DA Confusion for the 30th of October, 2015

Get your confusions out of your hair. Right here.

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62 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 30th of October, 2015

  1. Once the theme is determined, the rest just flows. This would be my quickest DA ever.
    19A/6A was my first in and then … done.

  2. Not happy. No digital edition yet. Been awake for an hour …waiting…waiting…

  3. Done..record pace. Agree with Ray, once you get the theme it is very easy.

  4. Up early but obviously not as functional in the morning as all of you! Any help to get me started with 8D?

  5. What villainy has the Master Mystifier come up with now? #1, 2,3,7,8,9,11??? Have nine solved, lovely to find a few anagrams, took a wild guess at 22A, which gave me 23D. But much cogitation required.

  6. Phoebe – 8D – Defn = “Stable personality”. “heading for Hollywood” = letter 1. “or” = letters 2,3. “celebs” gives a 5 letter word, which is the fodder for the anagrind “perverse” for letters 4,5,6,7,8.

  7. Andy W, are you in your cups today?

    b.t.w. A fellow DA Tripper has informed me they’re getting malware messages when clicking on “X comments” above. Anyone else getting this? (I’m not!)

  8. Thanks Ray, opened it all up for me!

    And Celia, yes I did on my computer but not on my phone :-S

  9. Perplexed! If there is a slow traffic connection in 6D, where does the half-hearted Jack come in?

  10. Agree with above comments about the ease of this one once the theme is grasped. However, I don’t get the word play for 14A. Otherwise all done.

  11. Light has now dawned, having got 8D, gave me 28/13A, so several others solved. I had put amber in as 6D, but with a different first letter, must rethink. Must leave for a while, must do some vegies for lunch. Back later.

  12. Dave R – 14A – Defn “Saying”. An 8 letter word for “charity”, with first 2 letters removed (“wasted a pound”) gives the 6 letter answer.

  13. Of course! Thanks Ray. Why is it always so obvious once someone else points it out?

  14. All out and understood. Got the theme from 19 across/6 across; but was looking for it given the time of year. Quite liked this one. Had a few where I got the word and had to think back to the rest of the clue. My last 2 were 3 down and 9 across.

  15. This field is not really my forte but cottoned on pretty fast. Got almost all from wordplay and only needed google for a couple. Very timely theme – in two respects. I wonder when DA compiled this?
    Yes, I had malware alerts from both home and work computer but okay now.
    Enjoyed the craft in 6D, 24A, 21D, 14A, 5D, 29 A, 10 A.
    Not sure of the spelling in 12 A. Does the ? indicate a pun or am I on the wrong track?

  16. Gayle – not sure I understand your concern / question about 12A.
    “Popular” gives the first 2 letter word. “groups” gives the second 7 letter word.
    Defn = “how 28-across’s charges ran”.
    And, yes, I take the “?” to simply indicate the pun / cryptic connection of the answer.
    And definitely on the right ‘track’.

  17. I’ve gotten 8D but still unsure about the theme..
    Quite enjoyed 27a still :)

  18. All finished, and, as others have said, no real [problems once theme clear. Lunch finished, must go and shop, then nap time. Sayonara. Mata raishu.

  19. All out without coming here. But having no knowledge of or interest in the field, I had to google a list of 28a’s numbers.

  20. Got through this one in a couple hours – fastest DA yet for me. I got 19A/6D first and had inkling of the theme. Not being local or inclined to the activity (yep, party pooper) I used Wikipedia. 13D gave me a laugh and I’ve been listening to 5D on youtube.

    Trying to parse 24A and 15D.

  21. Sandy – 1D/26A – A common cryptic person is an “Infamous Oxford dean”. Look at the clue “scrap continues” and your answer.

  22. Ray said “Phoebe – 8D – Defn = “Stable personality”. “heading for Hollywood” = letter 1. “or” = letters 2,3. “celebs” gives a 5 letter word, which is the fodder for the anagrind “perverse” for letters 4,5,6,7,8.”

    I wasn’t sure about the last 5 letters. Are you saying it’s an indirect anagram? I thought it was just reversed but “perverse” doesn’t mean going backwards so I’m still unsure.

  23. 24A – read answer as 3,2.
    15D – “managed” = 1,4,5. “to go up” = 3,2. “punching” = container. “kid” = 6,7,8,9.

  24. CC – good pickup. I read as anagram. But see it is a reverse now you point it out. “perverse” can mean counter / contrary – so could be as you highlight – a straight reverse indicator. In fact, think this is better explanation.

  25. Thanks Ray for 24a. I suspected that but not used to that three letter word. As for 1/26, your clue leaves me none the wiser.

  26. Brendan – I vaguely had the theme but didn’t know enough about it to be sure. Got it by parsing 22a and googling to check and find more answers.

  27. Thanks Ray – like Sandy I didn’t know that. Think I parsed everything else OK for a change.

  28. Oh no hang on – why is ‘singer’ needed in 7d?
    I have ‘German rock’ as the answer and learning (1, 2, 3, 4) + the french (5, 6) and 7 (single).

  29. Kat – 28A/13D – Defn = “Premier 8-down”. “picked up” = homophone indicator – so a word that sounds like a synonym of “arrivals” for letters 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12. “after” = the positioner.
    “pub” gives a 3 letter word for letters 1,2,3 and “night’s finish” gives letter 4.

  30. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today, but for the life of me I can’t get 8D or 28/13A even with all the clues above. I can only think of one 5 letter word meaning “celebs” and when I add that to the first three letters I still can’t make a word out of those 8, much less one that means “stable personality”. I have managed to get a few of the answers that don’t involve 8D or 28A, but until I get those I am going nowhere fast.

  31. Thank you Ray – for some reason I seemed to be particularly dense today! I now have 8D and by association 28/13A fell into place, and I now see what the various # in the other clues refer to. I’ll have to Google them, but at least I know what I’m looking for. Thanks again.

  32. Writing this simply for pleasure. I loved 24A and all done in around an hour with only passing knowledge of the industry (I had heard of only one of the #). Needed Google for no more than ticking that my answers were correct. OK I’m self-satisfied with disordered saps (4).

  33. O.K. For all you folks who are at a loose end, because you solved it in an hour. Can you come up with some D.A. strength clues for #4/5, #6, #10 and #12? No prizes, “1981” of fame for “1989” clues.

  34. I think DA is setting us up for a super hard puzzle soon. The last 4 weeks have been getting easier each week…watch out.

  35. Peter – my starters would be:
    “Rashly bit her king, without hesitation, for 28-across’s #4 and #5 (5,3)”
    “IGA reverses brand for 28-across’s #6 (4,3,5)”
    “Nastily hurt 28-across’s #10 (7)”
    “Strive to marry 28-across’s #12 (6)”

  36. Could someone explain for me how the answer to 5D (there is only one word that fits 1,3,5, I think?) derives from the clue?
    (Also, perhaps the ‘?’ in 12 is that they don’t run 1,2 literal “3,4,5,6,7,8,9”…)

  37. A timely tribute to the late cups king. Only downside for me was a day’s pleasure reduced to 30mins!
    Years ago I was in a ‘Calcutta’ and won heaps on Rogan Josh. I admit to Googling the others.

  38. Thanks CC! As a result I was just about to write one of those peeved “never-heard-of-it/him/her/them” responses regarding a ‘musical’ answer (having been further misdirected towards ‘music’ – and hence my question – by (as it turns out!) your own “listening on Youtube” reference!) when I realised there is a relevant Singer, as opposed to singer. D’oh! But what a broad church Youtube is, then! So thanks again, CC…I think :-)

  39. Yep, there were malware messages. All fixed now. Passwords updated on the back-end of things too. Sorry for the trouble.

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