71 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 23rd of October, 2015

  1. I found really tough today. Just couldn’t get on the train of thought.
    Never heard of 1A.
    Thought 16A was pretty clever. Also 24A and 28A.
    Found some would plays really convoluted eg: 8D, 9D.
    Still do not get full wordplay for 17D, 13A (??) and 5D
    Any help on these would be appreciated.

  2. Ray, I got 17d but I still don’t get it. I liked 8d but only know how the final word works.18a: clever.

  3. Kenneth – 8D – “yell over” = letters 3,2,1. “poor” = letters 4,5,6. “pop legends” = 7,8,9,10.

  4. For 13A(??) I am more convinced this is a typo – “left out” not only seems superfluous but possibly even wrong.

  5. Re 13a, I think it’s referring to someone currently on the abc on Wednesday night, with last three letters removed.

  6. FYI The Fairfax subscription service where no doubt most of us print out our puzzles from is being migrated right now. They tell me they are hoping to have it fixed by 9am.

  7. Incredible! Started 0700, only two to go. 11A I wrote in without thinking, I have a Facebook friend there, but I’m hanged if I can fit the clue to it. Only 17D and 28A to go.

  8. Don’t know why previous post shows 7.07 am, iit was actually posted 0755.

  9. re 13 across, parsed thus:
    “Funny” defn
    “business” letters 1-2
    “gets” balance (letters 3-7) derived thus …
    #1. “funny man” here an Australian comedian whose surname has 8 letters
    #2. “almost left” gives three letters
    #3. “out” remove #2 from #1 to give letters 3-7

  10. Hi all
    1a is a quote from Thomas Carlyle
    I’ve just started . Well done Arthur !

  11. Arthur C re 11 across @ 7:07 am Eastern Standard Time
    “mistaken” anagrind
    anagrist: “might be” [7 letters]+”outsiders in Africa” [2 letters]

  12. Could someone please parse 17 down? Its clueing is quite perplexing. I have a “sideboard-defined” answer, but am flummoxed about how the parts fit together (cue Ikea joke).

  13. Celia 8:33
    Here’s my effort, which seems a bit clumsy.

    Russian leader briefly: 1,7,8.
    on: 2,3
    room: 4,5,6

    Definition; sideboard

  14. CF – 17D – “Russian leader briefly” = letters 1,7,8. “on” = letters 2,3. “room” = letters 4,5,6.

  15. Thanks, Brian & Ray, there was a RED herring involved. Having seen Bridge Of Spies yesterday, my thoughts were stuck somewhere in the mid-20th C Cold War era.

  16. All done, except for understanding the word play for 5D. Not sure about “chap” in 21D. It seems too informal to be a good synonym for letters 1, 2, 3 “turned on” or am I on the wrong track?

  17. Dave R, 5 down relies on reversal (“to retire”): defn “Force”; “premier” letters 8 7 6; reptile 5 4 2 1; “end of June” 3

  18. Having read the clues given above for 17D (Brian 0852, Ray 0853), I’m even more confused. I can fit ‘room’ as letters 4,5,6, but ‘Russian leader briefly’ and ‘on’ seem impossible. I have an R as letter 2, certain that must be correct, so not possible to fit on, or a synonym, in there as letters 2,3. If I had 28A it might help, but I’m doubtful about that.

  19. Could anyone help with 7d please? I’ve got the cross letters but can’t quite make sense of the first part of the clue

  20. Arthur C @11:20.

    Arthur, The R as second letter is correct. It is also the first letter of the two-letter word for “on’.
    In this case, “on” means concerning, as in subject matter.

    The Russian leader is normally a four-letter word but has been reduced to three.

  21. Ronnie – 4D – 4 letter word for “die” with last letter removed (“Practically”). Defn = “a novice”. Think hard on the word “die”.

    Arthur – 17D – re your 2 letter synonym for “on” ….

  22. I thought today’s puzzle was reasonably (for DA) easy. I particularly liked the long answers around the edges. 13 A was very cleverly constructed.

  23. Ronnie – you still struggling with 4D? If so, you may have the wrong 11A.
    The last letter of 7D is not “A” (but close).

  24. Re 9d which means Dark Wit:
    Parsing it I can see –
    (4-down) gives 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
    Buzz gives 8, 9, 10
    But I can’t work out 1, 11, 12 or 13.

    Any help?

  25. Jason – 9D – to me a “DA special”. I think 1,11,12,13 comes from “noggin, incessantly”.
    Take “incessantly” to be ‘endless’ ie: remove last letter.
    So what 5 letter word (meaning “noggin”), with last letter removed, gives those letters?
    (think – noggin –> head –> melon etc).

  26. Ok I kind of thought it might be something like that but I didn’t like it. Thanks.

    What about 15a? It means In Melbourne, but why Reduces week?
    Is it as simple as 1,2 being a prefix meaning remove and 3,4,5 being a shorthand for a particular day with 6 just being the plural?

  27. Hard to get 15 a when you’re from Sydney!
    I’m stuck on last 4:
    10a, 20a
    3D, 22d
    Is anyone still there to help please?

  28. MJH – 10A – Defn = “Spotted”. “a” = letter 1. “sinewy centre” = letters 3,4. “record” = 2,5.

  29. 20A – “Report” = homophone. So a word sounding like word for “to bring up” sounding like word for a type of “bling”.

  30. 3D – a word for “Spewing” = letters 1,2,3. “is” = letters 4,5. “supported by” (as in ‘backed’) gives a 2 letter word for letters 6,7. Defn = “bike event”.

  31. MJH
    10a: def=Spotted, “a” = letter 1, “sinewy” centre = 3,4, breaking (container) “record” (not a vinyl, newer technology) = 2, 5.
    20a: “Report” = homophone, “bring up” as in raise a subject, “bling” as in something a lady might pin on her blouse ??
    3d: def=bike event. Also 2nd half of recently infamous adultery website ???
    22d: def=”spot”. “a”=letter 1, “Daesh leader”=2, “contrary priest”=5,4,3, “heading for trouble”=6

  32. 22D – “A” = letter 1. “Daesh leader” = letter 2. “contrary priest” = letters 6,4,3. “heading for trouble” = letter 7. Defn = “spot”.

  33. Finally finished! Am I the only person who has never before come across 16A as a ‘can’?

  34. Like running through mud today. I’ve gotten stuck on 11A, 24A, 14D and the first word of 9D. I took a guess at the second one and it seems to fit. I can’t parse 5D and 15A I took a guess at as well but Jason and Ray have me feeling good about it. Hints appreciated, please.

  35. CC – 11A – Defn = “Part of Africa”. “mistaken” = anagrind. Fodder = “might be” and “outsiders in Africa”.

  36. Crypticrochet: 11A the definition is ‘part of Africa’ and uses ‘might be’ with ‘outsiders’ of ‘Africa’.
    24A: definition car accessory letters 2,3,4 are ‘remains’; 5,6 are ‘roughly’ and 1,7 are ‘vacuous dream’.
    14D: definition ‘experts’. This word was unknown to me but involves ‘coins go to’ damaged with another 4-letter type of (decimal) coin.

  37. 24A – “Remains” = letters 2,3,4. “roughly” = letters 5,6. “vacuous dream” = letters 1,7. Defn = “car accessory”.

  38. Got them, thanks Ann and Ray. I have 9D now, too. I’m sure 14D is an anagram, I’m just finding the right letters. Thanks again

  39. 6 Seven out of eleven letters from 2 is straining the meaning of ‘bottom’ somewhat.
    14 Why is the world ‘old’ in there? Doesn’t add anything to the clue.

  40. Hi FHF,
    ‘Old’ is correct in Australia … but not yet in the USA.

  41. All out. Needed the hint above to make sense of 13a. I agree it is quite clever once you understand. I presume the old in 14D is due to the singular, but happy to be corrected.

  42. I am intrigued. Why is ‘old’ OK in Oz but not in the US. We have had them only since 1966.

  43. Cricket over, I return. Thanks, Brian and ray, I now have an impossible answer for sideboard. Following those hints, I have tredensa? Google doesn’t recognise that so I guess its still wrong. Still have no clue to 28A . OOH! I just realised the second letter of shrivels is h, not the r I wrote down. So I now, finally, have 28a! Now I can watch the VIC innings. 251 may be too far for them, sadly.

  44. Oddly enough, Dom, I did think of the alternative spelling, didn’t analyse it. ta to you.

  45. Did quite well this week, thanks to all above. Only missing 1A, 16A , 2D, 5D and 6D.
    However it took me over two hours to get 15A, even though I’ve supported them for sixty years!

  46. While album may correspond to record in 10a, I cannot countenance vinyl to silvered plastic – DA is of similar vintage to me … And from Dural area in Sydney too !

  47. I thought it was a pretty good crossword, very enjoyable.

    But the wordplay for 15A is really tempting me to resurrect the DA Bullshit category.

  48. We missed out on our DA this week. Could someone please post a link to it?
    Thanks D & G

  49. Hi FHF,
    Sorry for the delay, have been distracted by DA’s challenge in the Age Spectrum on the ‘0arlock/fulcrum’ issue. Why the difference? In the US, the cent coin is still in use – in a very irritating way with ‘Penny Pots’ on most counters; not so in Australia; the cent coin has gone the way of the halfpenny, shilling etc.

  50. [Does anyone know if DA is a Melbournefc supporter (TWO answers yet!)? (I do know aussie rules isn’t his native form of ‘football’, though!) If so, I’ll have to cut him more slack in future!]
    Has anyone else heard 9D, “1,11,12,13,D”, used for noggin as in head? I haven’t (One of those “Is it just me” questions, where it usually is!)

  51. Agree AS, the wordplay in 15a is bad enough, but the definition! Supposes it depends on who you follow. Means nothing to this ex Queenslander/New South Welsh person. BS for mine.

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