DA Confusion for the 25th of September, 2015

It’s another DA this week, which means: there be confusion.

Have your confusions sorted out online, right here.

89 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 25th of September, 2015

  1. Hi, I never post here because I am always doing the crossword very late, eg I still haven’t finished last week’s (which I am finding very hard, even with the help here). But I just wanted to say that I love the hints and discussion and it has really helped me to get better at DA’s crosswords, and other hard ones as well like the Guardian Weekly. I don’t have a problem with Celia Fate and I don ‘t think we should react AT ALL to troublemakers as this is what they want and they will go away if everyone ignores them. What people do elsewhere is irrelevant. Here, it’s all about the crosswords, and hooray for that.

  2. Morning everybody.
    All out. Bit tricky in places I found.
    No real stand outs for me today. 1A maybe the best – good misdirection I found.
    If I have right wordplay / answer, do not really like 26A. But may have wrong.

  3. Got off to a flyer …top left middle and bottom right..but struggling now with NE and SW corners…struggle continues

  4. A cheerful, sunny Ballarat morning to all. Spring! And a good start, thirteen so far. Many guesses, but all seem to fit so far. The abbreviation in 19A was new to me. But good so far.

  5. Finally found my author (4D, etc), which helps Still nine to go, but going OK at present. Rather puzzled by 17A. my most southerly unsolved clue.

  6. Arthur, the authors got me. And the meat and anchovy dish … but now I have a word to describe my pieces de resistance, all of them,

    17 A is clever if you like that type of clue. Have a look at ‘Whitman’ and ‘assassin’. Whats’s the difference.

  7. Gayle, the dish you are looking for contains AS MILD letters, the clue should have said HEATER rather than HEAT, I felt, not a real heater, but a slang term for a weapon. A s to the author, I entered a guess based on letters 1,3, 5 of 29A, and Googled. I’ve looked at the assassin Whitman, but didn’t see anything that gave me a clue for letters 1, 2 of 17A. I desperately need 11A and 12A, I possibly have the wrong 1A, where I used an Indian teacher. Will await further clues here, I am still missing at least five.

  8. @ Arthur, 13 D , I got the dish by googling I have to confess. I don’t see any problem with heat for letters 5-8.
    17 A I think is called a rebus …. word and letter puzzle. Just need to look at the two words, not look up.
    1A definition is at the other end. As Ray said the misdirection is good.

  9. Well, Gayle, at risk of being a spoiler, I had put SWAMI at 1A. It is close to swarm, as in a host of creatures. All to complex for my aged mind, I fear. Same for 17A. Will give it away for this morning, look back this arvo.

  10. W. Jack. I think 8D is pretty iffy. The answer, cross referenced to 17A, is almost archaic. And the definition could include any religion, except letters 4-5.
    10A Think beaver in the West. ‘Leave it’ is Latin , editor’s instruction.

  11. Arthur you’re very warm! Hot even. Swami was my first guess, although I couldn’t justify it. Then 3D told me I was wrong.

  12. What’s the wordplay for 21D please? Otherwise all out with the help of you lot with wordplay for 17A. As always a lot of clever clues, with 16D making me smile.

    Ray 26A is fine. ‘perfectly’ – 3 letters – is captured.

  13. Mike – thanks – yes – I finally got there on 26A. Appreciate confirmation.
    21D – A herb, with last letter changed (“doubled” in Roman speak). Defn = “in principal”.

  14. Mike, 21 down is a herb, but with it’s last letter doubled so that it becomes a synonym for “in principal”

    16 down, yes the one word two word trick!

  15. As usual I’ve learnt several new names. While all spaces are now filled in, I’m unsure about 25D. My answer to 28A could end in either of 2 ways.

  16. Ann – 28A – short dog letters 1,2,3,4,5 and short dog letters 6,7,8,9.
    25D – is a photo file (extension)

  17. Ann, 25 down is a computer file extension, does that help?

    28 across is two dogs “Manxed” – the first I think is British, the second is well known to Australians! It will give you the terminal letter for 25 down

  18. Thanks, Ray and Celia Fate. I had that ending initially but couldn’t find anything that fitted. My daughter, more computer literate than I am, has given me a suggestion for 25D which I’ll now check out.

  19. Again, what an assiwas. Was watching TV, glanced at the puzzle, immeediately saw what should have been obvious in 17A. Looked again at 1A (thank you Gayle), sorted that. 3D was then obvious. So only four left now, in NE corner. The Spoonerism still has me stumped at the moment, get that and I’ll be home, i think.

  20. Arthur C, the 7 down Spoonerism is a common four-letter colloquialism for “broken”, with a six letter Australian colloquialism for toilet (the old one in your backyard); swap the initial letters and you have an American expression for “a bit of fluff” that may require sweeping or vacuuming (I initially thought of “mistress”, but no!). Happy solving!

  21. CF I didn’t mean anything by my comment at 10:07 except to acknowledge that I posted a similar comment to yours to Arthur without realising as I hadn’t refreshed. I’ve usually ‘vanished’ myself by that time to get to work.

  22. Hi all, back from os
    I just loved 17a and felt so clever when I got it!
    Yes I love this forum, so helpful

  23. Celia Fate, I eventually sorted out 7D, thanks. Had never heard the term. So only three to get now.

  24. All out fairly quickly (for me), but can’t get the word play for some. In 16D does the first word of the clue refer to some character in a TV or other fictional series? I have a word for 12A which fits the last part of the clue, but don’t see how the early part fits in. And for 3D I guessed with a word which fitted the cross letters and could work if the last four words of the clue were the def.

    There is one clue (I shan’t name it, so as to avoid a spoiler) where DA has led us to believe that ‘on’ = ‘over’. I suppose this could be so at a stretch.

  25. Dave R – 16D – no – as described above by CF, read first word as 2 words.
    12A – “menswear” gives letters 1,2,3,4. “Christian (an actor) lowers his head” gives letters 5,6,7,8.
    3D – “Old-time” and “aluminium” are fodder. Alloy = anagrind. Defn “silicon, say”.

  26. Finished, but totally unable to understand , in 12A, ‘Christian’??? Maybe I’m still wrong.
    Dave R, in 3D the final word is a class of materials, metal-like, but not actually metallic. Semi-conducting is another description. If it means anything to anybody, they have a negative temperature coefficient of resistance, opposite to metals, but they look metallic.

  27. Thank you both, Ray and Arthur. I hadn’t picked up the anagram in 3D, obviously. Like Arthur, I have no idea who Christian is. With 16D DA was just too clever for me.

  28. 16 D A famous, to some, Christian. Actor. Not one of Arthur’s or mine, or perhaps DaveR’s favourite references …. although this one is not American.

  29. Gayle 12:46 pm I was joking! All’s good!

    Also Dave R, the “Christian” of 12 ac has an extensive list of film credits! Not only has he played both Batman and recently Moses, he also appeared with Russell Crowe in a remake of 3:10 To Yuma. His surname gives letters 6 5 [the lowered head] 7 8!

  30. I had come to the conclusion the ‘Christian’ was a person from a certain section of the Catholic church, dropping a French word from its beginning. Must check my translator, but I think it corresponds to ‘I’ (as in Je Suis Charlie)

  31. Got all but 15d and 19a. No idea – brain is like Spooner’s 7d :(
    Assistance appreciated.

  32. Dom, many electric trains don’t get power from an overhead wire. Whence does it come? Their gutless’ gives first two letters. 19A is an abbreviation I had to guess, had never een it. Approximates to Stop talking’ enough already.

  33. Arthur C. – please see:
    Gayle | September 25, 2015 at 1:26 pm |
    Celia Fate | September 25, 2015 at 1:43 pm |
    re Christian

  34. Thanks Arthur. I’d taken “gutless” too far, leaving me with 2 letters instead of 4.
    19a still bothers me

  35. Dom – 19A – “Regular time is ..”.
    Maybe this is just too much information.

  36. Thanks Ray, that did it, although I have never heard/seen that before.
    I actually had parsed the clue correctly but discounted the result. I should have known better.

  37. Just 5, 6, 7, 8 down
    And 4, 10 , 12 across to go
    Any hints warmly received please
    Cold day in Sydney, good for staying indoors with da

  38. MJH – so NE corner.
    Let’s try one in the middle:
    6D – Defn = “That’s”. “roomiest” gives a 6 letter word, with first letter removed (“minus roof”) for letters 1,2,3,4,5.

  39. And 8D – Defn = “17-across”. And then cryptically, if you are “Catholic or Buddhist?” you are XXX XX for letters 1,2,3,4,5.

  40. Just got it all out with “a little help from my friends” here – thank you. I have a word which seems to fit for 27A, but cannot see the word play. Just need to understand that and I can put it away for the day.

  41. Kasia – 1D – letters 2,3 = “cricketers rising”. Rest comes from “astound”.

    June – 27A – Defn = “Saw”. “poplar bark” = letters 1,2. “on” = letters 3,4,5,6. “benchtop” = letter 7

  42. I have got most of it later today. 17a was one of my first in. Loved it. But I am struggling with rest of NE corner. 4a, 10a, 5d and 8d. As for 4d 29a 4d, no idea. Any help still out there?

  43. Kasia
    1D Backyard rules = definition
    How many players are in a cricket team? Write in roman numerals upwards (rising). That appears within “Astound” bumbling.

  44. Sandy
    I hadn’t heard of 4d 29a 4d but I got it after getting 4a.
    4a: Definition = Vetoed, Letters 1,2,3,7 = 4d. Letters 4-6 = Invitation (not in the sense of invite to a party though), Letters 8-9 = Agency hub.

  45. 10a – Gayle gave some help at 10.02am
    5d – I wasn’t wholly convinced by this but I had Letters 1-2 = Rozelle outskirts, letters 3-10 = a word like plumbing (but I didn’t think it was really a very good synonym). Definition “Is booming”
    8d – See Ray at 2.57pm I liked this clue!

  46. Thanks Julian,
    I googled a guess of the author’s middle name and found him. That led me to 4a and 8d. I think I have something for 5d, but not sure how. And is 10a a description of familial relationship of Beaver?

  47. Someone else mentioned Beaver earlier for 10a. I don’t get that connection myself.
    I just had letters 1-4 = Leave it (editor’s instruction), 5-7 = Kid. Definition = “Felt in the west” (don’t think of felt as a verb). I think the “as” is superfluous.

  48. Can someone explain how 23a works please? I have an answer for it but don’t get the wordplay.

    I agree with Ray’s early comment – thought the homophone for 26a was dreadful. In fact I don’t think it even works. Unless I’ve got it wrong.

  49. Thanks Julian,
    One letter changed Beaver to the western felt. As for 23a, street 1,2; work; 3,4; shot 5,6. Def like heaven traffic

  50. Thanks re 23a. Have now realised 26a isn’t a homophone at all!
    Still don’t understand what you’re talking about with beaver and 10a.

  51. Julian et al re 10 ac I think “beaver” was possibly someone’s assumption relating “kid” to “felt” as a millinery matter! but that had naught to do with the clue: defn is “felt in the west?”. “Leave it” gives 1-4; “kid” 5-7.

  52. Thank you Ray for the explanation of 27A. I seem to have the correct word, but however I look at it, I can’t see how it is defined by the word “saw”. I’m still confused.

  53. Glad to see that I had the last word again. After all, this is now MY forum.

  54. Thank you Julie – I had no idea. I have just checked “adage” in my thesaurus and you are right indeed – one of its synonyms is “saw”. You learn something every day!

  55. So, who was the Christian actor of 12A? I settled for a beheaded Jesuit to give me suit. Suited me!

  56. Arthur C. – please look back if you haven’t already.
    I answered this (1:05), Gayle answered you / this (1:26), CF answered you / this (1:43), I referred you back to Gayle and CF at 2:04.
    It is Christian Bale (actor) with head lowered to “able”

  57. This was a very good DA for me as I finished most of it before looking here. It was 8D that stopped me finishing and I still don’t quite get it. The “Catholic or Buddhist?” bit is fine (being XXX XX) but what does the answer mean and how can it be defined by ‘now’? Googling it is not much help. Is it like in fashion speak when something is ‘very now’?

  58. 12A I agree with whoever said that the ‘lowering head’ tool is usually used on ‘down’ clues.

    Arthur, I think ‘heat’ is OK for gun, at least it is according to UrbanDictionary. In fact the phrase is ‘packing heat’ which, of course, is in the clue for 13D.

    I thought the Spoonerism in 7D was clever. I had a strong feeling that the ‘bit of fluff’ was a female and, guessing that the ‘toilet’ was going to be Spooner’s ‘DUNNY’, I was looking for a ‘bunny’ or a ‘honey’ for a long time. (Has anyone else done that?) It turned out that the bit of fluff was a bit of fluff.

  59. Robin, I started with “lint” for the first word but once I got the B for the second word it was fairly obvious. if you look up 8d in the dictionary one of the options is “for the time being.”. All done. Top left corner was my last bit.

  60. Celia, It sounds like someone has a vendetta against you. None of us would believe you posted it. Sounds like you have a rather unpleasant stalker. Please keep coming back.

  61. finally got around to looking back here, Thanks to Ray and others, I had read those earlier posts, I was actually presumptuous enough to feel they might be wrong. Had never heard of Christian Bale, of course.

  62. Thank you, Margaret. I will certainly have another look at the online dictionary websites.

  63. The best contribution this week is from CLT. Well done, well said and let’s move on. If anyone disagrees please respond.

  64. Hi All,
    My cousin and I have been attempting DA on and off for some time now and have finally managed to finish one!! (Not without help from all of you, of course.) Such a great feeling! I think I might be becoming an addict……..

  65. Same question as Robin re. 16D… how does the ‘stands here?’ part relate to the answer?

  66. MF – re 16D my take is that in a courtroom, you both:
    take the stand and
    make a stand.
    The trailing “?” indicates to me that the answer itself is cryptic.

  67. Hmmm, could be. Tenuous… a pity, the first half of the clue’s fantastic.

  68. 16D Thanks Ray and I was wondering about the witness stand but I thought there was only one. Not one of his best I don’t think. Would ‘wooden bench’ have been fairer? I agree with MF on this one.

    Well done to you both, Janna. Now you’re in trouble…!

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