common DA anagrind. For both the first three words of the clue constitute the def.

  20. 1D – Defn = “Kind of jazz”. “hit” (synonym) = letters 3,4,5. “live” (synonym) = letters 1,2. “to succeed” = positioner.

  21. Thanks Ray. Only ever think of that snooze word in its adjectival form. Hadn’t occurred to me that it is also a verb.

  22. 19D – “Recalled” = reverse indicator. “a” –> letter 7. “kid” = letters 6,5,1. “bearing” = container / positioner. “poistion” = anagrind (?) with fodder = “has” for letters 2,3,4. Defn = “vivid robe”.

  23. Returning after 4 hours out, not much advanced , Eleven in so far. All on RHS. Willo persevere for a while. Cricket beckons, some shopping to do.

  24. 19D – “Recalled” = reverse indicator. “a” –> letter 7. “kid” = letters 6,5,1. “bearing” = container / positioner. “poistion” = anagrind (?) with fodder = “has” for letters 2,3,4. Defn = “vivid robe”.

  25. Would like a clue for 14A. At the moment I have C for 4th letter, but feel that must be wrong. With around 19 to go, I may have to just surrender this one.

  26. 14A – letter 4 is not “C”. “Cleaner” (brand) = letters 2,3,4. “drain” (verb) = letters 5,6,7. “one” = letter 8. “dividing” = positioner / container. “layers” (animals) = letters 1,9,10,11. Defn = “us?”.

  27. 14A – letter 4 is not “C”. “Cleaner” (brand) = letters 2,3,4. “drain” (verb) = letters 5,6,7. “one” = letter 8. “dividing” = positioner / container. “layers” (animals) = letters 1,9,10,11. Defn = “us?”.

  28. Thanks Ray. Having helped me with 1a, I actually got 1d also, as th first letter got me going.

  29. Happy Friday Everyone. Any hints for 2 down, very stumped. Also can’t figure out 10 across unless….

  30. 10A – “Birthday celebrant, possibly” gives a 6 letter word. “abandoned hope” removes letter 4 to leave answer. Defn = “starting to be older?”.

  31. Now for 2D I was completely ignorant (I am “science / maths” not “english”).
    CF’s answer is a clue (“I’d boldly gone”). And Gayle’s response a good recognition of same.
    Defn = “to cryptically show”.
    And a hint on wordplay – “activity hub” = letters 13,14.

  32. Thanks so much Ray. Seemed I had put a ‘w’ in the wrong place on my 6D, making my 10A impossible. I like the use of “Birthday celebrant, possibly”. As For 2 down, I was ignorant also but your wordplay hint and CF’s response got me there. All out now.

  33. Ray, thank you very much, I now have 14A and 15D. LHS still empty, but will press onm for a while.

  34. No, absolutely hopeless. Gayle, i think, said letters 7,8 4D was a hand-written book???? No idea other than MS (which won’t fit).
    Must just give it away, 14 short. Tried to fit either abolished or scratched in 3D, but neither seems to match clue. Will checkl back before bedtime (ca 2045)

  35. 16:02 AEST It’s a pity the revamp has no time postings, so there’s no way to tell if the last post (no pun intended) was one minute or one hour ago, unless trippers include the time in their post

  36. You are right about the hand written book Arthur. But I doubt very much that the craze of 2012 will mean anything to you, unfortunately.

  37. 11A – “when” and “as” can be synonyms.
    13A – “in the air” = homophone indicator.
    13D – “under” = 1,2,3. “dog” = 4,5,6,7,8,9. Defn = “speaker’

  38. 16:06 AEST Arthur C, 4/22 down was a major YouTube sensation in 2012, by a South Korean “K-Pop” star using a name that is the first 3 letters of 16 down.

    I doubt you’d find 4 down [i.e. letters 1-7] in any mainstream dictionary

    Wordplay is
    Crowd: letters 1-4 [think crowd of prisoners working in chains]
    movement: anagrind …
    …for anagrist NEATLY: letters 5, 9-12
    encapsulates: inclusion indicator
    book: 7-8 [think pre-publication]

  39. Thanks Ray. I guessed that answer to 13a early. But I didn’t really consider it as ‘lighter’. Light I could understand. Perhaps DA uses a magnifying glass?

  40. 16:29 AEST Sandy, no, times aren’t displaying on the site, just the date, I am entering times for these posts manually using HTML coding to bold them! Aren’t they displaying on your iPad?

  41. I was thinking that ‘in the air’ might be doing double duty, both as homophone indicator and further defining the answer.

  42. Wow, this was tough! Still not sure why 3 D needs the last 3 words. It works without them.

  43. 16:48 AEST
    i.e. “Lib backing” provides letter 2 substituting for the first letter of an 8-letter synonym of “suave”. How do you figure the wordplay, Jack, without the last three clue words?

  44. Can I get a clue for 7D? I am assuming it’s probably an author (a subject on which I’m hopeless).
    Doesn’t help because I still don’t have 6A and 10A and, given a comment about a W in the wrong place in 6D, I am wondering if I have that wrong too.

  45. I found this much harder going than usual. I don’t think anyone has mentioned 12A. I have an answer but I’m not convinced of it.

  46. Julian: 7D is an author. His first name is an anagram of ‘vaguest’. I found his surname from that.

  47. Julian – 6D – I guess you have the “W” in the right place.
    7D – “Vaguest” = fodder with anagrind = “deviation” for first word / name.

  48. Thanks. Think that’s allowed me to complete all of it – although I still don’t really understand 6A.

    12A I thought was quite clever – my answer is an anagram of “A minder US” and Minder is also the definition.

  49. Celia Fate, 1605. Aha. Yes, I remember those gyrations. And I finally found the book. And I just saw 1A. Hooray! Could we now get someone to use a larger font on this site, make it easier for these octogenarian eyes?

  50. Incredibly, now all filled in, I think all correctly. But without a bit of help from good friends, it might have been a different story. 7.30 report, supper, bed. Its been a long hard day.

  51. Thanks, Ray – that one was driving me crazy – just couldn’t see that wordplay.

  52. No doubt this will be yet another ‘D’oh!’ moment for me but could someone give me the wordplay for 8D, which I got only because it was the only word that fits.
    (Also, re 10A, could someone point out for me in what circumstances ‘H’ gets used as an abbreviation/representation for ‘hope’? (D’oh?))

  53. johnno2 – 8D – Defn = “Perfect”. “standard” = 1,2,3. “close to flawless” = 7. “in” = positioner. “a” = 4. “face” = 4,5,8,9.

  54. Thanks, Ray! Happy to say sufficiently obtuse that I don’t feel ‘D’oh’ :-)
    Anyone on the H for hope?

  55. Thanks, Celia. I should have known I wouldn’t get away without a ‘D’oh!’! :-(

  56. I thought this worth a comment: 17A would not be the last to see, as even he can see before someone else might be able to ??

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