DA Confusion for the 16th of October, 2015

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  1. Done and dusted. 26A fills in a lot and the rest flow.
    Not sure on exact wordplay for 28A or 17D.
    Liked 24A.
    Did not like 21A/22D (if I read correctly).

  2. 17D – “From the south” = reverse indicator. “twice” “trap” gives a 3 letter word for “trap” for letters 6,5,4 and another for letters 3,2,1. “shrike in the middle of” gives letters 7,8. Defn = “NSW town”.

  3. Good morning all. Nine so far, initially went for Narrabri at 17D, but soon had to change. Most will not recognise that the original quote from book of Job in the puzzle actually began with word ‘with’.

  4. Helpful non-spoiler hints on 6 down & 12 across, please?

    Was ROTF almost LMAO at 27 across.
    26 ac etc … Clever of DA to squeeze two overlapping “only just” sayings into one clue!

  5. 6D – defn = “island” and “mounting” is reverse indicator.
    12A – defn = “fat” and “retirement” is reverse indicator and “lost capital” indicates first letter removed.

  6. Thanks Ray, I’d got that far, and “league wingers” (6 d letters 1-2?). It’s the blokes and howls that are confounding me!

  7. 6D – yes – “league wingers” gives letters 1 and 2. And a word for “howls” gives letters 6,5,4,3.
    12A – “pension tip” gives letter 7. A 7 letter word for “blokes”, with first letter removed, gives letters 6,5,4,3,2,1.

  8. Don’t understand wordplay of 1 across, unless clue’s 1st word an example of letters 1-6 (Charles, perhaps?).

    Also, wordplay of 11, I’m sure my answer’s correct, but it seems to have an unexplained letter, an extra “r”.

  9. All complete but for 1D, 9A. Rather baffled by these, remainder I though closer to my level than many DA offerings. So I can laze and watch cricket for much of day.

  10. Arthur C.

    1 down defn “Wanted”; Letter 1 from “Helvetica heading”; letters 2-5 from “essay pages” (think newspaper)

    9 across is part of 26 across medley. If you have 16 across, 9 across should be obvious!

  11. Thanks, Ray, my answer fitted the definition but not the wordplay. Both versions are in my Australian Concise Oxford, but entry for correct version here has link to entry for my incorrect, but not vice versa.

  12. All out. Relatively easy (for DA) apart from 17D. Had the idea but couldn’t get first 3 letters for a while. Maybe DA felt sorry for me after “Strine”.

  13. Hello All. No paper delivered today. Would some kind person be able to supply a copy of today’s cryptic?

  14. Well heck, now I have one and the other is just not coming to mind – dentally I’m good, clue for the other

  15. Ben, if you give an email address, I’ll email the grid and clues.
    Celia Fate, re 1D, if I understand you, I had tried that word, but simply couldn’t think of a word for 9A.

  16. Arther C. – See Kenneth just above as hint for 16A, 9A. And in 1D, I think the last 4 letters as CF has described above are an abbreviation for 2 words.

  17. Not too difficult today, although 11 A had me for a while and 12 A was a bit tricky. Still not sure hot the first part of 7 D clue works.

  18. So close to finishing. Stuck on 13d, 19a and 14d. Any help would be amazing!

  19. 13D – “out” = anagrind. Fodder = “Editor”, “Colette” with “to cut”. Defn = “fiction reader’.

  20. 19A – Defn = “Queen”. “foreign” = anagrind. Fodder = “nanny” and “quarantine’s end” and a type of “disease” (5 letters), with last letter removed (“minimised”).

  21. Can someone parse 8d for me please? I know what it is (or at least I think I do), but I don’t know why! Thanks in advance.

  22. All out – was about to post query about the parsing of 28, but suddenly realised what ‘lout’ meant. I agree this was much easier than the Strine one – thanks, DA!

  23. 8D – defn = “Cake”. “crippling” gives letter 1,2,3,4,5,6. “to” gives letters 7,8. “bouncer’s midriff” gives letter 9.

  24. 12A is the def =fat in the sense of ‘injured’? Last one for me and I’m done.

  25. I too thought today was a bit easier than usual. Aside from 17D, I managed to get all out without “cheating”.
    I’d never heard of 17D (and from the cluing I was expecting 1-3 to be “southed” as well as 4-6).
    I’m also not quite sure how to parse 10 A, in particular 3 and 7.
    Also, not really sure about the parsing of 28A (2-5; or possibly 3-6). If it is what I think it seems a bit strained, even by DA’s standards.

  26. Any help on 4D would be appreciated. For once we’ve managed all the rest but whilst we have a word I’ve got no idea if its right.

  27. LJ, for 28a I think it’s 3-6. Maybe a bit strained, but ok I think.
    CR ‘fix’ is anagrind, def is bush shelter. Very oz, I think.
    I’m still stuck on 12a.
    Oh, and thanks Ray for all your input – helped me for quite a few.

  28. SB – thanks – and as for 12A, there is a fair bit above. To restate a bit, defn = “Fat” – and think as say ‘fat finger’, for example.

  29. For 28A – “hearing” gives a 5 letter word, with “lout” for letters 3,4,5,6.

  30. 13D would’ve been a lot easier if I had spelled 19A correctly!

    Quicker than usual today, but 26A and 27A were worth the trip.

  31. Thanks SB and Ray.
    Thought that may be the case with 10A, but haven’t seen that before.

  32. All out fairly quickly after a late start (on the road until 3.00 pm). Got 28a without fully understanding the word play until I read Ray at 3.06 above. clues like “lout” fool me every time. There was a similar one recently. Still don’t get the word play for 7d, unless “contrarily got in” means “despite the (other meaning of) answer.”

  33. The ‘lout’ had me concerned, too, but all makes sense now. Liked 26A etc.

  34. Dave R – 7D – see above ie:

    Ray | October 16, 2015 at 11:01 am |
    Jack – 7D – “Contrarily got in” gives “in got”. That help?

  35. Pretty pleased with myself for getting as far as I did today. Thanks for the help with 17D – never heard of it before. Despite the hints above from Celia et al, for the life of me I still can’t get 1D or 9A, and I’m not 100% sure of 11A either (can’t see the word play). Loved 27A and was very proud of myself for getting it quickly!

  36. June – 1D is a bit tricky as you have to know the 2 word abbreviation re “essay pages” for letters 2,3,4,5. So try to get from defn = “Wanted” and then research the last 4 letters to close the loop.
    Now for 11A, thye first 5 letters are a TV character who is an “ad exec”. Hopefully letter 6 is a given from the clue and the defn = “Curtains”.
    9A – if you have 16A this should be obvious??? Sorry

  37. Only 13D unsolved and I’m not seeing the traps. I’m chuffed with this result though seeing as I’ve hardly finished any puzzles lately. I came in to help parse 13D so thanks for that! I liked 27A and 19A was satisfying to solve as well as the 26A stuff. Glad I decided to solve around that and save for last.

  38. June 1D is a journalistic phrase that means opposite the editorial page – usually readers’ letters. Helvetica gives first letter – think of the international abbreviation for Switzerland. Definition is “wanted”.
    9A Liar liar …
    11A relates to a TV show that I’ve never seen; it’s about maniacs (sort of).

  39. June, if you’re still there, and if it helps, for 11A I think Ray meant the first 6 letters, and then the 7th (rather than first 5, then 6th).

  40. Anyone got a copy they can share? I didn’t get time to start it in the work copy.

  41. Thank you Ray, Julie and SB – got it all now. I did manage to get 1D after a bit of Googling. Never heard of the ad exec in 11A – obviously I don’t watch that show. However, I did get the right word for curtains (I think). The one that really got me was 9A, mainly because I had the wrong word for 16A – just worked it out now from your hints. Thanks again one and all – I can now sleep peacefully!

  42. I am one chuffed Tripper…..for the first time ever I have completed a DA unassisted!! Loved 27a…it still makes me smile.

  43. CR 4d – def last two words. Middle of nowhere is letter 1. Fix is anagrind and up my is anagrist.

    That was relatively easy for DA.
    I don’t get wordplay for 12a. I’ll look it up on ACC.
    The NSW town options jumped off the page, but then I’ve been to both.
    I thought 27a was a reference to the magazine editor, but now I see the correct wordplay.

  44. Thanks Celia. 12A done and dusted. As recently as 6 months ago I used to bin DA on Fridays. Now I accept the challenge and usually do quite well.

  45. Help! Its almost bedtime, and I forgot to come back here to ask two questions: First, how could 9A possi9bly be PANTS???? How could 16a possibly be SEAT (I had pelt there, it at least resembles SKIN in 18A). I suppose there is an explanation, but it is totally beyond this knuckle-head.

  46. Jupiter and Arthur, in case you pop back in again …
    Jupiter, for 12a, see Ray on 16th at 7.48am – blokes in retirement (reversed) without first letter provides 1-6, pension tip provides 7
    Arthur, it’s pretty loose, but rather nice, I think – my take on it is ‘fundamentally’ is ‘seat’ as in seat of your pants; as ‘dentally’ is ‘teeth’ as in skin of your teeth
    Till next week …

  47. Hey, Sheepish! The Golden Fleece award. Congrats! Was away for the weekend and had to do this one unassisted myself.

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